Salem Samson at Salvation Ministries, Home of Success on the topic “Raising Kingdom Stars”.
(Children’s Day Service)
To raise means to move to a higher position or level.
Kingdom means the spiritual realm through which God reigns as King or the fulfillment on earth of God’s will.
Star means a very famous or talented person.
Raising Kingdom stars entails moving to a higher position and being a famous, talented person, whilst fulfilling God’s will on earth.
All our children will fulfill the will of God on earth.
God wants every child to emerge as a star. Matthew 5:14. Revelation 22:16.
As God sent Jesus, so as He sent the children.


As Kingdom stars we have been endowed with authority and ability to succeed. Psalm 115:16.
Every child can succeed if you use your authority, every adult can succeed when we use our authority.
Adam didn’t fail because the devil had power, Adam failed because he didn’t use his authority against the devil. Luke 10:19. Matthew 10:1.
As children of God, we have been created to live in victory and our victory will emerge in the Mighty Name of Jesus.
To live in victory as children of God, there are some things we must do. We must also do our part in utilizing or using the authority that God has given to us.

  1. Build your faith on God’s Word. Build your faith as parents, as guardians, as the children leaders, every child build your faith on the Word of God.
    Numbers 23:19. Trust God’s Word because His Word cannot fail. It is your faith in God that causes you to profit from God’s Word. Hebrews 4:2.
    God’s Word can deliver to you all the blessings you desire. The quality of life that you live will be determined by your faith.
    Papa has told us before that faith is a spiritual currency in any country that you are.
    Everyone of us can have faith because God has made faith available to everyone.
    God has told us how to get faith, the Bible says faith cometh by hearing and hearing again by the Word of God. So as parents, guardians and children leaders we must hear God’s Word on a daily basis. Make your children part of the Word.
    Get your children involved because the only way they can have faith is through the Word of God. As adults when you pray, make your children part of it, when you want to study, make them part of it.
    Encourage them, teach them to pray for themselves at times. There was one day I was on call and two of my children were playing, one said my stomach is paining me and the other was insisting that “Play with me, play with me”. She insisted my stomach is paining me and the other laid hands on her and that is how play continued.
    Don’t lie to your children, if you lie to them, it would be difficult for them to believe you. When you tell them the truth, it makes it easy for them to believe.
    Don’t abuse them or make them feel inferior.
  2. How to use the Name of Jesus in prayer. The Name of Jesus is not a punctuation in prayer. The Name of Jesus has been given to us to use.
    We don’t pray to the Father through the name of Jesus, we pray to the Father in the Name of Jesus. John 16:24. Jesus has given us the legal rights to use His Name so when you pray to the Father in the Name of Jesus, it is as though He is the one praying because He has given us the permission to use His Name.
    Act 3:16. Parents, guardians, children leaders, teach children to use the Name of Jesus in prayer.
  3. Understanding the person of the Holy Spirit. The Holy spirit is not wind, fire, water. The Holy spirit is not a dove or a feeling. The Holy spirit is the third person of the trinity. 1 John 5:7. The three of them are one in purpose. The Holy Spirit is a person. Papa has told us that He is the closest one to us.
    Even though the Holy spirit is there, you need to ask Him for help for Him to manifest.
    As parents and guardians, ask the Holy Spirit for the right thing to teach them.
    Engage the Holyspirit, ask Him what he wants you to become in the future.
  4. Learn to create things with the Word of God. John 1:3. As children of God, we can create what we desire through the Word of God.
    In creating what you desire, you must do three quick things;
  • Locate what the Word of God has said about that situation. Proverbs 4:20. When you stay on the Word of God, the Word of God becomes live and real to you.
  • Accept what you have located as the truth. You must believe the Word of God, God’s Word cannot be debated, reviewed or altered.
  • You must speak the Word of God boldly and confidently.
    Release your faith by speaking the Word of God. 2 Corinthians 4:13.
    Parents you can speak what you desire in your child through the Word of God. Anoint them before they go to school, declare God’s counsel over them, declare that they will become mighty. All the things you want to see, shape their lives through God’s Word.
    Also children, use the Word of God to create what you want to see. Speak your expectation in line with God’s Word and it will surely come to pass in Jesus Name. Amen.

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