Bishop David Oyedepo at Mid-week Communion Service

Shall we lift up our two hands to Heaven and give Him thanks for tonight. Give Him thanks for His presence with you. Give Him thanks for His goodness and mercy around your life.

Magnify and celebrate Him. Thank You Jesus.
Would you ask Him to speak to you tonight. Jesus I want to hear from You tonight. Thank You Lord in Jesus precious name we have prayed.

When you give God a place in your heart it shows in your life.
Grace to respond to every truth of Scriptures either in your private devotions, in Church services, reading books, listening to tapes, receive that grace now in the name of Jesus.

Again for everyone whose homes are opened for home cell be blessed by the Obed Edom order of blessings.
For everyone who truly desire it, be visited by Heaven’s surprise in the name of Jesus.

Well to the glory of God we have 10,572 new home cells. That means the arm of God is resting in 10,572 new homes by the divine privilege of this agenda. May it remain a privilege for life in the name of Jesus. Please know that it is to your benefit.

The house you live in is not your house, it is given to you by God. You may not like it but that’s the truth. Praise God.
Were you born with a house? Do you know how many people that don’t know where to lay their heads? We’re talking of a home, where to stay. You may not agree but that’s the truth.

That’s why opening your heart to Jesus is just a show of wisdom that “I am what I am by Your grace”. “I have what I have by Your grace”. “You brought me into the world, I cannot take anything out of here”. A man can receive nothing except it’s given to him from above. Amen.

I was telling my son, you can’t see what I see and don’t do what I do.
– I see God surprising you this year.
– In this your Promised Land your struggles must end.
– For all old timers whose homes have been opened for years for home cell, now watch out, your turn has finally come.
– You shall be visited with divine surprise
– When that house runs out God will give you another one, and then another one.
– You will give houses to individuals.
That will happen in your life. Thank You Jesus.
Amen. Glory to God.

You have a loving Father who is ever available to answer your questions. I’ve seen Him answer so many questions for me and He is no respecter of persons so He answers our questions when the questions are genuine and they’re from our heart.

Why do people do what is commanded and not see returns? Let me show you briefly because you’re going to dance tonight and you’ll begin to see results.

Now if the foundation be destroyed, what can the righteous do? So most of the time the problem is fundamental.
Psalms 11:3

Sir the unshakeable sure foundation for things to keep working in the Kingdom is the fear of God. He said “Behold the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom”.
That is a sure foundation for things to work for us in the Kingdom.
Psalms 111:10
When that is not there, there is no foundation.

2nd Timothy 2:19
Only those who ask questions are entitled to answers, to know why certain things are not working.
Amos 5:23-24
Examine yourself my friend, whether you be in the faith or not. Things of God work according to kingdom protocols. Can I hear your amen?

Now we have a few days more and then the month is over but in the name of Jesus whatever is blocking your praise from ascending to Heaven is over.

I was writing something for Covenant University convocation, the 15th convocation is this Friday. Amen.
Now everything at Covenant works because there is no wuruwuru. We’ll never have a university in place if I must give a bribe. The fear of God is a strong foundation. I’ve never given a note to anybody in my life to get admission and I’ve never removed anybody’s name when presented to me for disciplinary action.

Sir we don’t see nobody, we don’t talk to nobody. Just put His hand on it. Nothing works in the Kingdom by chance. If there’s anything you do that’s making God consider your praise as noise, stop it. I told those children, I said I wish you the best you wish yourself and more. I can only show you the ladder. After climbing ladder 1 if you feel like climbing to ladder 12 it’s your choice.
Somebody’s story is changing.

Lift up your right hand and ask God for grace to keep the foundation alive and strong. Nothing can make God break His Word. His Word is settled in Heaven forever. Lord I don’t want to play religion anymore, I want to experience You. I’ve been hearing all that experience, I want to experience You Jesus. Thank You Father in Jesus precious name we have prayed.

– The barrier between you and your Heavenly Father is declared over.
– You’ll not abuse the privilege of His forgiveness.
– You will not be be found living a carnal life again and punishing yourself without knowing.

Every acceptable praise will always require divine visitation.

