-Dr David Oyedepo at Week of Spiritual Emphasis Day 2
*Wickedness is everywhere, Get empowered!

No one like our God. He says it and He does it. He’s never known to disappoint, ever faithful, ever sure.
Lift up your two hands and celebrate the faithfulness of Your God. He abides faithfully, He cannot deny Himself. Give Him glory and praise. Thank You Jesus.

Now ask Him to speak to you tonight everyone. Jesus I want to hear from You. One of the blessings of fasting is outbreak of revelation. Lord show me the things that I do not know. Open my eyes to behold wondrous things out of Thy law. Lord I desire a breaking forth of light in my life tonight.
Isaiah 58:8
Thank you Lord in Jesus precious name we have prayed.

Your Word says after two days You will revive us, Lord cause a great revival here tonight. Let the dry bones live again. Turn these dry bones into a mighty host. Thank You in Jesus precious name.
This midst of the year will establish this prophetic Word in the life of every single one of us.

  • The kind of turnaround that will turn you to a surprise to yourself is just at the door.
  • May each one receive grace to grab this opportunity with everything inside us because He never lies.


We serve a God of times and seasons and He makes all things beautiful in His time. When we miss our time of visitation we become victims of frustration and devastation. When a farmer misses his planting season, He is out to beg during the next harvest season.
Luke 19:44

  • You and your household will never know devastation.
  • You’ll never suffer frustration.
    The midst of the year is ordained the time of divine visitation which is the only cure for frustration and devastation. So grab this time of visitation with your heart and your two hands and your two legs and run with it.
    For everything under the sun there’s a time and a season.
    Habakkuk 3:2
    “In the midst of the year I will level out all embarrassing mountains harassing your life and clear of all perpetual hills on your path, I will make your feet like hinds feet and get you up upon your high places”. Those are all packages that accompany the revival.
    No human effort in any other field of endeavor can guarantee that. So grab this with your two hands and expect the turnaround God to show up in your life. Nothing may seem to be working around you now but like a dream of the night He opens the Heavens. That’s what you will experience.
    It is a platform for commanding signs and wonders. A revival is a season of massive salvation and unprecedented ingathering of souls into the Kingdom and into Church.
    This is exemplified in the first revival that broke out in the upper room. The first evidence of massive salvation of souls. 3,000 were added to the Church. Signs and wonders came along.
    Acts 4:4
    Revival is after harvesting of souls into the Kingdom and preserving those souls in Church. Can I hear your amen?
    Acts 6:7
    Every revival is validated by massive salvation of souls into the Kingdom and unprecedented ingathering of souls into the Church. Light is sweet. Come over here.
    A revival is not jumping and shouting. Joy and rejoicing is a part of revival. Praise God.
    Psalms 85:6
    Revival stirs joy and joy fills the city. Thank You Jesus.
    Like we all know harvest time is always accompanied with joy.
    Jeremiah 5:24
  • You won’t run out of joy all through your life.
    Everyone in a revival leaves rejoicing. They call it joy unspeakable, full of glory.
    We saw that awesome ingathering in
    Acts 13:44.

Almost the whole city gathered together to hear the Word of the Lord. That’s a revival. That’s what defines a revival. It’s not signs and wonders for the sake of it.

  • No one will miss his place in this awesome Prophetic revival season.
  • As the Lord lives you will end up with a testimony of accessing your high places.
  • Something will turn and turn in your favour like a dream of the night.
    There is favour, there is fearful favour.
    Psalms 102:13-15
    Fearful favour is what attends to anyone that takes genuine pleasure in advancing the Kingdom of God. Do you know how much the world fears your Church? Fearful favour.
  • That’s what you’ll be baptized with at the end of this revival season.
    Now we discover that soul winning is a Covenant platform for commanding the supernatural. God wants all men to be saved.
    1st Timothy 2:4
    He does not want any to perish.
    2nd Peter 3:9
    Why? Hell is not meant for man but for the devil and his angels.
    Matthew 25:41
    But at the same time He knows that there are some that will never believe except they see signs and wonders.
    John 4:48
    Signs and wonders is ordained an effective sickle of harvest that will reap those who will hear by the Word and will reap those who will never hear without signs. So it’s a multifaceted sickle of harvest. Praise God.
    That’s what makes soul winning a Covenant platform for commanding signs and wonders.
    Mark 16:15
    The people on the go are ordained to be in command of signs. “These signs shall follow them that believe. In my name they shall cast out devils”. Praise God.
    You’re never empowered to sit down, you’re empowered to get on the go for souls.
    God hates waste, He will not empower sit down believer, He empowers believers that are on the go. What I say to one, I say to all. So “Go to all the world”, He said to all. For those on the go, signs will follow them. They will be in command of signs.

1980 we were out in a crusade and then there was this mad man that God delivered the previous night but the devils came back in him and they turned very violent in our camp and so the men of muscles were holding him down with their strength and they sent for me. I said what’s the problem? I went there. What are you doing here?

All the devils left. It’s accompanies everybody on the go. You’re on the go, signs and wonders are at your command. You’re genuinely on the go after souls to see them saved not to have a number. Those who needs signs to believe, He ordains the signs in your hands.
Signs and wonders are at the command of men and women on the go, their age not withstanding. Their experience not withstanding. It just follows them. You’re on the go, you’re equipped to command signs. Can I hear your loudest amen?
Acts 9:32-36

For everyone who is determined to get on the go for Jesus, your level of the command of the supernatural shall be upgraded in this season.

There are people who will say in Jesus name three times before anything happens.

