Rabbit Urine the New Liquid Gold for Nigerian Farmers

The National Agricultural Land Development Authority has said that it has harvested over 30,000 litres of rabbit urine and 1,000 kilograms of rabbit droppings for fertilizer production in the country.

Farmers using rabbit urine in the production save on pesticide and fertilizer costs as the liquid offer major nutrients required by crops.

Organic fertilizer companies and a few rabbit farmers are turning the urine into a business venture. Rabbit droppings also serve as organic manure and help to boost nitrogen and ammonia content in crops.

NALDA has recovered farm estates that were abandoned in the last 20 years in Katsina, Ekiti, Gombe, Borno, Adamawa, Taraba, Niger, Kebbi, Oyo, Imo, Lagos, Delta, Bauchi, Yobe, Kaduna, Benue, Kogi, Osun, Anambra, Akwa Ibom and Abia States.

It plans to start animal husbandry programme, which included rabbitry and goat rearing in some pilot states that have recorded huge success.

The rabbit rearing programme kicked off about three months ago after President Muhammadu Buhari flagged off the National Young Farmers Scheme, NYFS, in November 2020.

The pilot States for the programme are Imo, Abia, Oyo and Cross River.

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