• Pastor E. A. Adeboye at RCCG 69th Annual Convention Tagged ‘A New Wave Of Glory’
    (Day 1, Evening Session)
    The Glorious Children
    Psalms 127:3-5

Children are very glorious that God Himself calls them His heritage. God said children are the heritage of the Lord. God says children are his reward. When I say children, I am talking about those of us who consider ourselves children. Children are special to God because the Bible says they know how to praise God perfectly.

God himself said in Matthew 19:14, that the Kingdom of God belongs to children.
Matthew 18:3. God said unless you be converted and become like a child, you will not enter into the Kingdom of heaven, anyone who wants to go in must become like a child.
Matthew 18:4, God says that children are the greatest in the Kingdom of heaven.

Anybody who is thinking of greatness must become a child. Matthew 18:10, the Bible warns those who think they are adults to handle children with care because their angels have direct access to God.

Not every angel can come near God at all but those who are given the privilege of coming near God have six wings, with two they cover their faces, with two they cover their legs and then they fly with two, the reason they do is because if they leave any part of their body open, the glory of God will wipe them out.

The Bible says clearly, the Angels of children have direct access to God. Handle children with care.
What is the link between children and a New Wave of Glory?
It is because glory comes in waves.

2 Corinthians 3:18 tells us that we are moved from glory to glory. Moses represented a great Wave of Glory in Exodus 12:1-36, it was Moses that God used to bring the Children of Israel out of Egypt. In Exodus 14:1-28, it was Moses that God used to open the Red Sea but as Moses was passing away, a new wave of Glory came through his son that he adopted called Joshua.

Joshua 1:1-8, God said clearly, Joshua, Moses is gone now, that wave is gone, another wave will begin. Moses was a great Wave but Joshua will bring the Children of Israel into the Promise Land, a bigger wave, a more glorious wave.

Hosea 12:13
Children, you are a better wave than your parents, you will be greater than your parents.

The father is a wave, the child is the new wave and before the Father leaves, he has to give birth to a child that will take over the new wave. When we are talking about a father producing a more glorious wave, we are not just talking about biological fathers but spiritual fathers as well as spiritual sons, that is why I always pray that all my children will be greater than me.

  1. Eli was a great high priest of God, when his biological children were not going to behave, God used Eli to decree the birth of his spiritual son who will be far greater than himself, Samuel.
    1 Samuel 1:9-20,
    1 Samuel 10:1-24, Eli was a great high priest but Samuel was greater that the Lord said his words will never fall to the ground.
  2. Elijah, when you talk about a wave of glory, Elijah was glorious.
    1 Kings 18;36-39
    The time came when his own wave must give birth to a new wave, what did he do? 2 Kings 9-15, he said to Elisha his adopted son, I am about to go what do you want? The son said a double portion of his spirit. He said that is too big but I will make sure that you get it because he said if you see me when I am taken away, you will get what you asked for.
    2 Kings 2:9-15, he got a double portion anointing.
  3. David the giant killer, 1 Samuel 17:1-51, when everyone was running away, David tackled Goliath. Do you know that before David died he gave birth to Solomon who became a temple builder for God? 2 Chronicles 5:1-2.

When David said I want to build a house for God, God said no, a new wave is here and he will build my house and Solomon said God has said I will dwell in thick darkness but I will build a house for God.

Children, in the Name that is above every other name, as a result of this year’s Convention, you will be a new wave of Glory, a bigger wave of glory than your father can ever be.

The glory of children is that they are easy to carry, Mark 10:14-16.
Anyone who is trying to hinder you, children, from coming to Jesus Christ, I rebuke you today. Jesus carried the children in His hands, congratulations children, you are carriable. For those of us who consider ourselves as adults, God wants to carry us, Isaiah 46:4.
Don’t let us be too proud to be carried by God, don’t let us get too heavy to be carried by the One who can carry the whole world in the palm of His hands.

I am appealing to all a sundry, become like a child, let God carry you, let Him lay His might hands on your head and bless you. Even you fathers, you are not dead yet, God can give you a new wave of glory even before you pass on the baton to your children.

This Convention can mark a new beginning for everyone who is ready to be carried by God.

God cannot carry a sinner because His hands are too Holy to behold sin, if you want God to carry you like He will carry a little baby and you know you are still living in sin, why don’t you surrender your life to Jesus now?

His blood will wash away your sins and then you will become carriable to Him, after all, He says if you accept Him you can become a child of God, not an adult.

If you want to give your life to the Almighty God, please bow your heads before the Almighty God and call on Him to save your soul and use His blood to wash away your sins so that you can become a child of the Almighty God.

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