Is T.B Joshua a Real Prophet of God or Fake?

This is one of the greatest question many people have been asking after the demise of the great man of God, Prophet T.B Joshua, there seems to be too many issues around his life and ministry, which makes it difficult for people to believe his authenticity and genuineness, today, I will quickly make some major emphasis to try and address this question;

Is T.B Joshua a true Man of God?

I must say that, some of the major reasons why people do not believe his ministry, or does not give him the acceptance that others enjoy is simply because he is not in tune with certain biblical principles and foundational truth, for instance, many years ago, Pastor Adeboye said, he can never go to T.B Joshua Church, when asked in an interview and he said, if T.B Joshua wants him to come and preach in his church, the both of them will have to sit down and discuss the matter of salvation in the way he understand it according to the scriptures, if T.B Joshua agrees, then he will come and minister in his church. Also T.B Joshua is not part of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) which is the body that oversees the Christian Church and other systems of the Christian Faith operation in Nigeria.

Now, there are many others ministries who are not a member of CAN, I also remember, there was a time T.B Joshua was asked, when did he gave his life to Christ, he said, he as been born again since he was in his mother’s womb, this is wrong to the scriptural standard that be, as regarding giving your life to Jesus and having the new birth experience.

A number of these things are responsibility for the suspicion and argument about T.B Joshua calling.

I will also like to make it clear that T.B JOSHUA as helped and impact millions of people, all over the world, this is true and not lie.

He is a great philanthropist, he gives to the needy, widow, poor members of his church, he also gave himself wholly to the work of ministry, and that is what he lived for, but there are a number of things we can pick from him and his life.

The Bible says, by their fruits, ye shall know them  .

T.B Joshua operates mainly in the prophetic, healing and deliverance dimension of the spirit and many people that need intervention in these dimensions are fond of going to his church, he ministers to many of them from all around the world.

Infact, he did a great Job through his ministry, there is no doubt about that, but the issue remains, people find and feel many things are not right about him, just a month before his departure, youtube delete his youtube channel containing various of his videos, his church ministrations, which youtube says, viewers found some to be offensive, especially the deliverance sessions and some of their mode of operations.

It would have been better if they are not deleted, we could have seen many of his past church services moments, and see the reason why people find it hard to believe he is a true man of God, some women also came online to accuse T.B Joshua of abuse and misconduct ( I will not go into the details now).

But the main question remains, is T.B Joshua a real man of God or fake?

I cannot decide or be sure, if he is real or he is fake, it is not within my power to do that, I am not the God that called him, and if he uses charm and dark powers, I cannot tell, because I do not know, but as a Pastor, I will love to say something for the young generation that are coming to take note and learn from;

 It is not good, that people should doubt your Calling!

Many things use to lead to this, and it is not the will of God that, this should be happening, you are meant to walk in the supernatural, in signs and wonders, in healing and deliverance, but beyond all that, your life is meant to reflect Jesus to the world.

The bible says, let your light so shine among men that they may see and glorify your father who art in Heaven, so the light needs to shine, if people must glorify God in you, let your light shine through your lifestyle and not just through your ministration, there is a place for ministry, there is a place for your lifestyle, your lifestyle needs to come into conformity with Christ, in other for you to shine the Light to your world.

Without sufficient Light, this is not possible, another thing is, and you can no stand alone!

The Body of Christ needs to drop pride and hatred, we need each other, we must walk together as one and not divided, Jesus says, wherein is my father glorified, when you love one another, we are stronger when we walk in Love, it is a force that the enemy cannot contain.

T.B Joshua is unique in his way, he does a lot of things differently, this is not bad, but nobody can stand alone in life, ministry or in the body of Christ. We are meant to form a synergy and be unashamedly united for Christ. The operation of the spirit in us varies, but we are still meant to be one.

Then, another thing is, T.B Joshua did not have any spiritual father, some people may say this is not necessary, but in all sincerity, it is very necessary, because, certain men are authorized channels that God as raised and designed for certain purpose on the earth and in his kingdom, ignoring them can have a devastating consequence, for instance, Pastor Adeboye served Pa Akindayomi (founder of RCCG) for many years, and it was when baba was going that he made known his successor.

Elijah was a prophet in the Bible, and Elisha was also a prophet, God continued the work of Elijah through Elisha, God and his kingdom is a kingdom of order, and any form of disorderliness will always strengthen the devil to win and prevail in our lives and even in the work of ministry.

As have said earlier, I am not in position to determine if T.B Joshua is of God or not, but as a pastor, I know it is not a good thing when people doubt your assignment, integrity and your stand with God, we can do miracles for Jesus that it will be so obvious that, this is the hand of God, it is not always supposed to bring suspicion.

When the great man of God, Reinhard Bonnke died, a lot of people all over the world were touched and the news was a shock, but nobody said, is he a man of God or he is of the devil? That question was not necessary simply because, he has made his stand known over the years, he as a track record of walking with God and for God; he is mainly about what matters to God the most, which is the soul of men, and reconciling the world back to God.

Even as a believer, a child of God, people should know your stand for God, they should not doubt you, or your stand for God, they should be sure of whom you serve and whose you are, they should know for real, you belong to God; this is very vital and crucial for you as a Christian.

I believer young ministers of God coming up will learn some lessons from this information and try to live right, the honest truth is, Ministry is a lifelong call and eve after you are gone, the impact of your work with God and for God, will yet be speaking, so let us be real, transparent and publicly associating with Christ always, God bless you.

Written by a Nigerian Pastor, who choose to remain anonymous.

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