Your Mother in-law is not a Witch – Funke Adejumo

I have four children, two men and two women now. When I became a mother inlaw, I read books, I prepared. You know that there is this bias, that every mother inlaw is a witch. So I really prepared for this girl(son’s wife) and I started praying and I can say that God has been good. NOT ALL MOTHER INLAWS ARE WICKED! And your own may not be and even if she is, that’s why you are a Christian.
My mother inlaw died at the age of 110 and I always tell my husband jokingly that your mother had you after she moved from menopause to menostop.
I make sure that woman came to live in our house. I told God, I want this woman to die in my arms and God practically answered those prayer.

One day, she said to me; Raise your right hand up. And I did.
She said to me; You have taken care of me, you have been fantastic, you did not treat me as a mother inlaw. From today, I bless you. Among your mates, in seventy times seven ways, you will shine above them. When an old woman prays like that for you, it stays.
You think she didn’t offend me? Oh…she did, I just choose to forgive her in advance so that I will not reap it. Life is not govern by miracle, life is govern by principles. If you don’t sow it, you can’t reap it.

There is no daughter inlaw that can maltreat me because I did not sow it.
So, stop going into marriage with a bias(I will show my mother inlaw) and you are battle ready for nothing. So, every little thing, you amplify her negative side, her weaknesses. Each time she comes home visiting or your sister and brother inlaw, you squeeze your face like an amoeba. You are ready for any fIght….IT’S NOT NECESSARY!

Befriend your mother inlaw, because if you don’t sow it, you won’t reap it.
There was a time when I was a single lady, you will hear young ladies praying: God, kill my mother inlaw, I don’t want a mother inlaw. I said; oh, may the Lord hear so that when it is your turn, your own daughter inlaw will pray that kind of prayer.
Life is govern by principles, if you don’t sow it, you won’t reap it. So be careful.

-Rev. Funke Felix-Adejumo

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