-Dr. Pastor Paul Enenche at Dunamis International Gospel Center’s IMFFC2021, DAY 5
5i. Absolutely trust God for Supernatural supplies: Psalm 122:1- End.
Do you know what this will make you do when you absolutely trust in God? You will completely escape the trap of begging and borrowing.
In most places borrowing is normal but it’s an anti-covenant practice because the borrower is always the Servant of the lender and he says, ‘ be not servants of men’. Hallelujah, was that number 9?
5j. Continuously praise God for what He brings: Continuously praise God.
Psalm 67:5-7, John 6:11
You want to see financial multiplication? Be given to appreciation. Don’t keep saying the money we get in the offering is not enough to do anything in ministry.
Let me tell you, if you depend on offering, you will be frustrated.
If you depend on offering, you may end frustrated. Because my God shall supply all your needs according to Sunday offering count? No.
Philippians 4:19.
He can make somebody who doesn’t come to Church at all to give a seed that cannot be counted in the Church offering for one year. I am not talking theory. That’s when He is made the Supplier.
Somebody say Amen.
And every time you come to an occasion like this, make it an opportunity to drop something, an opportunity to link up with grace that is available.
You see, when the river flows into an ocean, it cannot dry. Very very important.
Don’t wait until they say, ‘ we want to take a sacrifice’, If you have this give.
Don’t just give sacrificially, live sacrificially.
Sacrificial living is superior to sacrificial giving. If it not called, you call it by yourself.
Somebody say Amen.
This is one of the things we were meant to handle in the afternoon session.
The afternoon session that could not hold because of the overlap of the service.
I see somebody on your way returning back to where you have come from, you will meet a Supernatural supplies that will amaze you. if you believe that shout the loudest Amen.
If you believe that shout the loud most Amen.
Take your seat. Did you gain anything from that just now?
Go and work on it. Work it out.
When we come next time, I will talk on management wisdom, the avoidance of waste and so on. But we don’t have time right now.
6. The explosion of Joy and fulfilment in the Lord: everywhere there is revival, there’s joy explosion.
7. The explosion of the wonders of God: God who dealt wondrously. When the rain falls, the wonders multiply. The wonders multiply, the wonders multiply.
8. It is the explosion of honor and dignity: the judged will become dignified even though there may be persecutions. But in Acts of the Apostles 5:13, in the atmosphere of revival, the people magnified them.
Those who are angry that Church is, Pastors and Christians are so respected have seen nothing yet.
You heard yesterday that jet owners consider it an honor to make Kathryn Kulman fly their jet , private jet to crusade grounds.
We have done crusade before where three private jets were waiting on us.
They were struggling for it. You know what we did? I told one of them that we followed this one to go, please just permit us to follow the other one to come.
 Our luggage can remain here so that this people don’t feel bad. Three, so camera men entered a jet, media people entered a jet, sound engineers, some ushers, some protocol officers they were there.
Those who are saying that the Church we have seen honor have seen nothing yet.
I prophesy to somebody here, every trace of shame in your life is uprooted right now. Is cleaned out, it’s deleted. Shout the loudest Amen.
9. It’s the explosion of the knowledge of God: one miracle can preach a thousand sermons.
People begin to know God like never before. They know Him from the preaching and they know Him from the miracles.
10. It’s the explosion of the climate of His Presence. They will know that the Lord is in the midst of you.
The explosion of the climate of His Presence. Where you move and you can feel God. There is something in the air, something that makes you to feel God. Somebody say a loud Amen.
The feelable, tangible Presence of God.
We were told yesterday,
1. Repentance  praying. Repentance  praying. Lord forgive us, forgive our land and forgive our nation.
We need this rain and then He makes the rain to fall. Stand up on your feet.

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