WHO ARE YOU? – Pastor Paul Enenche

-Pastor Paul Enenche
*You have been with that phone for donkey years, it didn’t change your life.
*You need to shut down everything
*Settle the question of ‘Who are you? with God
*The enemy always tries to undermine great destinies with great battles.
Topic: Moving from who you used to be to who you are meant to be: The Jacob experience.
Whatever you eat, eats you up effortlessly. As my wife was preaching, I remembered that we left everything in Jos. We just came here. We left everything like Abraham.
We forgot that we didn’t have a house for over 13 years. Today, the number of people that are really sold out and lost in God… many people are out for what God can do.
Please, don’t just go to church, be lost. Let even the enemy know that this one has lost his senses for God. And it shows, it definitely shows.
Genesis 32:24-28.
Tonight, I will be speaking on the topic, moving from who you used to be to who you are meant to be: The Jacob experience.
Jacob is an example of someone who moved from where he used to be to where he was meant to be. In one night, Jacob disappeared and Israel appeared. In one night, a person disappeared and a nation appeared.
Many times we have a perverted understanding of who Jacob was.
Who was Jacob?

  1. Jacob was a man loved by God. Romans 9:13.
    Many may ask why would God say He hates one child over the other while they were still in the womb. The answer is very simple;
    God who knew the end from the beginning, He knew who Esau would be. He knew that Esau was an unreliable personality that was not going to carry out a trans-generational blessing. He knew the diligence of Jacob.
  2. Jacob was a man of deep understanding and value for spiritual heritage and covenant. Genesis 25:31-32.
  3. Jacob was a man of altars and sacrifices. Genesis 28:18-22. He was a man who raised sacrifice frequently. A man of vows. He was a man of prayer. It means he understood giving.
  4. Jacob was a man of aggressive diligent labour. Genesis 31:41-42
    There may be people like that who have been like Jacob yet your potentials have not been released.
  5. Jacob was a man connected to divine direction and guidance. He wasn’t a man that move by random motion. Genesis 31:11-13.
    Maybe you are here today and you have received direction from the Lord and you have received clearance from God but it seems like your potential has not been released, tonight is your night.
  6. He had a warring and fighting spirit. He was not a man that would never agree to assume second position. Genesis 35:22-23.
  7. Jacob was a man of creative ideas and divine inspiration. Genesis 30:37. Jacob was not lazy, he was not a dullard but the enemy seemed to be undermining the greatness of Jacob.
    Let me say something to you tonight, whenever your destiny is great, the enemy will attempt to undermine great destinies with negative battles.
    I am following God to the best of my knowledge and I am doing this and doing that. That was the case of Jacob.
    Many of the things we used to hear about Jacob were very negative.
    Jacob wasn’t such a terrible person but some things were wrong. There were battles, these are the battles that necessitated Jacob to move from who he was to who he was meant to be.
    What Were the Battles?
  • He battled with perennial struggles.
    Struggles that started from the womb.
    Jacob was battling with generational curses.
    Tonight, everything that is a limitation to whom you are meant to be, fighting you from your father’s house, fighting you from your lineage, tonight the curse is broken!
  • He battled with the wrong label. Genesis 25:26. The meaning of Jacob, they call it hill catcher, supplanter, a cunning person, a swindler. He battled with that wrong label. That name and identity followed him.
    There are people here today, despite all you have done, everything that is good in your life, there is still that identity that is not correct but as we saw in the morning, there shall be corrected tonight.
  1. He battled with questionable character. Genesis 27:21-25. This is the worst.
    Isaac asked, are you my very son Esau? and Jacob said yes. This lie followed him for 21 years.
    After 21 years, the angel of the Lord asked, what is your name? You were asked and you said Esau, that is, until we settle this matter, your destiny will not open up.
    You have an identity matter that must be settled. There is something that you said 21 years ago that must be corrected if you must change level. There are people here that God is saying to you, something must be settled. You must go before God, settle certain issues.
    I remember a young lady came to me some years ago and she said I should pray on her CV bearing date of birth 1975 and I look at this girl, she was born in 1967. I knew her age, maybe she forgot. I look at the CV and said, “is this your age?”
