-Bishop David Oyedepo
‘Don’t step out of this country’!

I have not passed any border of any nation since 2017.
We have our brand new plane at the airport.

Take fast hold of instruction, keep her, let her not go! For she is thy life.
I have not stepped out into Ghana, we have about 200 churches in there.

I have never stepped into Benin Republic which is behind my house here and I don’t need to fly. Driving is faster than flying. Praise God. It’s 2 hours from my house to the hotel I will stay. Praise God. But he said ‘Don’t go out of this Country’!. Yes Sir!

We have never been as blessed as the time (He said) ‘Don’t go out’!
If you are willing and obedient, you will eat the good of the land.

By Matex

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