– Pastor Kunle Zakariya
But Jesus said, “Let her alone; she has kept this for the day of My burial. For the poor you have with you always, but Me you do not have always.” – John 12:7‭-‬8
Now let me look at this scripture a bit so that we can understand one or two things in that scripture.

One of the strongest enemy of the revelation that God is first, that we need to battle even in these last days is that idea of some type of emotional blackmail. It’s very strong because It looks like the kingdom; if we can care for the poor it looks spiritual.

This is the place that the enemy has really harassed and bullied the church and sometimes we want to repent and say “we too, we are caring for the poor”.

The poor is safer in the hands of those who make God first. The purpose of the kingdom is higher and more important than poverty alleviation.

Jesus Christ told them that there is nothing they can do to alleviate poverty, you know it will never be alleviated.

He said “the poor you will always have among you”. When you look at this statement you will wonder what does it mean but don’t forget that this statement is connected to money, it wasn’t just the perfume.

The issue Judas Iscariot had was not just the perfume, it was the cost of the perfume because he said “this perfume is one year’s salary, how can you just break one year’s salary like that”. People who don’t value the Kingdom have an assumption of what is good enough for the Kingdom and sometimes they say “this is too much” because they don’t value it.

So, they are wondering why would you put that one year salary on Jesus, it’s too much. Church Gist. Why? Because they don’t understand the value of the kingdom. They can’t see it and many times you are listening to people who can’t see it.

Except a man be born again he can’t see the Kingdom. Many time you are listening to the voices of those who can’t see it and even the way you are framed, you are not even seeing it as you should see it.

That is one of the things you need to understand: the Kingdom is more than alleviating poverty. All the false prophets all they need to do is act like they are alleviating poverty. Several false prophets used it as it worked: give people stuff, do this and publicize it and it worked.

Whereas Jesus even told us that alleviation of poverty must be secret. Why?

People’s main problem is not their poverty, it’s sin that brought poverty.

If you don’t deal with sin you don’t deal with poverty.

One of the few things Jesus said you shouldn’t let your neighbor know is dealing with poverty. The reason is that; when you deal with poverty publicly you take out honour from the person. It is wicked to deal with poverty publicly because the people will not look like God’s creation. You release shame on them.


God’s children when you want to take care of them, you must take care of them reminding them that they are children of Glory.

In Acts Chapter 6 when they were dealing with poverty, the church was feeding thousands of people because they didn’t have food. Check the quality and class of men that were told to handle it, It was not handled normally.

The apostles told them to get men who are full of the spirit, full of wisdom and are powerful men of God. So you see men of God serving people, Peter said “we can’t be waiting tables” so they took the next level of leadership.

So you see a Philip, you see a Stephen, you see powerful people because those people you call poor, God doesn’t see them as poor so they have to be served with honour and dignity.


  1. I love this because of recent I realized that the devil’s strategy is distract THE CHURCH of her Mandate. We were not called to help the poor but to Preach The Gospel, Live Holy and Show forth His Praise. We’re not a Social Club!
    My humble advice to God’s Servants is to stay focus on your Divine Mandate, should you not help the poor? Please do, but don’t post it on Social Media, let God who sees in secret reward you openly.


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