The Differences Between Work and Labour

There are major differences between the two words “Work” and “Labour”. In Yoruba parlance, the first one is called Isé and the second one is called Ìsé.

Work can be pleasurable when you are doing what you like to do, what you want to do, what you are comfortable doing, a work you are proud of, a work you are happy going to in the morning, and a job you were born to do in life.

Work can be enjoyable when you find fulfillment in what you are doing. You find personal fulfillment when you are being paid to do what you enjoy doing and especially when you are getting a very good economic reward for it.

By working, you can find dignity, respect and societal acceptance.

In our society you are judged by the size of your wallet. It is sad but that is how it is. When you attend a party or a social gathering, you are more likely to be given recognition and preference based on the quality of your shoes, cloth and the brand of the car that you drive.

In the family, regardless of your age, when there is a need to hold family meeting, the meeting cannot start without you being there if you have plenty of money to offer. Well, that is life. If you have good ideas and you don’t have money, you would be wise to keep your ideas to yourself.

God worked for six days. At the end of the sixth day of God’s work of creation, He stood back to evaluate His handiwork. With deep satisfaction, God said, “Very good!” Even God was happy with the quality of His work and found satisfaction in His work. God has not stopped working. Till today, God is still working.

God’s plan for all of us is to have a rewarding and satisfying work experience. Unfortunately, that is not always the case for so many of us.

On the other hand, labour is the direct opposite of work.

Labour suggests toiling and a back breaking work. Labour suggests a compulsory economic activities that you have to do in order to feed yourself and family regardless of what you feel about the kind of job. Labour suggests a life of servitude. Labour is a kind of work you do that you are perpetually at the mercy of your employer, your boss’ wife and even his children. You are constantly afraid that you may be sacked because you irritated the wife of your boss. With labour, you have few options so you just have to put up with anything that is thrown at you. This is because you are worried that if you should loose that job, that would be calamitous.

You think within yourself, “Where am l going to start again?” You are at a stage in your life that you know you have very few choices left except converting your car into a taxi should you loose your job. You know that you may never find another employment because of your personal circumstances and it is just so hard to get a new job. You know very well, and you understand that your boss knows as well that he can easily replace you if you give him a cause to do so.

Not having a “Work” for an unduly prolonged period is automatically classified as “Labouring.”

When you “Work” for a whole month and you are paid an average *daily* net wage of N5,000 (after tax, let say N150,000 in 30 days) you can be sure that this is not a satisfying work but a labour camp experience.

How much of life or liberty can anyone enjoy out of N5,000 a day after paying electricity bill, make loan repayment, house rent/house maintenance costs as a house owner, transport expenses, school fees, 2 – 3 mouths to feed and perhaps entertainment costs including cost of occasional bottles of beer? The situation is worsened if you are living in a township or in an urban centre.

The matter is also compounded if on top of that you have a “Side chick(s) to maintain as well.

To start with, how many people in our society earn a monthly salary of N150,000 and above after tax?

If you are fortunate to be in that bracket of people with a steady source of salary, out of that income, compulsorily you will need to support some relatives either 1 – 3 except you have the heart made of stone. In all of this, what chance does a pensioner has of surviving if his children are not in a position to help?

Yes, there is no denying the fact that in Nigeria today, there are still large swathe of people who have very few economic worries.

However, with this general statistics, can you imagine the number of people in Nigeria that are living below poverty line? Can you see the stress level that the vast majority of the people in our society are passing through daily? Can you see why so many people are so desperate today? Many people are willing to do anything just to get out of Nigeria believing that there are better prospects and opportunities anywhere outside Nigeria even if it means going to Libya.

Thus, many people wake up in the morning and rain curses over the politicians and their generations as they are often blamed for the poverty and misery in our nation.

Can you see the state of hopelessness that many long-term unemployed people are faced with? Can you see why crime rates are increasing by the day? Can you see why young ladies including married women are turning into prostitution to support themselves and why young men are becoming ritualists, swindlers/Yahoo boys and arm robbers?

There are no excuses for turning into crime. The question is, “What is the immediate solution to this personal problems?”

For every physical problem, the starting point of its solution is a spiritual key. Getting hold of a spiritual key to solve personal problems is not always at the surface level. You need the guidance of people that are favoured to know how to help you to lay hold on the key to your breakthrough.

Many people mock such ideas as “Spiritual solution to physical problem!” Such people assume that, “Let the politicians do their job and all will be well.” Others would say, all you need is to get a job and your problems would be over. But personally you know that you have tried all that is within your power the job did not come. You are not a lazy man/woman. You have tried other means, it just didn’t work.

Those who are privileged to have the experience and understand the principles know what I am talking about.

Not every spiritual route leads to God. Not every supernatural experience is of God. The Yahoo, Yahoo boys who received help from the irúnmolès are also in pursuit of spiritual help but in the wrong path. In the process they get into deep and dark holes of spiritual bondages that will always result to a ruinous life.

Jesus Christ said, “Come unto me, all ye that *labour* and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”

It is written, “For he that is entered into His rest, he also hath ceased from his own works, as God did from His. Let us *labour* therefore to enter into that rest…”

Friends, the only labour that you need is to search for God with all of your mind, your heart and might. The road will open up for you.

God said, “If you look for me wholeheartedly, you will find me. I will be found of you… *I* *will end your captivity* *and restore your fortunes* .”

Only God can give us rest, break the yoke of oppression, end captivity in our life and restore our fortunes.

There are ways not to look for God as you can never find God in those ways.

Let me just give you an example of a way not to look for God. Never look for God because you want Him to solve your physical problems alone. Look for God with all your heart and say to yourself, “God the creator of the universe, l am going to search for you with all of my heart not because of my wants but because l want to really know you and I want you to be my God.”

That is the starting point then make efforts to look for those who genuinely know God to lead you on how to come in contact with God.

Remember, “Bí won bá gun iyán ninu ewé tí won fi eepo èpà se obè eni tó ma yo a yo.”

As hard as things are in Nigeria today, “Waa rí tie se”. You can make it. Unusual door of favour will open up for you. Do n’t give up and don’t try to go down the route of crime. And, don’t do ritual. It cannot end well when you try it.

You don’t need to curse or fight politicians. Let God fight for you. Let God give to you your own potion of the good things that are in Nigeria.

Repent of your sin. Ask for forgiveness. Go to those who genuinely know God to help you.

I pray that God the Almighty will in mercy lead you to genuine source of light and help.

Àbò òrò ni won so fun omo luabi.

Remain blessed.

Rev John Adebayo Abolarin

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