-Bishop David Oyedepo at 1st Service, Faith Tabernacle

God heals us through 4 main channels all by His Word.
1. God’s Word cures: He sent them to preach and to cure diseases (Luke 9:1).
That is God’s Word is medicinal.
“Speak the Word only and my servant shall be healed” and his servant was made whole that selfsame hour (Matthew 8:13)
Matthew 8:8-10, 13; Proverbs 4:20-22
He sent His Word and it healed them.
Luke 5:17
He was preaching and the power of God was present to heal. God’s power always accompany His Word to heal His people.
Matthew 4:23
The Word cures, the Word heals.
2. The Word repairs any damaged part of our body. That means the Word is surgical.
We saw God put Adam to sleep, took a rib out of him and with that rib, He formed a woman.
Genesis 2:21-22
He closed up the flesh, there was no sign, there was no Anesthesia. Jumped back and began to sing. I am the Lord, I change not.
Malachi 3:6, John 1:1
God is still carrying out surgical operations today by His Word. I did this teaching in London, in one of our Conference and a woman there, many years ago, had this waist challenge, caught the Word, went to bed and then 3 fellows like doctors appeared in the night. Drew some strands from her waist, yellowish spaghetti kind of stuff. Got up in the morning, for the first time, the chains were over. The Master Physician stepped in, the Master Surgeon stepped in.
I preached that in Kampala, Uganda one of those days and a woman that had a ghastly motor accident; was packaged like an image, she couldn’t move, all her ribs were broken, so they fixed her. She heard that Word and in the night, someone showed up, dressed in white, shook her chest. Got up in the morning, free for life.
The Word is surgical. It is sharper than any 2 edged sword, it is able to pierce through…and put it right (Hebrews 4:12).
God’s Word has power to repair any damaged part of our body.
That’s how blocked tubes are opened. He opens it up and then you are free.
God’s Word replaces any irreparable part. It has been damaged, so He steps in to replace!
Over damaged blood: He steps in to replace. So SS turn AA.
To replace means to create. God’s Word is creative. We saw that in Genesis chapter 1.
God said it and it happened.
God’s Word is creative. One of our daughters here, they removed her 2 ovaries and so, “you can’t have a child”: biologically diagnosed. He stepped in, her 2 sons graduated from Covenant University. No ovary!
The testimony from Japan, you remember. The man that lost 18 Kgs in 3 days because of a damaged heart. Then God stepped in, everything turned.
What? This is a brand-new heart. How? Replaced!
-Whatever has been over damaged in anyone’s life, my God will replace it right now.
Thank You Jesus!

Now the next level which is very vital is that God’s Word delivers (Psalm 107:20). That is the Word delivers from all oppressions of the devil. There are quite many health conditions that are not physiological, they are just demonic oppressions. Doctors search and search, can’t find! They can find, they don’t know the name of it. It’s just something from the blues. That is where Jesus steps in, where anybody…there is no source under heaven where anybody can be free
Philippians 2:10, Ephesians 1:21
Even death, the most stubborn demon bows to that name.
Go, heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, freely ye are given, freely give (Matthew 10:8).
All they saw was brain tumor and there was… this mystery that was planted into that innocent person: some bones, some bullet kind. Then the brain tumor disappeared. That is not brain tumor, that’s satanic oppression, there is no kind of surgery that can remove it except the power of God.
“In the name of Jesus, child live” and then we went to the airport: before we got to the airport. A shout, the child has come back to life.
That’s what happens! Every testimony of the dead being brought back to life is a rescue from the grave.
Ezekiel 37:11-13
It is part of the package in a revival.
Everyone appointed to death
Did you hear the testimony of that woman, they gave her 3 months to live. Jesus stepped in and rescued her from the grave.
If your case is not curable, it must be repairable. If it is not repairable, it must be replaceable. If it is not replaceable, it must be ‘rescue-able’
-You are coming out today by all means.
-You are coming out of that condition today by all means.
-You are coming out of that situation today by all means.

Here is the good news, every everlasting mountain, every perpetual hill that has been staring you in the face over the years must clear off today.
Give God thanks. Thank You Jesus.
Lord, help me to be a bona fide partaker of this Midst of the Year wave of glory.


