Examining the concept of Apostasy in the body of Christ.

Apostasy talks of a deviation from the truth, it talks of the error of shifting and drifting away from the original principles of God. Paul speaks about a generation and a time in the church age where there will be a prevalent manifestation of what he calls Apostasy 2 Timothy 3:1-17.

The Apostate church is that church that subtly begins to deviate from the doctrines and the principles of christ.

There are all kinds of Apostasy in our church every kinds of activity,there are many doctrines that many cycles and ministries in this country are imbibing,they teach it,they write books about it,these are erroneous doctrines that were sent from the pit of hell to deviate the focus of the church from the primary truth that it runs upon.

The church of christ needs rapid emergency attention,the church of christ has become a psychological hospital where the power and the grace of God has been replaced with therapeutic and psychological things,different kinds of things!

They are so many prophets and ministers deceiving the body of christ,Jeremiah 23:1&9 -19 they say all kinds of things that are not bore from the spirit of God but from the hunger of their belly.

The Apostate church!

Some of you belongs to these churches some enjoy what they do,they have taught us a lot of error,they have deceived a lot of God’s people right now everything in the church of the living God is money!

The front role of some churches is determined by how many money makers are therein your seed is equivalent to your faith.

There is a lot of deviation from the truth of God’s word and many of us have seen it we love it so much,we like a congregation that comes to massage our ill doings and the house of God has turned into a place of entertainment,what is going on in the body of christ?

How come we don’t have a voice that can rise to speak?

We laugh about all these things and it’s misleading us.
They are men and women in the body of christ whose job is to match-make people,the church of God has become a dome for people to look for contracts and all sort of things. The Bible says that a day will come when jesus christ will come to judge the whole earth,there are two kinds of judgment:

-A judgment that he who has not given his life to christ is already condemned, those ones won’t make heaven.

  • A judgment that will judge the works of men,it among those who are already believers.
    We must return to the pattern and order of the spirit if we want to be great. God is searching our hearts he doesn’t want us to be like the apostate church just like in some denominations that deals on all kinds of beliefs,so that we thread our destiny with care.

Many men of God are already building cabals,there is the cabals of the prosperous ones,cabals of handsome men of God and all groups many churches have now become business centres different kinds of anointing oils,different kinds of breakthrough handkerchiefs,different kinds of prophet mantles there line them before you while service is going on and they tell you to come and take according to your challenge am not saying you shouldn’t buy tapes but it should be on purpose.

The higher you grow in the spirit the more dependent you are in his word we must train a WORD carrying church! There is no guess work in the anointing, there is no guess work in the word of God!

The Apostate church! We need a generation of men and women that when they come to bribe you,you say no! A generation that will stand for peace and equity for God no matter what,the church has turned to a circular place where everyone that creates any album just jump on the stage we don’t know the difference between zion and babylon again, the sacredness and purity of the word of God and songs in the spirit. Come out from among them and be ye separate! See a desire to love God.

Can God make you a millionaire and yet see you advance his kingdom?

Be a true church!

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