Testimony Time! Miraculous delivery of Twins after scheduled for CS

My wife went to the hospital this week on Thursday. She was forcefully scheduled for CS next week Monday, the doctors/nurses citing medical urgency.

She came back home 💔 brokenhearted with the news. She had earlier informed her mom before telling me (knowing that I may not concede, being the 3rd time we declined CS suggestion.

Her mom knowing the seriousness of the matter joined the next bus to Ilorin on the same Thursday. A mother indeed.

Eventually, later in the evening my wife broke the news to me. She had been scheduled/booked to undergo CS next week monday 😭

She was awed by my response..

I asked her ” _whose report should we believe?” _

Don’t let your heart be troubled dear, I reassured. But you know women, that weakness part hold still.

On getting home, she continued. Then I took firm decision. I told her ” *madam, if you don’t change your countenance you won’t see any doctor till you born in this house”*

Fast forward, on the next day which is the morning of yesterday. I woke her with a song of halleluyah.

God ordered the morning devotion to be conducted in the song “halleluyah, lelu ó….
Halleluia…” 😀. Routine of prayer and short message disrupted 😂. My wife just followed.
Na so we sing am for 30 straight minutes undiluted.

God is good!!!


I left home for school not more than 45minutes when I received call from my wife that I should charter a taxi quickly to take her to hospital.
Wait, I just left home few minutes ago and there was no sign of Labour now. OK I replied her, I will be on my way immediately.

The calls kept coming from her and her mom who has now been around since Thursday, asking me to make haste.

Now this is serious.
I quickly left my office without touching any thing.

On getting home, my next neighbor had already taken them to the hospital. This was revealed to me when I called to ask their whereabouts.
Eh! Hospital? OK I’m coming!

I walked as quick as my legs can take me to the main road where I joined taxi 🚖 going to Ilorin General hospital.
On my way, when the cab got to the front of the famous Ilorin Grammar School (IGS), my inlaw (wife’s mom) call me…” _Hello hello, congratulations o, your wife has just been delivered of two ✌ bouncing baby boys”_

_’Are you people whyning me ni? ‘_ 🤦‍♂️🙄I asked in my head.

After a shortlived pause ⏸ on the phone, I eventually replied mama…” _eh, oh thank you Jesus!”_

I got to the hospital 🏥, lo and behold….I was greeted, even by the security officials of the hospital, “congrats bàbà ìbejì”

Now, tell me. Who else can do this?
Why will I ever stop loving this God with all my heart 😭.

Halleluia, that’s my song.

I will share with you some other testimonies after the twins birth.

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