Wednesday, January 4, 2023
Midweek Service Teaching Outline

Unveiling The Covenant Platform for Empowerment

Prayer and fasting is the covenant platform for the empowerment of the redeemed – Isa. 58:6-14.

We saw how Christ returned in the power of the Spirit after His 40 days fasting episode – Luk. 4:1-14/ Heb. 12:1-2/ 2 Pet. 2:21
We are in the last days, that is, the day of His power, which implies, we are in days of prayer and fasting – Psa. 110:1-3/ Luk. 5:30-35.

Prayer and fasting does not only change things, it changes people’s level of empowerment and authority – Mat. 17:19-21

There are different levels of empowerment, that is, the ankle deep, kneel deep, waist deep and the overflowing deep – Ezk. 47:1-5/ Jhn 7:37-39.

To overstay at a particular level can be frustrating if not devastating – Deut. 2:3/ Mic. 2:10

This must be why prayer and fasting is prescribed as a schedule for the redeemed, that is, not if you pray, but when you pray, and particularly praying kingdom advancement prayers – Mat. 6:6/9-10/17-18/ Luk. 9:28-35

Benefits of Prayer and Fasting:

Destruction of yokes, including deadly habits – Isa. 58:6/ Isa. 10:25-27/ Mat. 17:20-21

– Triggers outbreak of revelation – Isa. 58:8/10/ 2 Cor. 4:4/ Isa. 60:1-3

– Facilitates express answers to our prayers – Isa. 58:9/ Mat. 6:5-7/16-18

– Enhances health and vitality – Isa. 58:8/ Pro 4:20-24.

– Enhances access to divine guidance – Isa. 58:11/ Isa. 48:17/21

– Empowers us for supernatural breakthroughs – Isa. 58:12/ Luk. 4:14/37

– Facilitates access to our high places in life – Isa. 58:6/14/ Hab. 3:17-19
Jesus is Lord!

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