-Pastor E. A. Adeboye at RCCG 69th Annual Convention Tagged ‘A New Wave of Glory’
(Day 3, Evening Session)
*You are leaving this Convention with new names, new accommodation, new abilities, new source of supply as God moves you from glory to glory.

  • There is no way you can be genuinely born again and your old friends will not see the difference.
    *It is because sanctification has become ignored that is why you find people who are born again and yet still live as if they are children of the devil.
    *Salvation is the foundation, baptism in the Holy Spirit is the roof of the house while sanctification is the wall.
    Lift your voice to Him and say, “Father, during this Convention, please visit me and move me from glory to glory.”
    Visit me Daddy and move me from glory to glory. Thank You Father, thank You Lord. In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.
    🎶Alpha Omega, You are worthy of our praises today. 🎶
    Father, we bless Your holy name. You are the Alpha, You are the Omega. You are the beginning, You are the ending. You are the One who has been with us all these years, You are the One who will remain with us till the very end. Accept our worship Jesus name. We thank You for the past conventions and we thank You for what You did on Monday for the children. E thank You for what You did yesterday for the young ones. Thank You for what You are going to begin to do from tonight onward. Father, accept our thanks in Jesus name. During this Convention, Father, please visit us and move us from glory to glory. In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.
    Let somebody shout Hallelujah!
    Now I want you to wave to w or 3 people and say, “Good evening, God will move you from glory to glory.”
    You are welcome in the mighty name of Jesus and it is good to see you again.
    -The devil has lost the battle over you.
    -Whether the devil likes it or not, you are going to move from glory to glory.
    -Where you are now is the least you will ever be in your life.
    I want you to tell your neighbour one thing, tell him or her, “by the time this Convention is over, my Hallelujah will be louder than yours.”
    Do you want to shout a big Hallelujah straightaway!
    On Monday, we spoke to the Children on the ‘Glory of Children.”
    Yesterday, we spoke to the Youth and the Young Adults on the ‘Glory of Purity.’
    Tonight, we want to speak for few minutes on ‘Sanctification.
    Years ago, when I got born again, the elders used to talk about the 3 works of grace, that every Christian must experience:
    The First, they call Salvation
    The Second, they call Sanctification
    And the Third, they call the Baptism in the Holy Spirit.
    Unfortunately, as time went on, people don’t talk about sanctification again. They talk about salvation, they talk about baptism in the Holy Spirit and they jump sanctification.
  • Salvation is the foundation and I will talk a little bit about salvation tonight, because you need the foundation before you can begin to build. Baptism in the Holy Spirit is the roof of the house. Sanctification is the wall. It is because sanctification has become ignored that is why you find people who are born again and yet still live as if they are children of the devil. But that is going to be corrected tonight.

  • 2 Timothy 2:20-21
    I want you to lift your hands to the Almighty God and pray this prayer from the bottom of your heart, with all your strength and say, “Father, make me a vessel unto honour.”
    Many are saved, few are vessels unto honour. To be a vessel unto honour, the qualification is you must be sanctified.
    I shared with our Ministers, your Pastors for some days now: do not come to this Convention full. Come empty, that God may fill you. Don’t come to this Convention as if it is just another Convention because it is not.

