Story of How Dr Paul Enenche and his Wife started in Ministry


“The month of May means so much to The Living Faith Church aka Winners Chapel as on May 1 and 2 1981, the dominion mandate was delivered in an 18 hour vision. Similarly, on May 29-31, Dr Paul and Becky were on a crossroad. They had to make a decision. They had three juicy employment offers. The salaries were mouth watering but the third was not just a job but a job in the UK with a scholarship for their masters degree. which would they choose?

Paul resorted to a mountain in Jos for 3 days with no food or water. Becky who was nursing their little child at the time could not join him but she too fasted from dawn till dusk three days 6-6 like we say inspite of her suckling baby! Sacrifice!

That led to the much told story but also a most awe-inspiring Turn Around Testimony of Dr & Dr Paul and Becky Eneche. First, God spoke to Paul Eneche on May 31st, 1996 at the mountain in Gana-Rop, Plateau State. God’s voice was as clear as a bell. The young doctor was to turn down all three juicy employment offers. Then he was also to resign his current employment as a medical doctor. His wife too was to resign her appointment. Both of them were to leave their 3 bedroom flat in Jos and relocate not to the familiar terrains of Benue State from where they both hailed and where it seemed Paul had attained a lot of notoriety in ministry but they were to both move to Abuja where neither of the couple knew a soul! But once in Abuja, they were not to get any other secular employment but were both to begin full time ministry. They were not to join Deeper Life where Paul had reclaimed his salvation or RCCG under whose G.O he had first been born again nor yet The Winners Chapel where his spiritual father was the founder. No! Not to join any other established church that might have offered some soft landing! They were to pioneer a new church! No sponsors, no missionary board or church back up!

You guessed it! The young man was thrilled but dazed! He’d done some drastic things yet but this one was going to make all previous radical steps a child’s play! His heart skipped a beat as weary and bony ( after three days with no food or water!) he headed home. Oh his darling Becky! Has there ever been such a submissive and supportive wife? How would she take the news? Their baby was but four months old. “I wish God would prepare her in some way! If I have ever needed her support, it is NOW!”

As usual, Dr. Paul entered his flat with a stern look. Becky couldn’t wait to welcome him back and the embrace was warm. She was all smiles, her sacrifice matching his as she too, in spite of nursing a baby had fasted 6-6 for three days! Paul was fumbling around trying to choose his words wisely. “I need to talk to you dear!” They both said it together. Then Becky, ever submissive to her husband backed down “Daddy, you go first. I will listen” Paul shook his head. “Ladies first!” He must have disguised his nervousness in a smile. Reassured Becky began “God spoke to me on the final day of my fast. Last night. He was plain. We are to shun all the three employment offers. We are both to quit our jobs and we are to relocate to Abuja to start a church there” Paul Eneche melted into tears! He clearly remembered praying to God “I want a wife who will go along not tag along. I want a wife like Gloria Copeland and Daisy Osborn who will complement me!” There is no doubt that that muted prayer have been answered in a most audible way! The future will continue to affirm that. But to think God has told his Becky word for word the very same things He told him miles away on the mountain at the outskirts of Jos! What better confirmation could one ask?

Becky was smiling through her own tears. ” You haven’t told me what God told you on the mountain” Paul Eneche shook his head finding it hard to believe it himself. ” Honey, God told me exactly the same things He told you. Word for word!”

There’s no price for guessing what happened next! They followed God’s word and moved into a miniflat in Abuja. Dunamis began November 1996 and it has been explosive!

Only God knows the price these leaders pay for the grace they enjoy. Don’t beef the glory till you hear the story. You too can be numbered if you pay the price…”

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