The number of chicken you start with doesn’t matter. You can begin with one, three or five chickens and end up being a millionaire when you do the following;

√. Analyse
You need to take time to investigate and analyse. Learn a few things on how to start and run it perfectly.

√. Understand The Risks And Rewards
Any business requires an entrepreneur to be a risk taker. As you investigate, get to learn the risks you will have to take and the rewards that will come there after.

√. Keep Records
This is one of the most important tools in any successful business. As you start, always keep detailed records of expenses and profits earned. Write all the equipments you’ve bought and any amount used in purchasing them. This helps you to understand your financial position and helps you to identify your strengths and weaknesses. Correct on the mistakes and maintain the strength.

√. Be Organized and Punctual
I always tell my clients and followers that this is not a lazy man’s business. You will have to organize your work well and be an early riser. You have to do things in the right time and perfectly. The chicken house need to be clean, they need continuous supply of enough clean water and proper feeds. Vaccinate them in time and prevent diseases. To manage on this, you also need to at least have a table of day to day activities so that you don’t forget any important activity to be carried out.

√. Be Creative
As the saying goes, Necessity is the mother of invention. Think on what other things you need to do as an individual to cut on the costs of keeping chicken. You can decide to make your own feeders, drinkers, and make your own feeds. Ensure that your compound is well fenced to barricade the predators from entering and causing loses. This will help in maximizing profits.

√. Be Patient and Forcused
You need to know what you want to achieve and always remember the old saying that ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day.’ Many people want to start making profits immediately they start without considering the factors they need to put in place so that they may reach there. Others give up while others start eating the eggs instead of being patient. Stay focused and achieve the best.

√. Accept Competition
Some people around you doing this business and many others may join after seeing yours. Don’t be jealous and selfish to give them information when they inquire from you.

√. Be Truthful and Prayerful

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