-Pastor David Ibiyeomie on “Provoking Supernatural Increase Part 1” at SMHOS First Service
*The desire to be rich or poor is yours. prosperity and poverty are governed by laws.
*Satan’s target is to keep you blind from seeing the truth.

*The day you begin to see poverty, it means you ate the seed you were supposed to plant.
*In the midst of hardship, that is when you should sow the highest. You can’t break the laws with your complaints.
That you came to the First Service, may God give you the first miracle. May you become first in all your life endeavors.

The word provoke is to deliberately makes something happen; while supernatural is something above the natural. Increase means a rise in the size, amount or degree of something. When something has increased, it means it has moved from where it was to another level. Provoking supernatural increase is to deliberately make something happen beyond the natural size, amount or degree.

Now hear me people of God, there is a foundational misconception that must be corrected in your mind before you can increase supernaturally. If that is not corrected, it is not possible for you to increase.

That is why the scriptures says in Romans 12:2 “Don’t be conformed to this world but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind” This thing I am talking about is a trick of the devil that some people are destined to be poor and some are destined to be rich because all fingers are not equal and there is nothing anyone can do about it.

That is not correct. It is a misconception; it is a lie from the pit of hell. It is not scriptural. Acts 10:35 cancels that wrong philosophy. Some people have the mentality that Africa has been destined for poverty. If I tell you something you will be shocked.

The wealthiest churches in the world are all in Nigeria. And it is not any man’s offering but the word of God that they believe. Deuteronomy 8:18. Ecclesiastes 5:9.

The desire to be rich or poor is yours. prosperity and poverty are governed by laws. If you follow the laws of prosperity, you will prosper. There is no luck in this kingdom. If you follow the laws of poverty, you become poor.

Do you know poverty has laws. I will show you from the scriptures. Poverty and prosperity are not by accident.

There is no accidental success. The law of gravity is God who ordained it not the devil. If you operate with certain laws, you will be rich. Likewise, of you operate with certain laws, you will be poor.

Proverbs 11:24 makes it clear that if you scatter your resources, you will increase but if you hold on to it, you will be poor. It is a law. You have your choice to make. If I am idle and not working, I will be poor. If I work, I will be rich. It is a law. No matter what I give, if I am not working, God has no channel to bless me. It means I will be poor.

God’s laws cannot change. So, what satan does is to keep people ignorant. Satan’s target is to keep you blind from seeing the truth. Isaiah 5:13. Satan is a liar. So, he lies to you to believe that what is not true is the truth.

Do you know there are people who are born again that believe that being poor is godly. They say to be rich is ungodly. They quite scriptures out of context.

They tell you that if you are rich, you won’t make heaven. Jesus came and said the poor you will always have around you. It means He is not poor. Say, it is very ungodly to be poor. Give and it shall be given unto you. Luke 6:38. It is a simple law: release and increase.


  1. The law of sowing. I am going to take a very simple illustration from farming so that you can get it. How many of you know a corn?

When a farmer puts a corn seed into the ground, the seed produces stalk of corn. When he takes that stalk, it will have many seed. If he decides to eat it all, would he have anymore seed to plant?

But if he plants again, it will produce many. That is how prosperity is. In the midst of lack, you have only one thing in your hand. If you don’t put that small seed into the ground, don’t expect the rest process to take place.

God things are really tough for me, you just need to put that one seed into the ground. If the farmer eats that one seed, he will never have stalk of corn. If he eats it, he has simply obeyed the law of poverty.

The day you begin to see poverty, it means you ate the seed you were supposed to plant. The farmer must sow first before thinking of harvest. There is no farmer who will go to the farm and begin to pray for harvest without planting.

He will die of shouting. The prayer you are praying without planting is a stupid prayer. The farmer that plants does not need long prayers. If your prayer is long, check if you have planted. 2 Corinthians 9:6-7,10. If your seed is no sown, God has nothing to multiply.

That a ministry is prosperous does not mean the pastors there will be prosperous. If you don’t follow the rules, you will be borrowing. Rules have no respect for anointing.

You can be in a prosperous church and not prosper. The laws are unbreakable. For instance, The upline of Rivers State, they farm there. If you don’t have a farm, does it means that you will automatically have corn. No, rules must be followed.
You either sow or eat all.

The choice is yours.

Sowing is natural while harvest is supernatural. You need to do the sowing and harvest is of God to bring. My duty is to sow, God’s duty is to bring harvest.

How a seed will grow is not a farmer’s business.

I have to exercise faith and enjoy God’s law of prosperity. When you walk in fear and eat your seed or hide, poverty will set in. In the Kingdom of God, when it comes to supernatural in prosperity, don’t be ruled by circumstances.

You know recession is not new. All over the world now, things are tough . You know in the natural, when things are tough, I should give but that is not so in the kingdom.

The best time to give is when things are tough so that you can turn things around. Anyone that looks at how things are will never sow.

Ecclesiastes 11:5-6.
Sow and surely harvest will come. Stop looking at circumstances. Sow regularly irrespective of circumstances. Many people when things are tough, they don’t sow.

They only give when things are okay.Hardship is not new. It has happened even since creation. Just look at he Bible so that you can know that many things happening are not new. Genesis 12:10.

Despite the famine, did Abraham prosper? Genesis 13:2.
You will think that after Abraham, it will stop.

Genesis 26:1 It happened to Isaac too. Every generation experienced hardship.

Say to someone beside you, it is not new; you are the one that should know what to do.

Don’t pray against hardship, just know what to do.
Stop saying things are to tough here, I wish I was in America.

It is happening globally. When famine happened, God gave a formula to Isaac on what to do. So what do I do during hardship? Simple, just look at Genesis 26:12-13. What did Isaac do? He sowed. Why did he sow when things are tough?

In the midst of hardship, that is when you should sow the highest. You can’t break the laws with your complaints. Isaac was the only one that prospered in that period of hardship. Galatians 4:28. If you are like Isaac, then do like Isaac. If I tell you, my offering is bigger than last year. I give more now when there is hardship and I am getting more.

It is a law. Complain cannot change the Bible. It either you operate by the law of the Bible or the law of complain. Proverbs 13:2, Psalm 67:5
Your praising God without sowing is like pouring water where there is no seed. If you have sown, your praise will now make it happen.

Don’t be afraid, start with what you have. What broke poverty in my life was the only 50 naira we had as married people. That was all we had. It is not the amount; it is your faithfulness. Don’t say this small one. Start with he one you have now and begin to grow from there. Break the yoke of poverty with obedience.


Say, Lord as I praise you, let every seed I have sown begin to produce. Lord, let increase come from you in the name of Jesus.


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