The Womb of the Morning – Dr Paul Enenche

EVERY MORNING IS PREGNANT FOR DELIVERY. WHEN YOU ENCOUNTER THE MORNING, YOU TAKE DELIVERIES – Dr. Paul Enenche on “The Womb of the Morning” at Early Will I Seek Thee (The Dunamis Glory Dome)

  • Strength gives you the capacity to do exploits.
  • Power gives you the capacity to take charge.
    Psalm 110: 1-3
    Every morning is pregnant for delivery. When you encounter the morning, you take deliveries.
    What is in the morning?
  1. Supernatural Strength: “The rod of thy strength out of Zion, that makes us to rule”.
  2. Spiritual Power: What is the difference? Strength gives you the capacity to do exploits; you are not tired, you are not weary. Power gives you the capacity to take charge, “Rule thou, in the midst of your enemies”.
  3. Divine Favour: The Bible speaking, it says, “The King’s Favour is like the dew”.
  4. Spiritual Freshness: When we encounter the morning, we wake up with freshness.
    I believe that there is someone here today who is getting strength where you’ve been weary, getting Power where you need victory, getting Favour where you have had rejection and getting fresh revival, so shall it be.
  5. Father thank you for a most exciting, successful and impactful service yesterday. Thank you Lord for lives touched and destinies in changed, shifted and lifted. To you be all the glory Lord in Jesus name- Psalm 84: 7.
  6. Father, we ask for open heavens over the conference this week. Let your glorious presence overwhelm and envelope everyone participating in this conference in this season in Jesus name – Luke 3: 21-22.
  7. Father, we ask for the move of your Spirit in our land like never before. Give us a drastic revival of fresh passion for God like never before. Father, make your people willing to run your errand and go after souls in this day of your power like never before, Lord in Jesus name – Psalm 110: 1- 3.
  8. Father, we enquire of you, that you will multiply your people in Dunamis with men and women like a flock, that you will fill to the overflow, every of our empty space with flocks of men, and we shall know that you are the Lord – Ezekiel 36: 37-38.
  9. Father, I take authority over every arrow of distraction and altar of reprisals erected by the enemy against my life, family, destiny, Church – Dunamis and Nation – Nigeria. Father, I decree those arrows backfire and the altars be set on fire in Jesus name – Luke 10: 19.
    Lift your hands and say:
  • Father, from the womb of the morning, today, I connect supernatural strength for exploits in this season, I connect it now in the name of Jesus.
  • Father, from the womb of this morning, I connect spiritual power to take charge and rule over every enemy of my life, of my soul, of my destiny, now in the name of Jesus.
  • Father, from the womb of this morning, I connect the dew of Divine Favour for supernatural openings and opportunities today. I connect it now in Jesus name.
  • Father, from the womb of this morning, I connect the dew of spiritual freshness. I’m very area of my life, I reject the spell of dryness now in the name of Jesus.
  • Every enemy confrontation of your life is arrested now.
  • Every burden you came here with, we declare them lifted in Jesus name.
  • Every enemy spell that came with you is over forever in Jesus precious name. You are healed and you are whole.
  • Every monitoring spirit following you about, today, they are set on fire. Every gadget used to monitor you, today, the gadgets in the spirit are set on fire in Jesus name.
  • Whatever belongs to you that is being kept or tied down anywhere, they are released with urgency in Jesus name.
    Be released now in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. The Lord bless you, keep you, cause His face to shine on you in Jesus precious name.

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