Dr. Paul Enenche on “Seeking The Lord” at Early Will I Seek Thee (The Dunamis Glory Dome)

Give Jesus a big clap and a shout of praise.

Isaiah 45:19
I think that this verse of Scripture is established to settle once and for all that God is worthy to be pursued, God is worthy to be sought after. This verse of Scripture makes four things clear that happens for those who seek the Lord.

1. Access to the Voice of God: Seeking the Lord gives us access to His voice.

2. Unveils Mysteries in the Dark: Seeking the Lord also unveils mysteries in the dark. This morning, everyone trusting the Lord for a mystery to be unveiled, it shall be unveiled.

3. The Guarantee of Profitable Existence: I have not called you to waste you, I didn’t call you to waste your time, I didn’t call you so you can end as mockery, I didn’t call you so people can say, ‘All these while you’ve been going to church, what have you produced?’. This is a word direct for somebody: Let God be true and let the devil be a liar. Every trace of mockery around your life, it will expire this morning.

4. Seeking the Lord Guarantees the Establishment of Right: He says, I speak the things that are right. Whatever is right, that is what is established when you seek the Lord. He is the rightness of all things. Seeking the Lord establishes your right in God.


1. Father, thank you for your goodness and mercies. Thank you for all of your word and works of wonder released to us throughout the week. Thank you Lord, for diverse testimonies of your intervention. Your name alone be glorified, Lord in Jesus name – Psalm 107: 15-16.

2. Father, we thank you for beginning a good work with us this week, Lord in Jesus name. We ask Lord that this week would end with a blaze of glory, Lord in the name of Jesus Christ – Philippians 1: 6.

3. Father, we ask that you visit your people in an unprecedented way during the International Ministers Flaming Fire Conference. We ask Father that you will stir the fresh fir of revival in the heart of every participant, Lord in Jesus name – Luke 24: 32.

4. Father, we ask for the fulfilment of your word over our Nation, Nigeria. We ask that the agenda of the bond woman, the antichrist agenda of the bondwoman against the welfare of the Church and of Christians in Nigeria be totally frustrated in the name of Jesus Christ – Joshua 21: 45, Revelation 12: 11a.

5. Father, we arrest every bloodshed agenda of the enemy over the Nation of Nigeria. We decree that violence, wasting and destruction will never be heard anymore within our borders in Nigeria in the name of Jesus. Give us a realm of peace that frustrates the enemy agenda of war in our Nation, Lord in Jesus name – Isaiah 60: 18, Job 34: 29.


1. Father, I receive access to your voice this morning. Speak to me where I need to hear you Oh Lord in Jesus name.

2. Father, I ask that you reveal, unveil and dissolve every mystery around my life, around my destiny, around my assignment.

3. Father, I cannot serve you in vain, I am not seeking you empty-handed. Father in this season, prove to the world that I am not wasting my time serving you. I connect my existence to profitability through my service of you in this season, in Jesus name.

4. Father, I ask that you will right every wrong in my life. Father I possess, I take delivery of all rights that belong to me in you in this season.


– This weekend, God will prove to people that you are not wasting your time.
– The voice of God you need shall be clear to you.
– Every dark secret that the enemy is using to torment your destiny shall be unveiled.
– Profit is your portion.
– Whatever is wrong is now corrected.
– Go forth, return back with your testimonies in Jesus precious name.


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