We will Not Allow this Country to be Ruined – ArchB Margaret Idahosa


Archbishop Margaret Benson Idahosa at CGMI, MEGACON tagged ‘FOCUS ON CHRIST’

Opening Ceremony
Day Two.
Are you happy you are alive? Are you are happy that you are not under?
Lift your hands and shout hallelujah to the Lamb of God, the One that was sacrificed for you at the cross of Calvary, the One that gave you joy, the One that brought us here, the One that took away your sin and my sin.
🎶🎼 Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah🎼🎶
I want God to hear your voice tonight. Let Him know that you reverence Him. Let Him know that He is your God, He is your Father. Let Him know that you are grateful.
🎶🎼 Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah🎼🎶
Sing it with joy, charge your battery.
This is a holy gathering and the Holy Spirit is present. The Lord Jesus is present and the great Jehovah is present. Blessed be Your name, the King of glory. Thank You Jesus.
Let God hear your voice tonight, let God hear your voice tonight because the Angels are here, the Elders are here to carry your requests.

We reverence You Lord, we recognized that there is none like You; none like You in heaven and none like You on the earth. Speak to us in a way that we will understand. Thank You Jesus. We are here tonight for You and we know You are here for us; You are here to meet our needs, You are here oh God to give us a touch; a touch that makes a difference. Thank You Father. Do Your thing in Your own way. Hide me oh God and exhibit Your glory in the name of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.

Give the Lord a shout of victory!!!
You may be seated in the presence of God.
Praise the Lord!
It’s a joy for us to gather here again. God punish COVID-19. We are here, no matter what, we are here. We are here again and we will continue to be here until Jesus comes. Welcome again.
I want to especially welcome my daughter, Betsy Obaseki. Please give her a round of applause. Thank you very, very much for staying with us.

You know, there are many people who gave their lives to Christ in this ministry and when they become big, they forget where they found or where Christ met them. We want to thank you for coming, for identifying. I will have a special time to welcome my sons and daughters that have come here to grace this occasion. Let me quickly do what God wants me to do right now.
I want to thank God for your lives.

I will like to say, MEGACON 2023, our theme will be: ‘FOCUS ON CHRIST’. I can hear somebody saying; Focus on Christ, everytime, everytime. We don’t have anyone to focus on; it is Christ that died, it is Christ that raised us, it is Christ that sacrificed, it is Christ that is upholding us, so we have no other one to focus on. We can’t focus on the back, we can only focus on Him, who is the Author and Finisher of our faith.

So Convention 2021, “Focus on Christ for anointing for increase”. I know some of your mind is thinking ahead; money, money, money. Yes, money is there. Listen, anointing for increase numerically, numbers, money, age and time. Increase in favour, increase in influence and increase in finance.

I want to thank all of you that came back to celebrate me on my 78th birthday, thank you. Thank you for your prayers, thank you for your seed, thank you for your love, thank you for your kindness.

  • I pray that your seed will go into your future and begin to work dividends back to you.
    Seed is good but when seed brings dividends, oh, it blesses your soul and blesses my soul. Those from afar, those from abroad, everyone, the whole world celebrated me, I want to say thank you. I couldn’t have been able to do all that without you. Thank you very much. Men and women will honour you.

This month has been declared; Divine Solution (Jeremiah 33:3). So this month, there shall be solutions; solution to problems, solution everywhere and blessings of the womb this month. New jobs, new business, the release of peace and calmness to all of us and especially to our Nation.

To fulfill purpose at this time, I want to do what God is impressing in my spirit. I came back not too long ago from America, when I came back, every news time, I sit down keenly to watch the television; heartbreaking and I want us to do something about it. If the Government cannot do anything, the Church has to do something; you and I, we have the solution because God cannot come down here to do anything without we giving Him the permission to intervene.

Archbishop Benson Idahosa said, ‘if need be, Heaven will intervene’. Last night I told God, not if need be, there is a need. We have no other country, this is my blessed Country, Nigeria. In this country, I have every right to stand and say what I want to say because I want us to be involved, to put up a lamentation; lamentation is the official voice, a report to heaven. We are tired.

The atmosphere is thick, there are different distraction. Hearts are broken, women are crying, men are crying, children are crying; I am tired of our young women being raped and when they are done raping them, they kill them. I am a mother and I have children.

Tonight, you will hear different messages on fulfilling your purpose but this is what God is impressing in my spirit that; this is the time for us to lift this nation up. I am tired of banditry, storms and floods sweeping men and women away.

Children running from schools, why are you at home? I don’t want them to kidnap me. Oh God, is this Nigeria? Nigeria that we are proud of, Nigeria that is blessed?

Oh I lift my voice tonight and I cry to the Heavenly God, Lord Jesus, do something.

We can’t travel from here to Kaduna without the fear of being kidnapped, we can’t. Because they people that are supposed to give us solution, they carry away their faces, they turn away as if, you know, ‘he no concern me, my children dey ogbodo’yibo’ (My children are abroad).

