-Bishop David Oyedepo at 1st Service, Faith Tabernacle

* If I have 100 Billion now, I don’t have any problem where to put it.
* Prosperity is not eat and drink.
* Prosperity is ‘bless and bless’!!!
* Many financial giants are rising in this Church.
* They are not going to rise on the platform of expertise or skill but their heart for God. That everything about God turns them on naturally. They are not faking it.

We saw from scriptures that the Midst of the Year is ordained a Revival Season. A revival can be defined as the move of God among His people, a spiritual awakening among God’s people. A revival is always accompanied with waves of signs and wonders.
Habakkuk 3:2,6,17-19
Provoke a massive turnaround among His people. From far, far deep in the bottom, to up, up, to your high places: those are the things that happen in a revival.
-You will not be left out.
There is need for us to stay awake spiritually to maximise such prophetic season as there is.

-There are many people here, by the end of this prophetic season, you are a wonder to behold.


1. A revival is a move of the Spirit that stirs the spirits of men to commit to Kingdom’s advancement endeavours.
Haggai 1:14 – There is a stirring of their spirits that connected them to Kingdom Advancement endeavours. They were having tough times, rough times, nothing was working and the Word of the Lord came and their spirit was stirred and everything turned around in their favour.

That led us to chapter 2 of Haggai: I will shake the heavens and the earth, the silver and the gold, they are mine (Haggai 2:5,8). So, there is a mighty awakening that begins with stirring of the spirits of people.

If you are in a revival, it will show by how much your spirit is stirred to engage with Kingdom Advancement endeavours and your involvement entitles you to command signs and wonders.
Go to all the world, preach the gospel: they did.

These signs shall follow them, they shall be in command of signs as they are out on the go for me (Mark 16:17).

They went forth and preached everywhere, cast out many devils, anointed with oil many that were sick and healed them (Mark 16:20).

God was working with them, confirming the Word with signs following. Signs were following them, they were not following signs. When you engage in Kingdom Advancement endeavours, signs answer to your command, signs follow you at your instance.

2. A revival can be defined as a move of the Spirit ordained to terminate all frustrations and afflictions in the lives of God’s people thereby turning them to the envy of their world.
Zephaniah 3:17, 19
In a revival, God just silences your adversaries.
What is a revival?

A manifestation of God’s presence in the midst of His people and what happens?

He changes the story of His people, He terminates their afflictions, terminates their frustrations.

-In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, whatever remains around anyone’s life that can be termed an affliction or an air of frustration, they shall all be dealt away with today because we are in a revival.
“I will get them fame in every land where they have been put to shame”
Zephaniah 3:20
“At that time…” – There is this emphasis on ‘that time’
The time of manifestation of divine presence in the midst of His people, these are the things that will happen. In the time of revival, these are things ordained and packaged for us.
At that time, in a midst of a revival, these are the things I have in stock for you.

-Every air of shame and reproach that may be hanging around anyone’s life, today they shall be turned into testimonies.


1. When the Word of God continues to come alive in our hearts in increasing dimensions:

A revival is validated by God’s Word coming alive in the midst of His people.
Jeremiah 31:34 – “they shall all know me.”
A revival is a season of outbreak of revelations among God’s people. If you don’t know what to look for, people just go through the season without any encounter.

God has ordained an outbreak of revelations for His people in a revival. There are encounters of a lifetime that you come across in a revival.

Praise God. When you take your Bible, light just coming in and coming in and flooding your soul, then you are in a revival.
So mightily grew the Word of God and prevailed: You are in a revival (Acts 19:20).

Acts 6:7
It is a season for increase of the Word. Outbreak of light and revelation.

2. When one continues to experience the manifestation of the Spirit of prayer and supplication in his life.

Prayer becomes like food for you. That is, standing in the place of prayer is not a pressure for you anymore, With utmost delight, with a smile all the time.

“Thank You Jesus because You are saving that man, You are rescuing that man from destruction.

You are visiting that family for a turnaround; I thank You Jesus. I thank You Lord, that this coming Service, there shall be an outbreak of light in the midst of your people.

Every need shall be met. I thank You Lord.”
It becomes like eating for you. You are not stressed. It is not something that looks like a burden.

The Spirit of prayer and supplication that helps the infirmities of men in prayer. You stand for one second (already dozing): No, that Spirit quickens your system.

You know it is the Spirit that quickens, the flesh profits nothing (John 6:63). So when the Spirit of God comes, He quickens your prayer life.

The Spirit of prayer and supplication quickens your prayer life back to what it should be.
Zechariah 12:10; 8:23
Every revival is accompanied with heavy weight prayer. There is the outpouring of the grace to pray.

Romans 8:26-27
Are you in a revival? Watch out for outbreak of revelations. Watch out for a fresh baptism for the Spirit of Prayer and Supplication. Those are the things that characterize everyone partaking of a move of the Spirit.
It’s one thing to be part of a movement, it’s another thing to be a partaker of that movement.

You can be a part and not be a partaker.
To be a partaker, these features must be what to hunt out for, what to look out for.

