As one that also served in Winners’ Chapel, I can confidently say that no lazy Pastor can hang around that Ministry.
There is the daily Prayer hour. Sometimes, three times a day.
There is the daily Soul Winning.
There is the Regular Bible School training.
There is the Regular Church Planting exercise.
What about weekly membership class and water Baptism.
Daily counseling.
Preparation of your monthly reports of all activities in the Church.
There is the midyear reports.
And also at the end of the year, you have to Prepare your annual report of all activities in the last twelve months.
Let us not forget weekly budget preparation that guides and Discipline your spending.
When you hear we don’t BORROW, and we don’t BEG, It is not a gift but a HIGH LEVEL WISDOM in operation.
You can’t see any Winners’ Chapel branch that does not reflect the glory of the Headquarter Church.
Reason is because offerings are used for the purpose it was brought and not diverted for personal aggrandizement.
What about the management of all the different councils put in place for the smooth running of the Churches.
Most young Pastors only see the opportunities they don’t see work attached to it.
They see their WORTH CHANGING, but they don’t see the WORK COMING.
They see the FAVOURS but don’t see the LABOUR.
I am so grateful to God that I was trained by that Ministry.
But Winners’ Chapel made me an ACCOUNTANT and an ADMINISTRATOR that was trained on the field.
In Abakaliki and Yenagoa, I served as the State Admin in charge of all Adminstrative matters covering over a 100 churches then.
In Brass Island, I was the Assistant District Pastor in a District with over 49 Churches without an accountant on ground to Prepare monthly reports.
So every month I must prepare the church reports of all 49 churches within the District.
Sometimes to meet the deadline of submission of Reports, I will work into midnight.
Today, it has also helped me run a system of OPEN ACCOUNTING POLICY.
In 8 years of running Answers’ Assembly, I and my wife has never entered where they count church offerings, never taken the offerings home for once, and has never deposited in our private Account.
All Accounting books are opened and prepared by the ministry’s Finance committee members.
A group of people that receive the money and also spend the money inline with the Ministry approved Reccurent Operational Funds.
So any Pastor called by God, that is opportuned to be trained by Winners’ Chapel, should go and thank God, because you will not only be a good Pastor, you will come out as a very good EVANGELIST that understand SOUL WINNING.
A good Administrator!
An Accountant!
Also a good Human Resources Manager.
This is why sometimes, it is better to have lay pastors who already understand how to survive a working environment than young boys that don’t understand Ministry.
Ministry is work, work and more work.
So when you see a Pastor that is trained by Papa Oyedepo, they don’t play with their work.
Most people can’t work at their Pace.
Some see them as too difficult, but they are not.
They’ve been baptised into work.
There is what is called the BAPTISM OF WORK.
Young Pastor, before you rush to collect BIG SALARY, FREE ACCOMMODATION and all the PROPHET OFFERINGS and GIFTS that go with Ministry.
Always remember that Ministry is a combination of MINISTRATION on the ALTAR and ADMINISTRATION BEHIND the ALTAR.
Thanks for reading.
Irabor Wisdom
Presiding Bishop
Answers’ Assembly
Warri, Delta State, Nigeria.


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