  • -This is a Convention where destiny will be changed.
    -This is a Convention where in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, you will move from weeping to laughter.
    -This is a Convention where you will move from being ordinary to being special.
    -This is a Convention of a new beginning. You are moving into a new wave of glory.
    I know I am not talking to everybody; I am talking to one fellow in particular.
    -This is a Convention where someone is going to become a vessel unto honour.
    Salvation is glorious. Oh very, very glorious – 2 Corinthians 5:17
    I have explained in one of the conventions, I don’t know how many years ago that salvation is like marriage. You are getting married to the Lord Jesus Christ, the husband of the Church. Salvation is like marriage, you go in, stand before the Priest and he asks you a question, “will you take this woman as your lawful wedded wife?” and the husband says, “I do.” He turns to the bride, “will you take this man as your wedded husband?” She says, “I do.” The moment the two of you say, “I do”, tremendous changes take place. You will walk out of the Church dressed the way you dressed when you came in, you are not taller, you are not shorter, the colour of your skin still remains the same but mine oh mine, tremendous changes have taken place. If either of you, when you step out of that place, should go and marry another fellow, you will go to jail. Because when you go for the wedding, things changed.
    More than 2000 years ago, the Almighty God asked the Lord Jesus Christ, “will you take Adeboye as your wedded wife?” and on the Cross, He said, “I do.”
    Decades ago, He asked me the question, “Adeboye, will you take the Lord Jesus Christ as your lawful wedded husband?” and I said, “I do.”
    When you answer the altar call, you have come for a wedding, you have come to say, ‘I do’ to Jesus and everything changes. You get a new name: you come in as Miss Elizabeth, you go out as Mrs Jesus. Things change drastically.
    John 1:11-12
    Your name changes, you are now a child of God. you know what, your new name is written in the marriage register of heaven – Revelation 15:12-15
    If your name is not there, you go to the lake of fire.
    When you gave your life to Jesus, you got a new name written down in glory.
    How many of you are already born again? Let me hear shout hallelujah!
    Not only do you get a new name, you get a new accommodation. You left from your parent’s home, after you said, “I do” to that man, you go to his home, accommodation would change. I am talking of proper marriage. I am not talking of men who marry and they go and live with the wife.
    You leave your father’s home, “bye bye, I am going for my wedding.” From the Church, you go to your husband’s home.
    Colossians 1:12-13
    The moment you say ‘I do’ to Jesus Christ, you are translated out of the Kingdom of darkness into the Kingdom of light. There is a change of accommodation. You come under a new management, the moment you give your life to Jesus Christ, the moment you become married, your husband takes over. Before you wed, when your husband wants to see you, he gets permission from your Dad. After you are married, if your Dad wants to see you, he gets permission from your husband.
    Matthew 11:28-30
    The Lord made it clear, when you cross over to Me, take my yoke upon you, I am now your Controller. The devil used to put heavy yokes on you, now you’ll get light yokes, easy ones. You have come under a new management.
    When you become born again, when you become married to Jesus, you have new joy
    Psalm 51:12 – the joy of salvation
    If you are genuinely born again, suddenly you have this joy you cannot explain. If your salvation is genuine, you wake up the following morning, there is this joy bubbling up within you. Joy, not happiness, not that you won a lottery. You have joy, you can’t even explain it.
    I got born again on a Sunday night at Ebute Metta. By Monday, everybody in my department knew something had happened. As a matter of fact, my supervisor who was supervising my PhD degree saw me on Monday and he looked at me, he said, “Adeboye.”
    I said: Sir
    (Supervisor): Did you attend a party last night?
    Because he saw the joy.
    I said: NO Sir. I said, “Why?”
    He said; you are radiating joy.
    I said, “I didn’t go to a party last night, but I have gotten an invitation to one party that is going to take place in heaven.”
    How man y of you are going to heaven?
    Once you are genuinely born again, you have a new hope. Everybody has hope, if he is still living, he has hope. It is people who are 100 per cent hopeless, they kill themselves. It is just that the hope differs.
    Do you know that almost every sinner has one kind of hope or the other. Some people are hoping for the day of trouble. That is why many of them wear charms, they are getting ready for trouble. You hear them talking about preparing for the rainy day, the day of trouble.
    But when you become married to Jesus Christ, you have a new hope.
    Colossians 1:27
    How many of you, true children of God are convinced beyond all doubts that your tomorrow will be alright? Let me hear you shout hallelujah.
    When you are genuinely born again, you have a new source of provision
    The wife’s source of provision is no longer the parents, but the husband.

  • Philippians 4:19
    Brand-new supply and if you don’t believe me, all you need is to think: how have you been able to survive corona virus? During the lockdown, how did you survive?
    Because your supply is not the government, your supply does not depend on the economy of any government. Your supply comes from the Bank of Heaven that is never closed down.
  • If you agree with me, let me hear shout Hallelujah!
    When you are genuinely born again, you have new abilities. Suddenly you can do things you could not do before. Many a times, things happen in your place of work and you yourself you will think back, “am I the one who did that?” Because you have a new source of ability, a new source of wisdom, a new source of guidance.

