– Pastor David Ibiyeomie
They are also waiting for you to say hello.

Do you know Mark Zuckerberg was very shy? That’s why he created Facebook. He couldn’t stand to talk to people so he created a system where he could stay somewhere and talk to them without seeing them physically.

So you can turn your weakness into strength. He was a very shy person, he can’t stand to talk, so, he created a system where he could still talk to people without seeing them face to face. So, every weakness can be converted into strength for advancement..So if you don’t know how to propose to a woman…I’ll tell you how you can still talk to the woman if you’re shy.

You know some young men, they are due for marriage, but you know, they are shy. The woman is waiting for you to come, don’t mind the big eyelashes, just go they are waiting. Don’t be scared young man just find your way there.

Some ladies you are so afraid of are also waiting for you to just say hello how are you. You are just afraid, my friend, you are a man go. Afterall, when I married, it was one foam and one fan. My mother called me and was getting scared, I told her calm down I know what I carry. I said there’s something inside me I know what I carry. I said don’t look at me now, there is somewhere I am going.

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