Archbishop Margaret Idahosa at CGMI, MEGACON tagged ‘FOCUS ON CHRIST’.
Day 6 ( Morning Session)


  1. Purpose is a key to destiny: We are destined to do all heaven wants us to do. And in order to achieve this, we must first discover purpose.
  2. Purpose is the end that started in the beginning:This is because God had a purpose for your before He dispatched you into the earth and you have to discover that purpose.
  3. Purpose is finished before the journey: Before you start a journey, you know where you are going. You don’t just start a journey and tell the bus driver to take you to anywhere. You know where you are going exactly and if the driver is taking a different way,you can interrupt him and tell him you are not going the way he is heading.

So there is a purpose before you started. ‘

  1. Purpose is the destination before you started: Purpose is the final address for your life. This is why you must discover it before you leave this earth. It’s very important to discover purpose before you breathe your final breath.

When you leave this planet earth, the thing that people will say about you was the purpose that you lived for. Whether good or bad but Jesus will want us to live a purposeful life that men and women will say about us when we leave.

  1. Purpose is the reason for you being alive here.
  2. Purpose precedes plan: Proverbs 21:19.
  3. Your purpose preserves you: when you are in your purpose and you are doing your purpose, it preserves you. Nothing will happen to you.
  4. Purpose frees you: It makes you free. It doesn’t stress you at all when you are really doing what you were created to do. You do it with joy. Jesus knew what He was created for, He knew why He came from heaven. You don’t decide your purpose by yourself.

You discover it. When you discover your purpose, you do it freely. Whether people are there or not. Abuses and insults shouldn’t stop you from doing your purpose.

Luke 4:17-19. Jesus did it too. At the age of 12, He said I must be about my Father’s business. At the age of 12, Jesus discovered purpose.

There’s a big difference between your work and your job. Your work, this is what you were born to do. You don’t get tired doing what you were born to do. It is a gift to you and to me. Your work is a gift and it’s your fulfilment. Your work is what God has designed and wired you for. It’s your fulfilment.

Your job, this is what pays you. This is what you are trained to do. They train you and retain you. They fire you without a reason or some flimsy reasons. They can also retire you. Job is what you are trained to do. But in your work, nobody can fire you, retire you in the work you have discovered.

  1. Your purpose is your assignment: It’s the reason why you exist. You don’t create your own purpose. You only discover it. To discover it, you must consult your Maker (God). To discover it, you must consult your manual (the Bible) and be a friend to it. And the Administrator of this manual ( the Bible) is the Holy Spirit.

Jeremiah 1:5.
When you discover your purpose, witches and wizards won’t know your house address.
Your Divine purpose or assignment can never be conferred to you by impartation. You must discover it. Impartation or laying on of hands can only stir up your gifts and talents to which you can fulfill your purpose with.

How to go on the voyage of Discovery.

Discover your potentials in you. Potentials means something potent. It’s that thing that brings out the best or worst in you.

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