BREAKING! Dead Came back to Life at Dunamis Church Abuja!

Brethren, I tell you, we serve a true and living God, and this is just too mindblowing!!! The acts of God in the midst of his people is evidently undeniable, last year, we had a lot of testimonies of dead coming back to Life, madness healed, blind eyes healed and all manner of crippled walking by the POWER OF JESUS at work in Dunamis.

Today I bring you another mind blowing testimony that will completely blow you off! This can only be by the power of Jesus!

Testimony to God be praised, my church member that is in the same dept with me(evangelism dept) and some of us went to evangelism last week and we came across a man DAT was crying and we asked the man what the problem was and he said his brother just died and the the man is a Muslim . so we asked for the dead man to be brought out and they insisted they are taking him to mortuary and as they brought him out of the room one of us played the tongue of fire by pastor Paul Enenche and place it on his ear and we stated praying as the tongue of fire was blasting the Muslim man started shouting blood of Jesus blood of Jesus and everybody among us started blasting in tongue along with the tongue of fire on the phone and the dead man jacked back to life and immediately shouting police! Police!! They want to kidnap me! and we told him that we are not police that he was dead and we are praying for him. To God be all the glory for the this amazing testimony only Him can do all this thing. From Dunamis int’l gospel center

Kindly share with friends and let them know what God is doing in our midst at Dunamis Glory Dome ABUJA, God bless you.

I am proud of this God of this Commission.

I was privileged to be part of the Healing and Deliverance Service today 19/03/19 and the wonders of God was uncountable. People on crutches, wheel chairs,etc began to walk at the instant of testimony of a young girl shared on the Altar of God.

Secondly, I came in with the expectations that God should use His Servant to deliver me from a 19years oppression of epilepsy over my life that had almost scattered my marriage.While the Senior PASTOR,DR PAUL ENENCHE was prophecying on us towards the end of the service, He mentioned my case and instantly at the shout of TOUCH!!!, I felt something left me, all the strange movements over my body,I can’t feel it again.

To God Alone Be all the Glory!!!

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