Repent for the Kingdom of God is at Hand – Apostle Joshua Selman

There are things we cannot do. Nicodemus came to Jesus and said “Rabbi we know that thou art a man sent from God, for no man can do these things except God be with Him”, May we remain ushers pointing the world to You unashamed and vocal letting the world know that without You there is nothing, absolutely nothing we can do. You are the force behind everything good in this house.

Lord let the world know that beyond our results we love You and that we’re desperate for You more than things, we love You more than positions, we love You more than ministry, we love You more than prayer, we love You more than Bible study, we love You more than Church and religion, we love You more than Spiritual titles, we love You more than Heaven.

Jeremiah 3:15
Doctrine is the course curriculum that makes for the growth of the believer. We get to know the Lord, then we get to know His ways, then we obtain grace and help from God to represent Him effectively. Hallelujah.
I’ll begin a teaching that I believe will end up as a series because we may not be able to exhaust it tonight and in an attempt to explain the things that happen around our society, you know I have said this and I thank God we have people here, politicians, members of parliament. Everytime we learn this we’re happy because we can apply this and it helps, not just about Kingdom advancement but also towards nation building.

Any nation and any territory is a reflection of :

1- The health and the strength of the spiritual conviction of the people that live within that territory.
Every territory is a reflection of the Spiritual conviction or otherwise of the people that live within that territory which invariably is a product or is a reflection of the quality of the Spiritual voices that feed the people.
If there is a problem with the understanding of the average Christian, then the men and the women of God within that territory are to be blamed. That means there is an imbalance or there is error that is coming from the pulpit because people will act in honour to their convictions which come from the propositions that come from the altar.

So if we want to correct the living, what we see in our society, among other factors, we have to reexamine the kind, the extent and the quality of Spiritual information that comes from the pulpit.
Effective living is a product of effective thinking. When people think wrong, they will live wrong. When they think right, they will live right.
The Bible says “These signs shall follow them that believe”, that means anything following you is proof of what you believe. When you’re tired of seeing what has been following you, you don’t drive it away physically, change what you believe. Everything that follows you comes in honour to something you are believing.

If trouble is always following you, it may be empowered by demons but principally there is something about your understanding and your perspective and your approach to life that often rises those ills to follow you. If favour, goodness and mercies, if all these positive attributes are following you, there is something that your understanding is doing as far as making for their continuity around your life.
So our assignment principally is to expose us to what the Bible calls the waves of God and let me tell you this, in as much as the curriculum that makes for our growth is finite, there is a vast body of knowledge, Spiritual knowledge we need to learn about who we are in Christ, the reality of our positional advantage, our oneness with Christ.

We need to understand the economic system of the Kingdom. This is what makes for the supplies and the provision of the saints. We need to understand the fact that we live in a world that is plagued by demons, principalities and powers. There is another specie of beings that cohabit with us and whether we’re prepared or not they’re interested in our affairs and so He teaches us to manage our living such that we live victorious inspite of satan and his cohorts.
We need to learn principles for territorial dominion.

I told you that the gospel is divided into two. There is the message that saves, there is the ideology that transforms. If the only thing you receive is the message that saves, you’re saved but your territory may not be safe.
It takes the ideology of the gospel, the value system of the Kingdom to permeates systems and structures so that now Christ and His purposes are institutionalized not just in the hearts of men but across every strater of human activity.

This is the only way that Christ becomes enthroned not just in our hearts but in our environments. It’s unfortunate all over the world and even in our nation right now, we’re in serious times of crisis. From economic crisis to high rates of crime, terrorism. I just returned from Zaria and sadly and unfortunately the North is beginning to be a reflection of something that we have prayed never to happen.

Did you know that every one terrorist, every one trouble maker was once a baby in the hand of a woman? Something transformed those individuals from babies to become now, living like beasts. Every deliverer was once a baby in the hands of a woman including Jesus in the flesh. That means when we see the decadence in the society, the decadence in society is a reflection of something that is wrong.
Trying to solve societal problems by just coming up with corrective measures as it were will not ultimately achieve that goal. Thank God for the prison cells, thank God for the police, that God for the military but fundamentally you need to understand that the things that continue to pluage society is proof that something fundamentally is wrong with the value system of the people.

