-Pastor Paul Enenche at Dunamis International Gospel Centre on ‘THE WORD OF OUR BLESSING’ at 1st Service, Glory Dome.
Father we give You the praise, we give You the honour. Thank You because You are God. In You we live, in You we move and in You we have our being. Blessed be Your name. Thank You for a most exciting week, thank You for International Music Ministers’ Conference. Thank You for Mid-year Worship in His presence. Thank You for very drastic testimonies. We worship You, we honour You, we glorify You. Be thou praised, in Jesus precious name.
Anybody excited to be here, say amen.

  • Every heat and pressure of your life is disappearing now!
    Let me welcome you to the beautiful month of August. It is the first day of the 8th month and I believe that it is your month of a new beginning.
    You believe something new will happen to you in this new month, give Him a big clap and a shout of praise!
  • This month shall favour you in the name of Jesus.
  • Every agenda of the enemy in your life for this month is arrested and absolutely frustrated in the name of Jesus Christ.
    Welcome to the first day of the 8th month and also welcome to the Blessing Sunday of the month of August. Very quickly, the subject is:
    Deuteronomy 28:1-2
    Our objective is to understand the blessing that is in the Word of God because it is our month of the Word for release, for recovery and for replications. Two things I want to say very quickly:
  1. The Word of God is the custodian of the blessing of God (Deuteronomy 28:2). To be connected to the Word is to be connected potentially to the blessing.
  2. The Word of God is the terminator of the curses of life (Psalm 107:20), be it an ancestral curse, a generation curse, a family curse, an occultic curse, a witchcraft curse, a diabolic curse; they are terminated by the Word of God.
    We want to look at examples from Scripture, of the Word of God bringing blessing to the lives of people and we shall take an example per service. For this service, we are looking at the live of Joseph.
    The Word of God brought the blessing of God to Joseph and neutralised every curse of evil on his life (Psalm 105:17-20).
  • Somebody’s word is coming today!
  • Somebody is going free today. Whatever tied down your life or your destiny, is letting you go free today!
    What was it that make difference in the life of Joseph? It is called the Word. Anyday, anytime the Word of God is a difference maker in the lives of people.
    What did the Word do for Joseph:
    a). The Word terminated his captivity and brought him into liberty. It ended his tenure in the prison and if there is anyone here this morning or watching via the satellite or the internet, that is a victim of any form of captivity, whether it is spiritual captivity, financial captivity, marital captivity, destiny captivity; I stand here by the same mantle of God and I declare the captivity is terminated this morning!
  • Your captivity us ending this morning and you are stepping into your liberty!
    b). The Word of God established his opportunity. The same Word that brought him out gave him opportunity and favour before Pharaoh (Acts 7:10).
  • This month, before the month expires, anyone who has been a victim of disfavour, lack of opportunities, doors not opening for you at all; I announce and I prophesy in this month, you shall see favour like never before and you shall see opportunity like never before!
    c). The Word established him in dignity and honour. The one who used to be a prisoner became the one who will instruct senators. Nothing brings a man into dignity and honour like the Word.
    I am experiencing dignity, honour and regard because of the Word. I was talking with a man yesterday, a word-made man and he spoke to me; he said Sir, I cannot understand what is happening. He said, Presidents call me and wait for me. Not one, not two, not three, not four. I told him, get set because they will be calling you in the Caribbean. He said they have called me from three Countries already, three Presidents. That is, they call and wait for him and he instructs them. “…we want to handle over the iron ore of our Country to you. Come and help us build a gold refinery”.
  • I prophesy today, everything that is a trace of reproach and shame and indignity in your life, today it is deleted by the Word!
  • That is the blessing that is loaded in the Word. It is more than political positionings. It is more than any form of earthly things – it is loaded in the Word and it is coming for you!
    d). The Word of God established him in prosperity and wealth. The Word made him lord of his substance, that is blessing inherent in the Word. Joseph came to the point where he commanded the whole wealth of Egypt by the same Word that brought him out.
  • Someone get ready this month, what is call scarcity and shortage shall be very far from your life!