Thanksgiving is God’s wisdom for our desired change of story. Things may not be working and you want them to work, what do you do?
Habakkuk 3:17-19
Engaging the power of thanksgiving for your desired turnaround. Thank God for the things that may not appear to be working so they begin working. Thank God for things that are working so that they can keep working.
So it’s a mystery.
– Somebody is going to thank his way for the job he is yet to receive.
– Some suppliers that may not have supplied anything for the past three months, the Heavens will just open over them.

When things are happening we must give God thanks to keep them happening otherwise they will stop.
Ephesians 5:20
Giving thanks for all things unto God. No assumption to take God for granted. Giving thanks to God for all things.

So to keep the happenings, we must give thanks.

When things seem not to be happening, we must engage in thanksgiving to experience our desired turnaround. Giving thanks in all things, that is in season and out of season me. That is the will of Christ Jesus concerning us.
Hebrews 10:36
1st Thessalonians 5:18
It’s God’s wisdom for turning things around in our favour. So thanksgiving is key to move from one level to another in our walk with God.

We saw that leper, he moved from being cleaned to being made whole.
Luke 17:17-19
Psalms 82:1-2
It turns your life to a flourishing life. So He moves us from dryness to flourishing.
– No more dry season on the name of Jesus Christ.

Now watch, the Lord spoke to me on the ministry of Church growth. Fantastic. From then we began to grow little by little.

We were in prayers asking Him why is this Church not growing? You see when we don’t ask questions why would we get answers. Then He said “Stand up, broad daylight and follow me now”. We were asking that question in prayer and fasting, not on breakfast table where you have fork, knife and spoon and tables.

We were in a fast, why is this Church not growing? He said stand up and follow me and I did. It was a drama of my life, it got to a point He said turn back here and I did and then saw thick darkness on the roof of Church. I said you fowl spirit of darkness get off that roof in the name of Jesus and I saw it folded away like a carpet. Then He spoke with me and said go to town and tell them what I Jesus is doing in this Church.

Let me tell you why this Church is unbeatable, Jesus is the owner and the builder. Glory to God. No one on this generation will ever say it’s my Church.

Keep sowing seeds and the grass grows the sheep will come for it. Amen

Keep the grass green and the sleep will lay down there. I never read that in a book. I heard it from the mouth of Jesus, live and direct. Come and see what Jesus is doing here. It’s a come and see mandate.

Almost everybody in Ota and Lagos, except you live inside a hole, you must have a flier from this Church. Praise God. Now with all that heavy drama we moved gradually and we became 90 on July 1. Full capacity Church sir. How?

You know, you need to learn patience in your walk with God. People in a hurry always end up in horror. He wants to see how suitable and fit you are. See where we are today. Amen.

– My God will change your story and will do it in His time..
He makes all things beautiful in His time.

Now my own team has secured 57,000 souls this year. About 800 plus were in Church last Sunday.
Watch out for it. The things that are not working genuinely, keep celebrating God and He knows what to do next. Can I hear your amen.
– Somebody’s story has just changed.

Lift up your right hand and ask God for grace to make thanksgiving your new Kingdom addiction, thanksgiving from the depth of your heart for all things and in all things. Give Him thanks and praise and glory and honour. There’s no one like Him. Thank You Jesus in Jesus precious name we have given thanks.

Now there was a prophetic alert that I obeyed last Sunday God said as you turn the issues of your life to thanksgiving He will turn them to testimonies. How many understand that? How many want to see their issues turned to testimonies? Well thanksgiving is one of the mysteries that makes that happen and it must happen in your life.
– Like a dream of the night you’ll be out of that predicament as if it was never real.
Praise God. Lazarus was stinking, He said Father I thank You, the stinking situation became a shining testimony. God wants to turn your situations to testimonies.

One more time lift up your hands to Heaven and give God thanks. No one like Him. He is doing you well, you better know that. God is worthy of praise, we owe Him thanks, you owe Him thanks. He sustains your breath, not by your power, not by your might. It’s God at work. He neither slumbers nor sleep. Give Him thanks and praise. Thank You Father in Jesus precious name we have prayed.


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