How To Waybill Grasscutter to your Buyers in Long Distance


Grasscutters are hysterical animals so when sending them out to your buyers it is important that you take the following into

1. Aeration:
It is important that whatever container you will use to transport them must have proper aeration so that they will not suffocate inside the transport box.

2. Comfortability:
If you send Grasscutter on a long journey and the box is not comfortable, by comfortable I mean that the animal does not have space to stand or turn 180 or 360 degrees. When they arrive their destination, they might be paralysed temporarily. This may even lead to a culled animal.

3. Distance:
Where you are sending the animal to is important because if you
are sending the animal to a far distance then it is important to plan for any
unforeseen circumstances like the vehicle breaking down or arriving late at night
or very early in the morning when you might not be able to come to the park and pick them up.

4. Transport Company: Remember that you do not have control over the transportation
arm of this business except you are doing the deliveries by yourself. If you are using third parties to make the supply ensure that they can be trusted to
take care of your animals in case of any eventuality.

During the lockdown, I sent animals to Port-harcourt but due to
the checkpoints on the road and the lockdown, the animals spent about 3 days on the road. When they finally arrived, they were all dead. A caring driver would have tended to those animals while they were on the road but this one felt it wasn’t his job and it lead to the death of those animals.

A good transport company with good drivers will take the time to feed those animals and also provide them with fresh air to avoid them suffocating.

Here is what to do to ensure that your supply arm of Grasscutter farming is top notch.

1. Use Comfortable transport boxes:
A lot of farmers do not care about the type of box they use to supply their animals. There own is to get paid, load your animals into cramped boxes and ship them out as if they are canned sardines. Take the time to produce boxes that
are airy and spacious enough to allow the animals to turn and stand well on all four legs.

You can either use wooden boxes with appropriate openings or you can use empty water gallons (like the one in the image below) and just make appropriate openings on it.

2. Put enough grasses for the journey:
Ensure that the animals have enough grasses to sustain them on long journeys. This is important as most drivers will not feed them for you.

Know that and know peace.

3. Don’t put aggresive animals in the same box:
Don’t do that as it will lead to squabbles which might ultimately lead to body injuries that might be life threatning. Use multiple cages for animals that are aggressive. You can make 2 in 1 cages for this purpose. It doesn’t tell well about your business when your buyer receives their animals and they have wounds all over their bodies.

4. Have more than 1 transport company:
Don’t rely on one transport company for your supplies because they will definitely fail you on some of the days you might need them the most. I am telling you this out of experience.

I had an experience where animals were dropped off at the park to be waybilled.

Can you imagine that it took 3 days for those animals to leave the park😂?

You don’t have control over supplies sometime so always have a backup plan for supplying animals that you sell.

Endeavor to build a good relationship with them as this will go a long way in lubricating the engine of the business relationship.

5. Carry the buyer along:
Always carry the buyer along during the supply process. Ensure that they know every detail they should know as the supply starts. Use their no for the waybill so that the driver can communicate with them directly. Ensure to send them the driver or company’s number so that they always communicate with them in the course of the supply.

Finally advise your buyer to put a good amount of grasses in the Grasscutter cages before they introduce the Grasscutters so they they can have a place to hid immediately they enter.

Some Grasscutters without this strategy will start hitting themselselves on the cages in a bid to escape once they enter their new cage thereby causing psychosomatic problems for them.

Take care of your Grasscutter Logistics today so that your animals will tell good tales about you when they get to their new homes.

I hope this post helps you.


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