3. When going to Church becomes a way of life.
You don’t need to be reminded. Your heart is constantly panting for God’s presence “How amiable are thy tabernacles oh God”, David was saying (Psalm 84:1). I am longing for it (Psalm 84:2). You don’t push somebody in a revival. You don’t.
Psalm 84:3-4,7,10; Psalm 122:1
That is what happens when you are in a revival.
Acts 5:42 – daily in the Temple. They are just there.
Are you in a revival?
Watch out for access to higher realms of revelations.
Watch out for a new release of grace on your prayer altar.
Watch out for where your heart is finding his solace: whether in the House of God or hanging around friends that don’t know where they are going.
Somebody’s story is changing.
-No one will miss his steps here.
-You will not miss your step.
These are biblical proofs of being in a revival.


He has not asked the seed of Jacob to seek Him in vain (Isaiah 45:19). What is in a revival for the Believer?

1. God unleashes financial fortune in a revival and Nigeria is a case study:
You know where the Church was in Nigeria, in the 70s, in the early 80s. It was a pitiable assembly of people.

That painful proverb, “as poor as Church rat”, was a true description of the Church. You could have a Church building going on for 20 years. I saw one in my place. 20 years without completion.

All the powerful ministries were renting shops and sheds, in fact they called us mushroom Churches.

You know mushroom grows today and disappears tomorrow.

But when that move came and people’s hearts began to pant after God, the story of men began to change.

Remove the products of revival from Nigeria economy…, there is nothing remaining.
Let me say this and I am saying this very boldly:
The only thing remaining in Nigeria today are the investments of God’s people. The only one!
You know the other people are busy killing themselves. No plan, no purpose, no forward looking.

Check all the employment of labour today in this country, authentic, not manipulated stuff.

They are believers. Those are products of a revival. Unleashing financial fortune to advance His Kingdom.

That is why your Church will be building rural Churches and at the same time building the Ark and building every other thing that is coming around.

-Don’t miss your place in this thing.
You know why? Panting after God always bring a people into fortune.

Panting after God in truth and in deed (1 Corinthians 2:9, Matthew 6:33). When seeking the Kingdom becomes a lifestyle, there is access to your realms of financial fortune.

Haggai 2:8-9
God is looking for channels to push His silver and gold through in building His house. A heart for God is your covenant qualifier to become one of His treasurers, one of His channels for pushing out His resources to advance His Kingdom.

Zechariah 1:17; Matthew 24:14
It will take a lot of prosperity of the people of God to advance that. Money won’t drop from the sky, it flows through covenant practice. So covenant practitioners become His authentic channels through whom He channels His resources.

That is the way it works.
Have you not imagined before that God was asking them to bring offerings of gold…where did they get it from?

He gave it to them in Egypt and He was now going to use it to build His Tabernacle, so they began to bring.
Who dashed monkey banana? He gave them (Exodus 36:5).

They were servants, they were slaves, they were properties so they didn’t have any property themselves but He converted the wealth of Egypt to them so as to fulfill His eternal purpose.
Yet some held it, they won’t let go.
They said, “who is on the Lord’s side?” We are not on the Lord’s side, we will hold this gold (Exodus 32:26).

3,000 were slain, who won’t let go their gold (Exodus 32:28). They won’t let go their gold.
Now you will ask, “who gave it to them?” God
Why are you now hiding it from God?
Sir, if I didn’t, I will tell you this, I knew I will be super wealthy when I found Matthew 6:33.

I knew Solomon will not be an issue because what the Word says is that even Solomon in all his glory is not arrayed as one of them but seek ye first the Kingdom of God (Matthew 6:29-30).
-There are many, many financial giants rising in this Church.

-They are not going to rise on the platform of expertise or skill but their heart for God.

That everything about God turns them on naturally. They are not faking it, it is just them. It is just their life.

Sir, if I had a hundred Billion now, I don’t have any problem where to put it. I don’t have any problem where to put it Sir.

My eyes are all over the world to see how the Kingdom can keep flourishing but there are some if they have 2 Billion today, God won’t see them again and God knows. He knows everything.

He knows that if He gives that man 2 Billion today, that is all: he will marry another wife very fast. He will line up vehicles that he will never ride.
You may not even know that he is married because nobody will see the money. He will put it in his box and be running around.

-Somebody’s story is changing.
You haven’t seen anything yet. All this ‘eat and drink’, that is not prosperity, prosperity is ‘bless and bless’!!!
-That is the realm you are getting into.
But it is very important for all our detractors to hear: you have not seen prosperity, it is just coming. You haven’t seen prosperity yet, it is just coming and it is coming to you.

2. In a revival, our needs are supernaturally met (Luke 22:35).
You are on the go for God, He is committed to meeting your needs supernaturally.
Philippians 4:15-19
All your need: financial, material, health, family, social. All your needs are supplied supernaturally when you are in a revival and you are engaging with the demands of a revival. All your needs are supernaturally met.
-That is you.
I know that this revival season will mark the end of lack and want in all areas of your life by engaging with the demands of a revival.
Acts 4:44-45
That is the kind of wonders that take place. You see someone under pressure, you reach out to him with delight.
Not, “okay, this is miserable. Let’s assist him” – you reach out to him with delight.
Not one of them lacked, they were just out there. Their heart is after God, so it is after God’s people at the same time. They were just there ministering to one another. That is a revival.

