Happy birthday my shugaaaa😍@officialdavidoyedepojnr! Oh how I love thee!

So wise.
So calm.
So gentle.

So sweet.
So peaceful.
So humble.

So simple.
So loyal.
So sincere.

So content.
So disciplined.
So faithful.

Your life fills my heart with so much joy.
Your meek and quiet spirit is a treasure.
Your sweet friendship refreshes my soul! I consider myself HIGHLY PRIVILEGED to be part of your life’s calling!

Abba Father bless you, keep you, and satisfy you with a long & healthy life as He takes you to higher heights and deeper realms in Him.

Be strengthened with might by His Spirit in your inner man, warrior! On this journey of life, you will never fail nor be discouraged in the name of Jesus Christ. AMEN!

Yes… I love you deeply and I’m so grateful for the gift of you, PDO!

Beloved friends, celebrate this Man of Honor and shower him with your heartfelt prayers, love and blessings. Wishing you God’s best!

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