Generally speaking we live in honour of our convictions. Whatever you believe, eventually you will live it out. When you meet a terrorist now and interview him, he will give you an interesting perspective about life. His perspective and his conviction is what motivates his passion to cause mayhem and destruction and even at the detriment of the advancement of the society, he believes he’s doing right.
If you meet a good man who is blessing people, lifting people, educating people, behind what He’s doing, there is a value system. We have to carefully fashion and design the value systems that we communicate because value systems are dangerous. People will live in honour of and to those value systems.
When people reject God in mass, there must be a poisonous information that is being sowed that makes God look like a nuisance to civilization. When revival breaks out, in as much as it’s the power of God, there is something that must have been done right, they see the importance and the value of Jesus Christ.

When you live in a society that is lawless, a society that does not honour the rule of law, a society that is careless and does not care, people live irresponsible lives, it’s a reflection of a faulty value system.
I always like to understand the motivation behind things, more than the actions. When you address symptoms, symptoms do not provide effective solutions. You have to move past the symptoms and then address the solutions.
When you see someone walking in failure, living a defeated life, trying to address the problem, the obvious problem may not bring the final solution. When you dig in and dig in eventually you will find out that there is a Spiritual problem with that person. Maybe he has rejected Jesus, maybe he has refused the gospel. For someone who has refused the gospel, the probability for a life of defeat is 100 percent regardless how successful that person is. Anything can happen because there is no system of security. It is only the Lord that is a strong tower and it is only the righteous that is allowed to run to it. That door does not just open. His name becomes the strong tower when you are the righteous.

This godless system that is behind the ills in our world. It’s important to understand that men have been programmed, institutions have been programmed and we must carefully detect that Spiritual software that is at the back of the decadence of families, of territories, of institutions of lives and so on and so forth.
Revelation 11:15
I begin with the end of the story that one day whether we like it or not, one day this prophecy will happen. A day will come regardless the arrogance of kings.
As it is now there’s still confusion all across the world. Who is really Lord? There are nations that are fighting for supremacy. The world powers fighting themselves, but the Bible tells us in Psalm 24:1.
3 John 1:2
Mark 8:36
There is a system that has controlled our civilization until now. The Bible clearly shows us that there is a conflict of two kingdoms, that men do not just live like animals, there is a contention between two kingdoms.

The Bible calls one the kingdom of darkness and then the other the Bible calls the Kingdom of God’s dear son. So we know for a fact that there are two kingdoms. All men regardless religion, sociological orientation, the Bible is very clear as to the fact that we are emersed in a conflict that is between two kingdoms.
The Bible clearly let’s us know that this clash predates our existence. So we’re in the middle of something that is older than our bearing here. The war did not start with us, it did not start from us.
Revelation 12:7
There is no life that is spared. If there wa s war in Heaven, then it’s not unusual to have war around your life. Even in Heaven where God lives there was war.
The fact that satan could fight God, we’re tracing where this came from. This is what keeps you for hours, trying to come up with policies that correct the madness in society. It matters. This is not a Christian message, this is the message that eventually lead to national transformation. We have to travel to see where the problem is coming from.

As at the time this problem started, there was no religion. As at the time this problem started there were no men of God. As at the time this problem started there were no educational institution so everything we’re blaming is not the real problem.
Satan’s creation and satan’s assignment is what gave him the audacity to believe.
Satan wanted was Adam was given but he had to come through Eve.
When satan comes to you, he wants to find out what God said because the instance of God’s Word is where his ministry starts. He wants to know what God has said concerning your life, concerning your family. If God has not said anything concerning you, satan has no business with you. He will pass you like this. You can say “How are you? He says “I’m busy”, but the moment God speaks concerning you satan is ready to stay and find out. Could that be why attacks started in your life the moment prophecy came, could that be why Africa is under this plague? Because there is an end Word upon Africa that we’re that continent that will return Christ back. That rejected stone.

Ladies and gentlemen, here’s my message, repent for the Kingdom is at hand within your reach. Salvation is coming.
When the Kingdom system comes, it not just produces miracles, signs and wonders, falling down, healings, that’s wonderful. The Kingdom advances in the strength of the message. The ideology. This is where the real power of the Kingdom is.
My brothers and my sisters let me tell you this many times it seems you’re not moving forward.

When Jesus was on that cross, you would have called Him defeated but something was happening that you did not see. He hung between the nails and while He was hanging, Ceaser, Herod and Co were saying finally and satan was rejoicing. He closed His eyes in death, hell was rejoicing, “We killed the son of God”. Suddenly a stranger steps into Hades the place of the dead. “What are you doing here? “He said when sinners die where do they go? I became sin, now I’m here”, and the cohorts of he’ll were all on Him. The Bible says He made a public show of them triumphing over them in judgement. He met face to face with the one He created and said “Lucifer, your rebellion, give me the keys”. This is the Kingdom we’re part of.

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