5 Things You need to be Successful in Life

Nigeria is one of the best place you can ever be around the world, the country is so blessed by God in differs ways, we cannot mentioned it all, too many benefits and potential in this dear Country. Like every other part of the world, Nigeria has her own troubles and challenges as a Nation, war outbreak, protest and Leadership challenge (which is a major concern). But as a Nigerian, there are many ways to stay successful in this country, as a matter of fact, Nigeria is doing better than many other nations across the world today in many aspects, so don’t be bothered and depressed by the insecurity challenge and troubles that is predominant in this part of the World, you can still succeed in the same Country, as many others have been successful.

There are any things that have served as pitfalls for Nigerians both of great caliber and the young ones or ordinary man, I will address them this article, so that you know how to avoid them, knowledge keeps people from falling and from destruction also, that is why I will be sharing many things to both avoid and to do in Nigeria if you truly desire to be successful.

5 Things to Take Note when you are in Nigeria;

  1. You Must be Prayerful: Yes! You need to be prayer, there are many bad circumstances that happen predominantly that are way beyond what anyone can really control, and even the government can be so helpless at some situations, so if you want to be a victor and not a victim in Nigeria, be prayerful! Prayer will literally help you avert evil, it will keep evil far away from your house an your household, there are many wicked forces in Nigeria, that are bent on destroying everything, I have met people during counseling that opens up to me; how that, nothing is working in their life, “They are tired and frustrated” the only way to win over such frustration is to pray! I was born in Nigeria, and have seen forces held people down and they are unable to rise up to their destiny, the only weapon to deploy against those forces is Prayer, The Bible says; “Is anyone afflicted among you, let him pray   – James 5:13 “. Prayer is what will get the devil and his Forces out of your way and bring you into favour with God, there are household and bloodline wickedness and witchcraft forces to contend with, you become victorious when you remain prayerful, it is on the altar of prayer that you dislodge the forces of the enemy from having it way in your life, Prayerfulness will keep you sensitive, you will know which journey to go and which trip to avoid, may God grant you more Grace to remain prayerful in Jesus name.
  2. Start a Business: One of the major challenges that as held Nigerians bound over the years is Poverty, “Financial dryness”. Many people are living from hand to mouth; many people are working in places where they are not gainfully employed. Nigeria is blessed with a large population; we are more than 300milion people. Other countries like China, United states takes advantage of this population even more than Nigerians, you cannot build wealth and financial freedom from a salary Job, wealth comes by meeting the needs of others, there are many things people need daily that you can sell and build a business from there, before you know it; you would have built a wealthy empire, live in financial freedom and be happy. Many Nigerian parents pass poverty down the line to their children; this is not supposed to be in a largely populated country like Nigeria. The sky is big enough for all to fly; this is very true in Nigeria. There are many lucrative Businesses you can consider and start in Nigeria, it is dangerous, very dangerous to rely on your salary Job alone, or put your mind at your entitlement, immediately you are fired or retired, that is when you will discover that you spend a lot of money daily, it is better to start something before you retire from work. When the issue of Corona virus came at 2020, some Banks and many organizations in Nigeria fired 50% of their staff and laid them off, If such people do not have a plan B right from time, they will face a serious financial challenge which might take time for them to balance. There are many opportunities you can invest into, from Agriculture and Food production to Real estate, technology, telecommunication, Oil and Gas, Media and services and lot more.
  3. Take Care of Your Health: Many people in Nigeria don’t even have time to look into the aspect of their health and wellbeing, take for instance a location like Lagos with the stress of moving to work in the morning, and coming back late at night, coupled with the Excessive traffic on the road, the stress can literally wear you out. I have read in the news about Bankers and other people who die prematurely because of excessive stress, an average Nigeria don’t even go for Medical check-up in 5years not to talk on one year, this habit is fast killing people in Nigeria, if you want to be successful, one of the major areas where your success can be anchored is in your Health, if you are not healthy, you cannot do Business and you cannot be wealth nor successful. Ignorance is a deadly disease, even if you are not sick, go on periodic check-up, know how your body is feeling, and get expert recommendation for your health, Health is the true wealth. An Average Nigerian don’t even go on Vacation, they rarely take time to relax and rest, they are always on the move majorly for their Job task and to make ends meet, this is necessary, but your health should be your priority.
  4. Take Care of your Family: No matter what your projection looks like, your family is your number one Business on the Earth! Yes, your home is where the greatest Joy and happiness comes from; you must have this at the back of your mind. Your wife, husband, children will give you ultimate Joy and fulfillment in Life than anything else, so you must prioritize them above other things. We hear of Robbery, bandits, fraudulent people, kidnappers and co today, because some parents failed to raise their children in the right way, the family is the first institution that God raised, if the family is in order, the nation will be in order. Many people have made mistake along this line and the consequence pass on to the next generation. I always tell young people, especially those in a relationship; don’t be in a hurry to marry, prepare very well, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, financially, this is very critical. Read books on marriage, on parenting, so that you will equip yourself with what it takes to live a purposeful life and raise your children successfully, both in the way of the lord and morally.
  5. Don’t Cheat: Nigerians believe that the greatest problem the country have is leadership problem, not just as touching the present leadership, but even the past ones, including those that have died long ago, they create a legacy of embezzlement of money, and almost everyone coming into the political system today, come with the same mindset to embezzle money in the name of National Cake!  This is a destructive mindset that is killing the nation and not helping her to maximize her potential and resources, the bible says, Righteousness exalts a nation, sin is a reproachProverbs 14:34, anything that makes people to take pleasure in stealing or taking from what belongs to others, reduces their life and bring them down. The problem is this fraudulent mindset as creep into young people today, which leads them to do things like Yahoo-Yahoo, scamming others via the internet, lying and deceitfully collecting one from people under false pretense, these are all things we really need to guide against. Parents, teachers and guidance have the responsibility to mentor and teach young people to be hardworking and not desiring to receive money that they did not work for. Many young people have end their life in a hurry to Fraudulent activities, scam and yahoo, got arrested, jailed or even killed, anybody that wants to succeed in Nigeria must forsake unrighteousness and embrace righteousness, this is very vital. One of the ways to do this is; don’t be too desperate, life is bound to TIME, your own time too is coming. You won’t believe people go to the extent of doing fetish things, diabolic things just to get money, some will even kill their girl-friend or shed an innocent blood just to sacrifice to be rich, this is not worth it, there is a godly wealth that comes with hard work and steadfastness, desire it and be hardworking, as you remain faithful, it will come to you.

These are the essential things you need to consider when you are living in Nigeria, no matter who is doing the wrong thing, don’t join them, deliberately choose to live right; it will give you long life, peace and prosperity. May God bless you in Jesus name.

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