My children are here, your children are here. I was listening to one pathetic story on TV, a man sat and cried, you know when women cry, as if God just put the tears for them but when a man cries, it is a thing that has touched him deep, deep down.

The man said, I am tired of running away from home. Every night, I run away from home and another woman came and said; my husband has been killed, two children killed. This little one, I run somewhere every night to preserve him.

People, if it doesn’t touch you, we need to do something. God hears the voices of His children and I want us to know that God will definitely intervene.
I am tired of our own children running without being pursued by visible men. Small little children, four-years old, three- year old, what have they done to them? I am tired.

I am not speaking from the political arena or angle, I am speak from the spiritual angle. Those politicians, their days are numbered. In this Conference, in this Convention, we are going to put them to their places. We are going to let them know that there is an end, they cannot just put us in confusion.

They come to the television, they open papers and are reading lies, deception to you and I. I don’t know how you feel when you see them but in this MEGACON, we will put them to where they belong. Enough is enough and I think this is the mind of God.

I want you to look around; look around to your neighbour’s welfare or houses, look around in the village, look around in the City, look around in your job places. You will understand what I am saying. We will arise and raise a lamentation as I said to Heaven, for Heaven to intervene.
We will also arise and pray against balkanizing.

Balkanizing is separation, division or ethnic groupings; let the Yoruba(s) go, let the Igbo(s) go, let the Northerners go, forgetting that God owns the land. If we allow them to go, if we support them to go, how do we evangelise?

You mean if I am going to hold a crusade in Umuahia, I have to go to the embassy and if they like, they give me visa or not.

My husband and I held a crusade in Sudan, they were one. But now, it is two; the north and the south. The south is struggling heavily, is that what we want Nigeria to be?

God has made us one and one we will remain.
Talk is cheap, action is expensive.

So I want us tonight, the Yoruba(s) will not go, the Igbo(s) will not go, we will be together. We don’t want any struggle.

Before Jesus came, it was the Jews and the Gentiles. But when Jesus came, there is no Jew, there is no Greek, there is no male, there is no female; we are one in Christ and that is what your purpose and my purpose should be, that is it.

That is what we should do, that is the only job Jesus gave to us. We need to carry the light. We don’t want our nation to break, Jesus broke the walls of partition and anyone who accepts Him will accept Jehovah.
Thank God for this rain that came, I think it is an answer to our prayer; calmness, peace, tranquility to us and to this Nation.

  • Peace to the raging storm and peace to every heart in the name of Jesus.
    Isaiah 41:10-11

God is saying to you and I, don’t be afraid, don’t fear, for I am with you. Don’t be dismayed, for I am your God. There is nothing our God cannot do. So as the body of Christ gather from all over the world, even though this is just a representation, it’s okay He will uphold you, if we remain under His canopy. I don’t fear and I don’t worry because I am under His canopy, I am not afraid of anything.

1 Peter 5:7
If He cares for you and you are confident of God’s care, say Father, we tired. This is the whole world, the five major continents are here, even though they are not many, it’s okay. We are abiding by our protocols.

We are going to stand to pray. God is a Father that cares.
He is not a Father that turns His eyes away when things are in destruction. He is a Father that cares, He is God Almighty, He is a covenant keeping God.
This is what God put in my spirit to say tonight.

Jeremiah 33:3
Tonight, we are going to call the great Jehovah and He will answer you and I. It is true that the Country is in shambles, darkness everywhere, people are suffering, people are crying, so we are going to rise up and we are going to pray.
We have a God that when we cry to, He hears and answers us.

We have the solution, this month is the month of solution, that is why I said; you and I, we must rise to pray. It is time to arise and to tell the political class that everything is not in their hands, their lives is in in the hand of God and if they refuse to leave in peace, they will leave in pieces.

Oh yes, they will leave; they will forget their hat, briefcase, they will run for dear life. Nobody will pursue them but the Holy Spirit, the Unknown God to them will begin to put fire. I am tired of their deception, corruption, what about you?

Our children are not in school, they go to University, they don’t know when they will come out, I am tired. It was not so before. If a child goes to the University, before he or she comes out; a job is waiting, a car is waiting, a house is waiting. But when they enter now, we don’t know when they will finish. We will not allow this Country to be in ruins.

Evangelism is our task and we must preach it. We must speak solution to this situation.
The Church can only support good governance; the Church will stand for the truth, justice, equality, equity and honesty.

We should be able to speak against corruption, injustice, bad leadership and speak good life to our people in the name of Jesus. Do you believe we should raise our voice, stand on your feet with me.

  • Open your mouth as a child of God and speak calmness; we speak calmness to our Country. We speak peace, peace to this Country.
  • We decree and declare calmness, peace in the name of Jesus Christ.
  • We unseat them oh God, we decree their seat vacant. We come against every attack of the enemy in this Nation.

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