“The Man Bishop David Oyedepo Is Not An Individual But A Government” – Apostle Johnson Suleman

I was in a hotel and I said, I want to rest. And someone said; Yes oh, Bishop David Oyedepo just left this room. I said, I don’t understand, which Oyedepo? The Oyedepo we know? He said; Yes, he was on this bed. I said; everybody, get out! And I laid down, rolling from one end to another, praying in tongues(I tap, I draw).

One day, Archbishop Benson Idahosa was seated and God servant Bishop David Oyedepo came to him and as usual, the Archbishop said to him; open under the bed and take money. Bishop David Oyedepo opened the bed and push the money inside. He(Bishop David Oyedepo) said, don’t give me money, give me what brings money. Keep it!

Apostle Johnson Suleman

Today, the man is running universities like secondary school. Federal government to run one, they can’t pay. Assu are striking and one man is running more than one with no stress.
Listen, there are people that are not individual, they are government.
Do you know what it means to build a university, not just to build but to run it effortlessly, not losing one sleep, not cracking the head, not a strike for once.
Somebody just left there with a 5pointer and came out and he was talking(I watch the video and I shook my head). Which lecturer will protest when he is well paid?
May same blessing be showered on you

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