Holy Spirit can Help your Marriage!


Has the Holy Spirit ever apologized to you when you were mad at your partner over something they did that hurt your feelings?

Or am I the only one who keep having a steady dose of this crazy experiences.

The weird part of this intimate rendezvous with the Holy Spirit is not like He apologises on your partner’s behalf to excuse their behaviour, it’s just funny to me honestly. It is the fact that He apologises to excuse your own annoying and hot-tempered response to your partner’s behaviour, while He creeps into their heart to bring them to the point of humility and repentance.

… Of which to be honest, it’s entirely your right to be angry and respond in the same measure as you were served, cos’ when your spouse begins to behave like a bread they deserve some hot tea.

…like, it’s okay for your brain to touch once in a while, when you have a partner who has unrepentantly made it a habit to keep blowing your fire, no matter how cold you are, smoke must come out one day.

…but then comes the Holy Spirit. He just jumps in and makes it extremely diffifcult for you to manifest in the flesh. First He takes away your rights, every single one of them. You cannot react even when you are dying to. You cannot give back the same measure as you were served, the Spirit strips you of all those earthen privileges. So before you can get a chance to retaliate what you hear is “Shalom, stay calm shalom.”

But she started it first;
“Shalom, don’t be angry shalom.”

But I need to prove that I was right;
“Shalom, yes you’re right shalom.”

But he is taking my submission for granted;
“Shalom, you’re first submissive to me shalom.”

But I need to teach her a lesson;
“Shalom, I am the best teacher shalom.”

All you hear is SHALOM. The Holy Ghost apologizes on your partner’s behalf to reduce the casualties that your unguarded response would have cost.

Hmmm, I have lost count of the number of times I’ve gotten angry with my wife and forgave her before she apologized to me.

I don’t know about you, but I honestly cannot do this marriage without the Holy Spirit.

If I have a witness please take 2 minutes to pray this prayer;

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