James 5:15
-You are rising up from that sickness.
Check up with those doctors this week, they will tell you those things are no longer there.
Somebody was told it is too late, we can’t help your case anymore; then suddenly, God stepped in and ripped off the cancer of the mouth from the mouth. Woke up in the Morning, can’t find it anymore.
As you have decided to follow Jesus, to serve Him, no sickness is permitted to hold you down.
In America too late, in Europe too late. Jesus said that is my specialty, just commit yourself to me, I am committed to your wellbeing.
-For everyone whose heart is set to serve his or her God with all your heart, with all your soul, every chain of sickness and disease is broken off your life today.
The content of this vessel is hereby declared the Holy Anointing Oil, to destroy every yoke of sickness and disease; every oppression of the devil.
Diverse instant rescue now.
-Cancer is cursed from the roots.
-Loss of memory is fully restored.
-The plague of high blood pressure, hypertension, diabetes is cursed from the roots.
-Sickle cell anaemia is destroyed from the roots…
-Autism is cursed from the roots.
-Every conception hindering diseases and situations is overturned from the roots.
-Impotency is cursed from the roots in the name of Jesus.
-Nightmares are declared over.
-The torment of spirit husband, spirit wife is over forever and so shall it be.
-Ever manner of sickness, every manner of disease, migraines, stiffness of neck, heart problems, kidney problems, liver problems, back pain, waist pain, paralysis, strokes in the name of Jesus, you are all declared destroyed. In the name of Jesus Christ.
-Deafness, blindness, dumbness, stammering, I call them all destroyed in the name of Jesus. It is done, Thank You Lord.

…Anyone here, just take a seal on your forehead, sickness will run away from you; disease will run away from you.
-You will be shielded from all arrows of the wicked.
“Touch not my anointed” – that will be your new identity.
“And do my prophets no harm” – that will be your new calling.
In the name of Jesus Christ, so shall it be.
Begin to call anything you want to happen: tell that sickness, “you have expired. Today marks your end, you can’t go any further. By this anointing you are destroyed…”
Call it forth, it is only what you call that will answer!

-Your freedom is now. Your victory is now. Your triumph is now.
It’s the dawning of a new day for you. Every mark of the devil on your life is wiped off today by this anointing. It is from the altar. The altar of fire! Now take it!
Asthma is gone; hard breathing is gone; short breath is gone in the name of Jesus.
-You are shielded today. You are covered today. You are liberated today. You are set free today. Everybody, take it.
You are set to serve Him, He will not let you serve sickness or disease anymore. The battle over your health is over today! He will heal you supernaturally. Take it!

We await a huge harvest of undeniable testimonies this week.
The siege over your health is finally over.
Every appointment with death is finally scuttled.
The chains are broken and you have finally escaped.
That hereditary disease is finally over in the name of Jesus.

Here is this strategy: Morning and Evening Raid
8 to 10 am for the classes of people earlier mentioned: the aged, the Senior Citizens, in our various facilities. We just pray, we have our prayer bulletins to pray with. God’s manifest presence.
We will be praying for massive influx of souls into the Kingdom. All those things answer to prayers.
Then 5 to 6 pm.
For everyone called unemployed, Let Jesus employ you and no employer will reject you.
In the course of this, many of you will have international jobs.
…How well you start will determine how well you finish. This is the start up week. Give it a great start and see how God will honour you in all respect.
As long as you can eat, you can pray.
Good news, by the help of God, we have reached 11,978 new cells this year. Give the Lord praise and that’s how they will be clapping for you this year.
-Everybody involved in our way or another, as a house provider, as a Minister, as an Assistant, that’s how you will be receiving ovation this year.
In your business: ovation; over the lives of your children: ovation; over your career: ovation.
-You will be hearing congratulations every step of your journey in the name of Jesus Christ.
Next strategy: make sure you get them to the Cells, get them to the Zone.
-Because you have decided to serve Him, you will not serve the devil.
-You will not serve failure.
-You will not know stagnation.
-You will never be stranded again.
So shall it be. Go in peace, return with abundance of testimonies.

The good news is that at the end of this season, this Church has jumped to double where we are today, as jumped to minimum double to where we are today. Give Him thanks everybody.


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