What The Christian Life Is All About

_Pastor Abraham David_

_To whom God would make known what is the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles; which is Christ in you, the hope of glory. Colossian 1:27 KJV_

The Christian life is all about the Christ who lives in us, working in us, and working through us; you have to know and understand it this way or you would never really know what it means to be a Christian; it’s all about Christ and nothing more, that’s what Christianity really is. Without Christ in a man, he can’t be called a Christian, and that means the man has no hope of glory.

The scripture says, _”Christ in you, the hope of glory;”_ what does this mean? It means with Christ in me, I have of a glorious life, hope of a glorious future, and hope of eternal rest; that’s why the focus of every child of God should be on the Christ who lives in us. For the one who is called Christian to enjoy glory, he or she must focus on the Christ.

Christ in us makes us members of God’s family, and not religious folks like many ignorant people think. Many of us try to focus on religion, and try to turn Christianity to one of the world’s religion, but Christianity is not a religion, it is the indwelling of the Christ in a man, the manifestation of the Christ life.

Are you a true Christian? If yes, then you should understand who you truly are, you are the man or the woman in whom Christ dwells, one with hope of a glorious life, a glorious future, hope of a prosperous life, hope of a life full of peace and abundance, hope of life that’s full of health, and hope of eternal rest.

Don’t do religion, there’s no life, and no gain in religion, focus on Christ, He is all that makes us who we are, He is the beauty of Christianity, and our only hope; He is what Christianity is all about.

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