(Stories from August Thanksgiving Sunday)

  • Pastor E. A. Adeboye at RCCG Special August Thanksgiving Sunday
    When I became the General Overseer, I decided that anybody who comes to the Convention, God will feed them, I was acting by faith, I had no job other than being a pastor. One of the young men who was a baker said I will be sowing. I said they will be fed two times a day, I showed them where God fed Elisha in the Bible two times a day. This my young friend was bringing bread for breakfast. A year came and he said he didn’t like the sermon I preached so no more bread, he didn’t tell me. Those days early in the morning we will sing and praise God to delay till 11:00 am before breakfast. 11:00 am, no bread, noon, no bread the people who were singing were already tired so I sent for him, what happened?

Did the vehicles spoil on the way? He said no, I said what is the problem? He said I am not bringing bread anymore.

I sent for my wife, I said how much do we have we need it today, how much do we have for the evening meal? We gathered it together to go buy bread for breakfast before evening God will provide.

I pray for someone here today, before the sun sets today, God will provide.
Somehow, we survived just like we survived Covid-19 and for the rest of your life, you will be a survival.

Years later, I woke up in the morning, came out and I saw a man in front of my house, this was my old friend, I said what can I do for you, you came very early, he said I could have come earlier but when I wanted to come I discovered that one of my car tyre was flat, I said what about spare tyre, he said there is none, this man used to have fourteen cars.

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