There are those that say Jesus and then flight. There are levels of authority and that grows with your going. It grows with my going. It doesn’t come to decorate you. It’s not for decoration. It’s for manifestation.

Empowerment in the Kingdom is not for decoration. Amen. You know there are many apostles in town. There are many prophets with all titles. Titles are open. You can plug in to anyone. You can be a security of this Church and become a Bishop tomorrow. It doesn’t change it.
For anyone to grow in his level of spiritual authority, he must be passionately on the go. The purpose for empowerment. “You shall receive power after the Holy Ghost is come upon you and You shall be witnesses unto me”.

Matthew 10:1-7
Do you know how many members of this Church has been engraced to raise the dead?

You know it’s not by my title and your title. It’s about getting on the go for Jesus. You’re empowered to raise the dead, to cleanse the lepers, to heal the sick. All manner of sicknesses and diseases. Jesus Christ is here. It’s not about the title, it’s about being on the go for Jesus. Somebody’s story is changing.

That is a personal asset sir. So you’re attacked by any devil, “stop there”. Yes sir. Children being attacked, “stop that nonsense”. Business under stress, “enough is enough”. Reports back to who sent them. It’s not just for reaping the harvest, it’s for securing your life and fulfilling your glorious destiny by gaining higher levels of Spiritual authority. My God.

There was this story told by Dr T.L Osborn of blessed memory when my wife was in the US and was recuperating. He said he went to our home and said he saw the devil standing and one demon just strayed and was going towards our home the devil said to him, “stop that, don’t go there”.

He said while the devil was busy and was trying to organize his wicked acts somewhere else another demon was straying and the devil said “I’ve warned you, don’t go that place”. There is a level you get to that your house is a terror. My God. And he said “This attack will come twice but it’s a lost battle. Amen.
Can’t you see it’s a lost battle? Lost forever.
It changes your level of spiritual authority. All these they’re chasing me, they’re running after me, one with from my fathers house, witches are everywhere, they’re not only in your father’s house. They’re in the street where you’re living, they’re next door to you. They house you built so you can be free, they built one next to it. They’re the ones you’re buying things from in the market. Can you be planting tomato, planting pepper? So the head of witches in your area is the one selling pepper to you. So what are you going to do? You just need to be robed with power.
The whole world is in wickedness, not your mother’s house or your father’s house. If you like run to China they’re there. Come back to Europe, you’ll meet them. Come back to Lagos and vow not to go to your village, they’re in Lagos. There is nowhere to run to sir. Just get empowered and then you’ll stay secured. Can I hear your loudest amen?
I went to Ife many years back and then I overtook a woman. Her eyes were blazing. You know there are quite many witches in that place. Amen. So I parked at a filling station to fuel. She said how will I overtake like that, “You’ll never get to where you’re going. I said “as soon as I get there you will know, one of us will get to where we’re going,I will get there. There’s no way you’ll get there”. When you tell me I won’t get to where I’m going, your generation will regret that statement. I blocked her straight and took the car like Elijah’s chariot. See any devil, run over him. Did you get there? That’s why I’m here. Common give the Lord praise.
We know that we have God.
Witches don’t need visa, they just fly for free. There is no immigrant law that can catch them.

  • No one shall be a minced meat for the devil anymore.
    Special miracles, draftings multitudes from across the nations all over Asia.
    Acts 19:8-12
    Unstoppable manifestations. There is no comparing effectiveness of the sickle of signs and wonders with anything. Every passionate soul winner is ordained a commander of signs and wonders. Paul the Apostle, “Woe is me if I preach not the gospel”. “I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ”.
    Romans 8:1-5
    Every passionate soul winner is ordained a commander of signs and wonders.
    Acts 14:8
    Yes it’s for the advancement of the Kingdom of God but for the security, preservation and decoration of your destiny. You’re doing yourself all the good sir by growing in your level of spiritual authority.
    Mark 6:7
    Power is given to those who volunteer to go. It’s your right to be empowered to command signs.
    Luke 9:1-6
    So when you’re out on the go, He gives you power and authority over all devils to cure diseases.
    Luke 10:1-8
    We’re carriers of peace. Amen. You’re empowered to manifest what you preach. So go with the consciousness of being empowered. It’s clear from here that signs and wonders are not for show. They’re for salvation of souls.
  • It’s a new day in your life.
    Your going will be rough without being empowered.

Have you ever wondered that all men and women in the old testament that operated in the supernatural were simply people that were passionate for God and for His people. Did you see how Abraham was praying for Sodom and Gomorrah? That made him God’s friend. He was a lover of souls. You saw Moses said “no, though I’m a general in the army of Pharoah I cannot let this affliction continue”.

He chose to suffer affliction with God’s people than to enjoy the pleasure of sin for a season. Undying passion to see the afflicted rescued. He gave Moses the command of the supernatural. There was no prophet that rose in Israel like unto Moses.

Think of Daniel who could not be eaten up by lions. Passion for God.
Unbending passion.
Think of Nehemiah.
What is a cup bearer doing thinking of how to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem?
How will he do it? What does he have?

Rain is not in view without a cloud forming. Many people saw some rainfall many years back. They have seen another rain fall in their life. Why? The cloud has cleared and they’re not interested in filling it. So they’re in a drought, in a dry season. A number of people in this Church are perpetually in their raining season.

They’re like a watered garden because they’re constantly filling their cloud.
Lift up your two hands, grace for sustainable passion for souls, pray it upon your life. I receive it tonight. Thank You Father and blessed be Your name in Jesus precious name. Give the Lord a revival provoking clap of praise.

Hallelujah. Give Him a shout of victory.

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