-Bishop David Oyedepo at CHoP

  • The devil tried to use COVID-19 to break the strength of the Church.
  • The strength of the Church lies in Zion
  • Almost every nation is opened now. There is no way the nations can be shut down for life.
    Give Jesus thanks. We have a continuing responsibility to see the souls God has given us preserved, to see them secured, see their destiny restored. Give Him thanks. In the name of Jesus Christ, we have prayed.
    There is no future for a new baby that is not cared for. He is bound to go, he is sure to die. There is no future for a new baby that is not cared for.
    You don’t leave food in the house for a toddler, saying, “I am going to work, look after yourself, you are on holidays. This is the kitchen, this is the food. Prepare the soup, prepare the meal and take care of yourself. Thank You. I work in the bank, I don’t have time.”
    You will either meet the house burnt or you meet the child dead. When you do that today, tomorrow, next tomorrow, you won’t find anyone anymore. That is when care is not taken of new converts, they die a natural death. There is no point telling us how much is being paid to get people down here by so many members of the Church. Some have 3 buses they are using. Not a display of wealth. No. But an understanding that these folks have to be at the Care Centre.
    A baby is born, you are going to work, you are taking them to Daycare. They must be cared for. They are not cared for, you kill them. So we have that duty.
    Our passion for souls has gone beyond seeing them won to the Kingdom, it is important to take them to a Care Centre where they can develop like we were told, to grow, to build capacity, gain command and live a brand new life.
    Prayers: Not one of our converts of the year must be lost.
    Lord, we pray that by your power, each one of them will be established in the faith and in this Church for life.
    We pray that each of them will make heaven in grand styles.
    We pray that each of them will become active disciples of Christ.
    Lord, we pray that this new transportation operation will deliver maximum results and our labour will not be wasted.
    Lord, in the name of Jesus, every new born child of God in this Church this year, Lord, we pray for their establishment; we pray for their restoration; we pray for their recovery in the name of Jesus.
    Thank You Father and blessed be your name. In Jesus precious name we have prayed.
    Well, the good news is that your labour shall not be wasted.
    You know what Jesus said, “He that gathereth not with Me scattereth.” You are either gathering with Me or you are scattering for Me. In the multitude of people is the King’s honour; he that honours Me, I will honour (Proverbs 14:28; 1 Samuel 2:30).
    -Expect to be honoured in return for your labour.
    We have a duty to go after all of our new converts:
    Come over, there is free transportation provided by Jesus through His people. They have been doing it over time, many more are joining, the Church is plugging in, to ensure that every new convert comes to the point of establishment in the Faith and that one has no substitute.
    I must tell you this, that the purpose of the devil for the threat of COVID-19 is to break the strength of the Church, because the strength of the Church lies in Zion.
    “They go from strength to strength, everyone that appears in Zion, the Church before God” – Psalm 84:7
    The strength of the Church is a threat to the devil, but thank God, He has broken the camel’s back. I said, “the power of God has broken the camel’s back!!”

Almost every nation is opened now, the ones remaining will open. There is no way they can shut down for life. It is not possible. You can’t shut down your stomach.
Shut down the stomach and you are dead.
Shut down the Church from being fed, the Church is dead. The Church is dead.
We have a duty therefore to take full advantage of this season and ensure not one of our converts is missing.


Help me speak to the Week.
This Saturday shall be great at our Cell Fellowship Meetings.
The remaining 2 nights shall be great in this week of Spiritual Emphasis.
There shall be mammoth ingathering of souls come this Sunday in the precious name of Jesus.
Speak to the week:
Week, you must produce.
Week, you must deliver.
After 2 days, He will revive us: speak to this evening, that we shall be revived. Everyone of us, into new levels of devotion, dedication, consecration.
Speak to the breakthrough Service tomorrow night. There shall be breakthrough indeed of every member into new levels, in Jesus precious name we have prayed.
Everyone that is presently engaging in providing transportation for the people, expect that no one ever gets stranded in your generation.
As you are helping others to find their footing in life, none of your children, your children’s children will ever be stranded.
None shall ever be grounded in the name of Jesus Christ.
And everyone that will join in that crusade of helping people get to Church, you will never lack help when you need one. In the name of Jesus. So shall it be!!
Go in peace.
Stay revived for life.
Remain in active partnership with Jesus for life.
-I proclaim blessings upon your life in return for your engagement.
-I proclaim blessings upon your family, upon the works of your hand, in the name of Jesus.
-The day is declared Your Day. You are breaking forth today into new realms of light, in the name of Jesus. So shall it be.
Give God thanks. Thank You Jesus.
We have our fliers, we are not tired of going out. Give them out with faith and they shall return as testimonies.
Celebrate Jesus.



CHoP is acronym for Covenant Hour of Prayer.

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