• Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo at COZA Sunday
  • There is nobody that can be made if they don’t know how to follow. If you are too smart to follow, you will be too dumb to be made.
  • When you have a word from the Lord, the battle is over, you have won the battle.
  • What you are going to become will be a miracle that is not going to look like who you are.
    Isaiah 41: 14 – 20
    As much as angels are innumerable, God did not delegate this to an angel. As much as He has a lot of things to use to actualize this, He says, ‘I will help you, I will not forsake you, I will make a way in the wilderness.’ Before, you knew how to pray, God was committed to you. Before you started serving God the way you are doing now, God already had a commitment towards you. The theme for the month is not just for this month, I don’t know when it’s going to end but God said to me, “It’s a season”. I prophesy to you; a new season has come upon you. God is committed to making something new out of your life.
    What you are going to become will be a miracle that is not going to look like who you are. In verse 14 of Isaiah 41, He says ‘Fear not, you worm’. It means don’t be concerned, don’t be afraid of your future, don’t be disillusioned, don’t feel it is over because you are in August, He says, ‘Fear not you worm’.

God called this person ‘worm’. They were men of Israel; they were covenant people, but their state when this prophetic word came was that of a worm. A worm is spineless yet God says the worm will beat down mountains. How? He says, ‘I’m going to help you’. You don’t look like what is about to happen but God says ‘I will help you; I will speak to people for you, people will have dreams on your behalf, people will not be able to think except they help you, I will make a way in the wilderness, I will make rivers to appear’.

  • I prophesy to you in the name of Jesus, by this prophetic word, move forward in the name of Jesus.
    The only thing I know that the worm can penetrate is sand and even when the sand is so hard, it’s spineless, the worm can break easily. A worm cannot hurt anybody, it can’t even bite, you look down on it, it doesn’t look like anything, but God says, ‘I’m going to help you’. He says, ‘You will become a threshing instrument with sharp teeth. God said to me, ‘The way I’m going to do it is even going to shock you the pastor, except they don’t stand in faith’. God says, you will beat down mountains, you will not only beat them, you will beat them small.
  • For every mountain that has stood in your bloodline, that people in your family have not been able to raise their head, you will beat them small. You will beat poverty small.
    This is a month in which you must worship more; you must acknowledge the doer. Do you know that to cut a worm into two, you don’t need cutlass? It can’t fight back yet God says, ‘I’m going to turn that into a new threshing sledge’.

From being a worm to a sledge, that is a divine metamorphosis. So, tell those who have concluded on you, those who taught they’ve known everything there is about you, tell them they should not conclude on the goals until the final whistle is blown.

  • I prophesy to you in the name of the Lord Jesus, let those who have concluded on you be disappointed.
    We used to pay someone’s school fees in Ilorin. The last time we paid it, the person cried and said, ‘I wish you could be a blessing’. I called the person back and said, ‘You will be a blessing’, then we came to Abuja years after. She did not know that her father who had neglected her for a long time left some inheritance for her. When they paid her, it was a lot of money.

She brought ten-million-naira cheque to me, I said, ‘Ah, where did you see this?’. She explained to me, I said, ‘No! No! No! No! Go and start a business’. She said, ‘Pastor, this is not even up to ten percent. Were you not the one that told me in those days that I will still be an investor in your life?’

That is the same way I’m saying to you now, what you never imagined will happen to you, let it begin to happen to you, God will speak to the government, policies will change on your behalf.

  1. Pick a cue from your past: Don’t forget what God has done before. If you think about something that God has done before, you will believe this one. A dear member of this church came to me and told me something about his business, a very private thing. When he was trying to show me the date, what happened that he was talking about had happened in 2018 before. So instead of talking too much, I just said, ‘Sir, from this page you showed me, I saw that this had happened in 2018 before, the God that delivered you in 2018 will do this one too’. I’m so sure; He never abandons us. God has always been committed to you. He that helped you on six occasions will not forsake you on the seventh occasion.
  2. The red sea opened before the children of Israel walked through. However, for Jordan, for them to enter into the promise land, they had to walk in water, they had to walk in faith, the river did not open, they had to walk through. God said the Priest should go ahead so the people would not be discouraged.

They carried the ark of covenant; the covenant is powerful.

When you have a word from the Lord, the battle is over; before the word, please don’t go anywhere, but, when you have the word, you have won. God said,

‘Don’t walk out in a hurry. Pick the stones under Jordan. When your children ask you where you got the stones, tell them this story and say, we walked through Jordan, these were the stones that were there’. What were the stones you picked before?

What were the stories you’ve heard about your birth? In person, take note.

  1. Dodge every plan of the evil one for you: The moment it sees in the radar that something is coming to you, he will reposition you so that what is coming will not meet you where it is supposed to meet you. Don’t keep grudges with anybody. There are lots of people in bondage today because they are keeping grudges.
  2. Stay in Faith: How? He said to Peter, ‘Follow me and I will make you’.

There is nobody that can be made if they don’t know how to follow. If you are too smart to follow, you will be too dumb to be made. God tests for promotion. Don’t let the enemy bounce you off, don’t be wise in your own eyes.
Here is what the Lord said to me:
This is the season for new things to manifest. It is the month of THE FIRST. I’m making it happen and you can count on me. Things that most would say could never be. Just stay in faith and watch.
And I wrote under it:
I’m due for new things and they are on their way. It’s the season of the first.
8 is the number of new beginnings. Naturally, we would have called this a fresh start, but God said, ‘No! It’s the season of the first’.

  • I prophesy to you, this would be the season of the first in the name of Jesus.
  • I prophesy into your life, whatever needs to come together, whatever needs to be pulled together to make you experience the first, receive it where you are now.
  • I prophesy to you, receive the ability, receive the help, receive the favour, receive the hand of the Lord, receive the anointing to overtake, so shall it be.
  • Starting from today, the 1st of August, enter into the realm of the first.

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