-There are people here today that a time will come in your life where you provide shelter for a hundred people, 200 people and you are not feeling any heat. You are just enjoying it, that time is coming in your life.
By starting with one as you are able. Start with one.
-There are people looking at me here today, that you will build a whole estate to service the homeless, the challenged ones.

You know, it’s just dreaming big for God. Dreaming big for God and you find God bringing you into it when your dreams are genuine.

Bringing you into it, one step after another. One step after another. That is the way it works.

There is nothing that I am privileged to be doing today that I didn’t see yesterday. Church Gist. Nobody ever arrives at a future that he cannot see.

I could see God. I could see it coming.
When we started our Scholarship scheme, I won’t tell you how much it was. We called it scholarship because we should call it a name, otherwise there was nothing in it that would be a scholarship, but it is to help you anyway. Then it began to grow. I won’t consider a hundred Million now as scholarship. No, we have left that area.

I don’t steal ohhh, I don’t beg, I don’t take government money, I am just blessed. It begins somewhere. Start from where you are!

All these, “myself, me, my family”, you will be limited. You have a lot of opportunities around you, to advance your life as you open up.

Everybody that passed in front of Abraham’s house was entitled to entertainment, whether he knew them or not, until he entertained angels unaware and they announce the arrival of Isaac.
-Somebody is stepping into that.
The good news is, if you don’t do it, somebody else will and then takes the blessing. Someone else who did it will take the blessing.

-May your eyes be open to the needs of those around you and may you receive grace to respond at your level per time.

3. Divine health is the lot of everyone in a revival: every engaging believer in a revival.
Exodus 23:25-26
We have a health insurance package engaging in a revival:
Being on the go for Christ.
Praying Kingdom advancement prayers.
Reaching out for the lost.
Praying for them to be established in the faith.
Helping the helpless among the people.
You enjoy divine health in return
John 15:2
Every fruit bearing believer has committed God to keep them fit.

-I see you saying bye bye forever to every form of sickness and disease from today.
Say with me, “God never lies.”
Say with me, “My God is not a joker. He means what He says and He says what He means.”

Those 12 disciples were with Jesus, three and a half years, there was not one day break down: Arise, let’s go and everyone is going. Not that somebody is still at home, we are believing God for him to be well. They were on the go so He kept t hem fit to remain on the go. Has God changed? No.

Everyone on the Go for Christ is an Ambassador for Jesus (2 Corinthians 5:17-20; Proverbs 13:17)
A faithful ambassador is entitled to healthy living. You know why? The labourers are few, it is wisdom to keep fit the few labourers that there are. The labourers are few and He has gotten the few labourers.

So He has organized to keep them fit so as to keep them on the job (Matthew 9:37). To keep them fit so as to keep them on the job. He keeps them fit to keep them on the job.

It’s just simple logic. The labourers are few, you have gotten some few, keep them fit, keep them on the job so that the harvest will not be wasted.
That’s the secret of the health offer for everyone engaging in a revival. God is committed. Your acts of obedience commit God to being healthy.

-If anybody being plagued today by any sickness or disease, that attack goes back to sender. It is going back today, not tomorrow
In this Anointing Service, I see your health fully restored. The dry season over your health is over today.
The dry season over the health of your family members is over today.
The dry season over the health of your children is over today.
The dry season over the health of your spouse is over today.

The interesting thing is that every new creature is ordained an Ambassador for Christ (2 Corinthians 5:17-19). So when he keeps engaging in his office, he has committed God to keep him fit.
I see God keep you fit all the days of your life.

4. Every revival is a platform for the flow of the supernatural.
Being on the Go for Christ puts you naturally in command of the supernatural. Signs and wonders are now at your command. You are not begging the issues, you are simply declaring and commanding and they are responding.

Thank You Jesus!!
Maybe you remember that Stephen (Philip) was a deacon in Acts chapter 6 (Acts 6:8).

But you see the eruption of signs and wonders that came through Philip in Samaria (Acts 8:6).

It is not about the title, it’s about your positioning.
Signs and wonders began to follow them because that’s what God says will follow them.

Acts 8:6,8 – joy filled the city.
Every revival is a flow of the supernatural in the life of every engaging believer. A husbandman that laboureth is ordained to be first partaker of the fruits (2 Timothy 2:6).

Signs and wonders flowing through you, first blesses you because it is flowing you through.

A water bearing pipe cannot be complaining of thirst. The water is passing through it. It is after drinking what he needs to drink that the remaining passes.

Signs and wonders can’t be flowing you through, then you are stranded; NO, besieged: No.
You are a sign, so it flows through you and first imparts on you, then imparts on other people.
We need to carry that in our mentality.
-You will never be stranded anymore because the way forward at every crossroad is divine intervention and that is at your command when you are on the Go for Christ.
You will never be stranded again.


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