  • Every spell from hell that is making what is yours to enter another hand, today that spell is broken!
  • Every charm they have done, every occultic manipulation of your resources, manipulation of your increase, manipulation of your substance; today I announce that the demonic agenda has failed and you shall testify!
    e). The Word planted him in authority and influence. The Word has the capacity to put people in charge, authority and influence – that is the blessing inherent in the Word.
  • It is your season to take charge!
    a). The Word of God is prophetic.
    b). The Word of God is creative.
    c). The Word of God is a seed, when planted it reproduces.
    Let’s look at the first one: the Word of God is prophetic. It directs systems and persons to function according to decrees and declarations. When the Word of God came into that prison in Egypt, it had no option but to release Joseph. The Word puts systems, individuals, institutions under pressure to release as decreed (Genesis 1:1-3, Psalm 33:9). Once the Word is spoken, it is as good as done (2 Peter 1:19-20).
    a). Lay aside filthiness, uncleanness, unholiness, the defilement of the conscience. Sin does not only take a person to hell, it prevents you from becoming what you are meant to be on earth, it prevents the Word from fulfilling its purpose in your life.
    b). Lay aside naughtiness. Don’t insist on your own ways, don’t struggle with the Word, don’t argue with the Word. Naughty people, where the Word is concerned have no future with God.
    c). Receive with meekness, meekness means teachability. Don’t be too big to be taught. Don’t assume you know everything. Arrogance where the Word is concerned will always sponsor ignorance. Receive with meekness, embrace with humility
    d). Engraft the Word into your life. That is another agricultural word. When you do grafting, you are replacing one thing with another. In medicine, it is called skin grafting. Let the principle of the Word of God replace your principles. There is a way you do things, let the way God does things replace your own. It is very easy, engraft the Word (Galatians 2:20). The way of doing business, let it stop. Let God’s own way replaces your way. Engraft the Word into your life and you will be shocked at the outcome (Matthew 11:29).
    You must submit your ways and embrace His way. It may make you unpopular, it may make you anti-social. But to embrace His way, let His way replace your ways and then you turn into a living wonder to your world.
  • There are people seated here, very, very soon, testimonies you will share, that God will give you, nobody in your village, in your community, in your state; nobody you know has ever say such a testimony.
    God wants to use you to show that His Word is superior and His ways are superior to the ways of the world. Please don’t waste your time struggling with your own ways and insisting that God blesses you – No, learn of Me (Matthew 11:29)
  • Receive with meekness, the engrafted word!
    The Word is not coming to share your old ways, the Word is coming to take over. Allow that Word to take over from your ways of life and you will be shocked at the result.
    Lift up your right hand and give Him the praise, honour and adoration.
  • I see His love flowing for someone here this morning!
    I feel that every love of God, every compassion, mercy; “He says that I have loved you with an unchanging love. Don’t let the devil lie to you that I am against you. Don’t let the devil lie to you that I hate you. Don’t let the devil lie to you that I don’t love you. That is why I drew you, with my loving kindness I have drawn you (Jeremiah 31:3). The devil wants to pull you away from Me but I drew you. He wanted to kill you before your time, but I drew you. He wanted to send you to hell, but I drew you. He wanted to destroy you many years ago, but I drew you and I shall construct you. I shall build you and I shall decorate you and I shall deck you and I shall turn you to a wonder, not just to your world, not just to those who know you, to your very self and you will be asking; what did I do to deserve what You are doing in my life, says the Spirit of the Lord”.
    Lift up your hands and whisper that name, JESUS…
    We are in a season of encounters, visions, revelations, visitations.
  • I see God calling someone at of a pit, out of a prison, out of a cage. He is calling you out of the grave, out of where the enemy kept you and you are coming out now!
  • You will not die before your time!
  • Everything that is your portion is release for you in the name of Jesus!
  • I pray for everyone who is unemployed, everyone who is stranded financially, I prophesy today: systems will lose their peace and sleep and rest until what is yours enters your hands!
  • I decree right now, within the next one week, what is yours enters your hands!
  • This month is not permitted to end until what is yours enters your hands. I call it done in Jesus precious name!

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