Pastor Paul Enenche makes Clarification on the Acquisition of Private Jet


He said we do not need to buy or acquire an equipment before we can own it.
We want to appreciate all our wishers for wishing us well in the journey of our life and Ministry.

We became aware of certain fake news flying in the air regarding our purported acquisition of a private jet, and we would like to make the following points clear:

1. The possession of a private jet for the purpose of easy, stress-less and aggressive spread of the gospel is not a luxury but a basic and vital necessity. 

2. By God’s grace, we do not lack the capacity to acquire or own a private jet for the sake of the gospel.

3. However, the news of our acquisition of a private jet that is currently making rounds is absolutely false and totally untrue.Having said the above, it is important to note the following for the records. 

The picture of the jet making rounds is that of an aircraft, N838BB HAWKER 800XP (HS25), belonging to a private aviation company that was chartered in December 2019 for a series of crusades in Benue State.

Our Position on the acquisition or ownership of a private Jet:
1. If the private jet is an equipment for kingdom assignment, then it cannot be considered an achievement. Though congratulations for a worthy feat is natural, especially among loved ones and well wishers, it is not necessary in this case. After all, who was ever congratulated for buying a microphone with which to preach the gospel? 

Nobody was ever congratulated for buying a Bible, a keyboard, amplifiers, speakers, drum sets or other sound and crusade equipment for kingdom assignment.

So, it is pointless to send congratulatory messages for what is a basic work tool for kingdom evangelistic assignment. 

2. The greatest congratulations we would ever like to receive is from our Master at the end of the journey for souls won, lives transformed and destinies changed in the course of our assignment on the earth with the statement: “Well done, thou good and faithful servant.”

3. We do not need to acquire or buy an equipment before we can own it.

4. We have the capacity to announce by ourselves, whatever we deem news-worthy. 
God bless you all, and may the peace of the Lord abide with you as you stay faithful and remain committed to the truth.

This is the truth! Take it and spread it.

Culled from Dr Pastor Paul Enenche’s Page

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