Bishop David Oyedepo at 1st Service, Faith Tabernacle

  • 27th May 2021 was Children’s Day.
  • None of you will break the hearts of your parents.
    Shall we lift up our two hands to heaven and give God thanks for the last Sunday of another month.
    Thank Him again for how He has kept and preserved you and your household.
    Give Him thanks for putting food on your table, cloth on your body, a shelter under which you live.
    Give Him thanks for your going out and your coming in all through the month up until this point.
    Lift up your two hands everyone and give Him thanks. It’s not by your power nor by my power, we are where we are by the grace of God.
    We have what we have by the grace of God.
    We live where we live by the grace of God.
    We are on our feet today by the grace of God.
    Thank You Jesus. In Jesus precious name we have given thanks.
    We’ll like to release a Word of blessing upon the children, 27th of May was Children’s Day.
    -None of the Children that belong to this family shall die young.
    -Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, we thank You for all of the children You have blessed us with in this Church family, receive our thanks in the name of Jesus.
    -I proclaim each and every one of them blessed today including those that are not here right now. I declare them all blessed.
    -Lord, I pray your covering over them against all satanic assaults.
    -I declare them sickness free, disease free.
    -I declare them positioned far above kidnappers, far above witches and wizards.
    -I declare that each of them shall fulfill their glorious destiny.
    -I decree that they grow in the fear and the knowledge of the Lord.
    -I pray that from childhood, their hearts shall be there for you.
    -I release the spirit of excellence on their lives.
    -You shall all excel in your studies.
    -None of you will break the hearts of your parents.
    -You will love God far more than your parents in the name of Jesus Christ and so shall it be.
    -You are blessed of the Lord today.
    -You will sing your song all through life.
    -None of you shall be buried by your parents.
    -None of your parents will know your burying place.
    -You will live longer than your parents in the name of Jesus Christ and so shall it be in Jesus precious name.
    For keeping watch over our children till date, give the Lord a big hand of praise.



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