  • Philippians 4:13
    All things become new
    There is no way you can be genuinely born again and your old friends will not see the difference. No way. There is no way you could have been genuinely born again for a week and the people around you won’t know.
    So if you have been born again and you have been able to hide it for these months, when I make the altar call tonight you better come because it means you didn’t get the genuine one.
    When you are genuinely born again, you will get abilities that will surprise those who have ever known you
    I told you that before I gave my life to Jesus Christ, I had many, many girlfriends. But among all of them there was one I did everything with and I won’t tell you the details. Then we separated, she went her way, I went my way. We didn’t see for years. She got married, I got married. In the meantime, I got born again and I was working at the University of Ilorin and looking after our little Church there. In the meantime, they transferred also to Ilorin and she had given birth to a child that was born lame. Someone told her, there is a Pastor up there ,take your child to him, if he prays for the child, the child will walk. So she came to the Mission House, saw some people at the verandah and said, I want to see the Pastor. They said, “he is inside.” Then she came in and saw me and we greeted: old flame, long time, no see; where have you been?
    Then she said, “I want to see the Pastor.”
    I sad; Yes, can I help you?
    She said: I want to see the Pastor
    I said: I am the Pastor. She said, “you, you the Pastor. You will pray and God will answer?”
    She didn’t know that I had already met the Lor Jess Christ, that old things have passed away, that all things have become new. We prayed a simple prayer and the child began to walk.
    -You are leaving this Convention with new names, new accommodation, new abilities, new source of supply as God moves you from glory to glory.
    Salvation is glorious, there is something more glorious than salvation that is sanctification. What does it mean? It means in very simple term: set apart for God
    That is in the language that a market woman can understand. To be sanctified means to be set apart for God.
    In the olden days, kings used to have many wives.
    For example, Solomon – 1 Kings 11:1-3
    Solomon had only 700 wives. 700 only!
    Here in Africa, the more wives you have, the richer you think you are.
    So the king had many wives and because he cannot possibly attend to all of them. I never could understand how Solomon coped with 700 wives. Maybe we will learn that one day when we get to heaven. In Africa here, there are some people who come to the Palace, who have access to the palace, who help the king to minister to the wives. People like the Chief Warrior, Chief Herbalist etc. They help the king, that’s why the elders say you meet all kinds of children in the house of the king. As long as they are in the palace, they are princes and princesses, not all of them are born by the king.
    Of all the wives of the king, the king always has a favourite, set apart unto him. Nobody touches her. You touch that one that the king has set apart for himself, you lose your head.
    To be sanctified means to be the favourite, set apart for the King of kings.
    Let me ask you a question:
    How many of you will like to be the favourite of the Most High God?
    Esther 2: 1-17
    When it is time to pray tonight, I can tell you, your prayer point in advance: we are many here, there are doter millions listening to us all over the world, God if you want to choose just one person, just one, let it be me.
    To be sanctified that is what it means: the favourite, set apart
    In every gathering, like our own, in every Convention, many people: some of them are to help you clap. Some of them are to help you shout, some of them are just there, to help you the favourite, the sanctified.

Advantages of being the Sanctified one

The sanctified Christian, the favourite of the Most High God has:

  1. Unlimited access to God- Esther 4: 10-11; 5: 1-2

One of our Presidents, former President was being inaugurated and I was in Abuja for the programme. Where I was sitting, a man of God came in, beaming with joy. “Ahh, Daddy, I got an invitation to the Programme.” He showed me his card, on his card was written a big letter A. He said, “Daddy, I hope you know what that means.”
I said: I know, that means you got access because there were cards with letter B, C, D. So he got letter A. That means you are welcome to the dinner that would follow.
While we were talking another great man of God came in and he had a card of which is written letter ‘AA’.So the first fellow said, ‘What does that mean?’
It means where he can reach, you can’t reach there.
While that was going on as if by arrangement, another great man of God came in with his own card with letter AAA.
By now, my friends were eager to know what was on my own invitation card. I smiled and told them, “I have no invitation card.”
How can you not be given an invitation card for an occasion like this? I mean, considering your position!
I smiled, I told them I don’t need a card, all I have to do is show up and every door will open.
How many of you want access to the throne room of God?
You must be sanctified. The sanctified, the favourite has unlimited access.

  1. Unlimited freedom to make requests – Esther 5:3; John 14:14, 15:16; Isaiah 45:11
    When you are sanctified, there is no pre-condition. When you are the favourite, you will get to that level where He said, “concerning the work of my hands, COMMAND ye me.”
  2. Unlimited intimacy – John 13: 21-26
    You will get to a stage where God will not hide anything from you.
    How I wish you can get to that level, where you can hear what God is saying. That you can hear the small still voice!
  3. God will deliver people from trouble, just because they are connected to you. Esther 7: 1-10; Acts 27: 21-24
    If you are sanctified, God can rescue those who are precious to you, just because of you.
    The sanctified, the favourite has many blessings, but it also implies some responsibilities.
    If you are going to be the Favourite of your Husband, you must be above board in everything.
    Ephesians 5:25-27
    Others can get away with certain things, you can’t because you are set apart for God.
    Some people can do certain things and they will not be punished for it, not you, because you are a favourite, set apart.
    There are things others can do and it is not going to matter. You don’t do it because you are the favourite of the King of kings.


Jeremiah 17:9
You must have a heart transplant; heart of stone to heart of flesh. Ezekiel 36: 24-26; Romans 7:15
Jesus had to die so you could get His heart. You can’t go through sanctification if you don’t have salvation.
Cry unto Jesus; ask Him to save your soul and cleanse you from all your sins.
Ask Him to be your Lord, Saviour and Husband.

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