Dear Grasscutter Business Man,

When would you rather start making money from your animals?

From 3months or from 8months?

The answer to this question is the answer you seek.

The truth is this…

We all will always want to reap our profits early enough and that is ok. But remember that you can still make more money in the long run it is all about strategy.

Most farmers I know hardly keep their animals beyond 4 months so that they can cash out on time.

This has resulted in a shortage of matured animals.

Which has invariably resulted in an increase in the price of the matured colonies which are aged from 5 months and above.

A matured Colony of Grasscutter can be gotten for between N150,000 to N180,000 with some even selling N195k (yes a farmer at Abuja told me he sells for N195k last week).

You can imagine the sharp increase in the price.

These were animals that sold for around N85,000 to N100,000 in the 2nd quarter of 2020.

My advise to you is whatever you do, still produce matured Grasscutters for breeding, they can make you crazy money.

Imagine having just 20 colonies of matured Grasscutters aged 6 months for the females & 8 months for the males at your backyard as you are reading this post now.

And out of your own ‘Chinwe & Charity’ you decided to sell them at N150k per colony.

Dear farmer, you will earn N3,000,000.

I know that the 90k, 100k or 110k per colony for weaners is quicker, but extra 50k is not bad o.

Check it out!

If you want to Buy Grasscutter or start Grasscutter farming in Nigeria, contact me on 07066784204

By Matex

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