Testimony of Acts of God that Happens at The Arrival of D.L Moody

Dwight Lyman Moody often referred to as D.L Moody is one of the high ranking apostles and evangelists in his days, and his works are still speaking massively in our generation, world, kingdom of God and that is why have decided to share some of the miraculous that takes place during the lifetime of evangelist D.L Moody.

Some of the signs and wonders that takes place during the lifetime of evangelist moody are not so common again nowadays.

Most of time when Brother D.L Moody is invited to ministers in cities and towns, he send ahead of him, his intercessors and they will pray all day, in the city for a week or two, before the arrival of D.L Moody.

By the time brother moody is around, everyone in town goes to his crusade, every clubs, hotels, business ventures are shutdown and everyone attends his crusades to be bless of God and to receive that which the lord as prepare for them.

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Most of this experience are not always as a result of media publicity of the evangelistic crusade; but when brother Moody is in town, he walk through the city all night and he summon the soul of everyone in the land to come and receive Jesus, and people will willingly and deliberately, shut down their shops to attend the crusade, as a mater of fact it was recorded that in the 80ths….,  D.L moody sat in the train that was passing through Rochester New York, he didn’t come down from the train, when the train stopped at rochester new york, people were coming out and another were coming in, suddenly the power of the holyghost fell on the city of rochester and people were confessing their sins.

Repenting of their sins and been baptised in the holyghost, and one of the shop keepers said – what the hell is going on here?
People are crying, and yelling what’s going on?

A woman said, nothing else is going on here, its the power of the mighty God that came upon people and this is a sign that brother D.L Moody is in town, when he comes to town, these are always the experience.

What a way to define a man!!!
God, we crave and desire this dimension in our midst one more time, amen!!!

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