    You want me to ask the God of Heaven to bless a lie? This is where something must break tonight. The character was questionable that it entered the moral area.
    We saw how Jacob suffered to pay the bride price of Leah and Rachael but there was nothing said about the two concubines. They were house helps that gave birth to children for him without no formality. There was nothing legitimate, nothing legal. The illegality continued until his first born son slept with one of the women that was not legally married.
    It was an explosion and eruption. That was the worst thing about Jacob. He had light that coexisted with darkness.
    That was the worst thing about Jacob, he had light that co-existed with darkness. He wasn’t a bad person, just that bad things happened through him.
    There are people here in church who do deals, they go to buy stuff for the church and agree with the seller to add price to the original price…and God says this is the Jacob, there is no prayer you can pray for this Jacob until he answers the question “What is your name?”
    You have a great future but you did business in church and diverted 1million and God says remain where you are with that 1million. I have the power to give you 1billion but you have eaten your future.
    Mind you, I told you that Jacob was a man loved by God. A man of sacrifices.
    There are people that no matter how much they fast, don’t tempt them with money. There are people battling with lies, some massive immoral values.
    There are single girls and single men that approach people inside church.
    You have a great destiny but God is saying, who are you?
    The admission of reality is the foundation for reality.
    This was Jacob and he must cross that barrier, that boundary for him to finally step into that realm that God wants him to be.
    What is the issue that has coloured your identity, is it money, women, lies, an addiction? There is a Glory ahead but there is an issue that can limit the glory.
    What is your name means who are you? What is your character and what are your tendencies?
    God is a loving father who won’t throw you away with the bathing water. He knows that the brightness in you is greater than the darkness so He wants to carry you and remove the darkness.
    God is saying, let us straighten out the matter tonight and when we straighten it out, you will cease to be who used to be to who you are meant to be.
    What Happened to Jacob Before the Change Manifested?
  2. He decongested his life to be alone with God. Tonight you can decongest your life.
    Many of us are so busy yet life is still not easy. Activity, activity and God is saying slow down. Many of you, God is waiting for you in your closet, in your quiet time. What if Jacob was not left alone? He would have died as Jacob. Many of us, God is waiting for you in the closet; waiting for you in your quiet time. If Jacob was not left alone, imagine it. He would have died as Jacob, Israel would never be born. He would have died as the person he used to be.
    We have an early morning prayer session, beyond that on your own, from time to time, you shut down everything, shut down your phone. There are people that cannot even rest from phone even inside the Church. You shut down. You have been with that phone for donkey years, it didn’t change your life. You shut down everything. You shut down everything.
    He decided to be left alone with God.
  3. He decided to fight it out. He refused for the things to continue the way they were. There is somebody tonight that must decide to fight it out. Things must change in my life, things must change in my destiny. Genesis 32:24-28.
  4. He decided to give up who he used to be. He decided to face reality.
    Only a person who wants to die hides his symptoms from the doctor;
    “Do you have any problem?”
    “No how can I have a problem?”
    “Have you drank alcohol before?”
    “No God forbid,” meanwhile he is a major drunkard.
    “Do you have any hypertensive person in your family?”
    “Then why did you come?”
    “Just check me.”
    Meanwhile there are hardened criminals who come and bare everything before the doctor.
    In the same manner, you come in and give up who you used to be both in terms of character and destiny.
    There are people who tell lies until they forget the last thing they said, the last lie they told.
  5. He decided to give up his strength in order to connect divine power. Genesis 32:25.
    Anything that can make you boast, surrender it. Whatever you think is your achievement, whatever you think you have amounted to, give it up and God will give you what you lack, He will give you what you don’t have.

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