I want those who are called to the office of a prophet to know that there’s more to that calling and the office than the gifts; the gifts that come with the calling to the prophet’s office are amazing; is it the word of wisdom we’ll talk about, or word of knowledge, or discerning of spirits, or other amazing gifts of the Spirit? All are wonderful gifts which make the prophets unique and special, but we have to understand that what the Lord has called us to do is beyond seeing these gifts manifesting in our lives and ministries.

If you are called by God to be a prophet, you have to decide whether you:
1. want to be His true prophet, and represent Him truly or not;
2. would live daily doing exactly what He wants you to do or not;
3. want to fulfill your calling as His prophet or not;
4. would help people focus on Him and not you or not;
5. would use your prophetic gifts to honour Him and bring glory to Him or use them to satisfy your selfish and carnal desires.

There are many who are called prophets by God, but who have allowed the desire for the things of this life take them out of God’s perfect will for their lives; many of them still have the gifts operating in their lives, but they are no longer people who can be trusted to bring word from God. There’s more to the calling of a prophet than the gifts, that we have to understand and yield ourselves to God more so He can achieve His purpose in and through us.

Don’t allow yourself to be carried away by the title of ‘prophet’, it really makes no difference in your ministry if you are called by men a prophet or not, men calling you prophet this and that doesn’t, and can’t change God’s plan. The Lord told me early, He said to me, don’t give yourself titles, let men call you what they think and believe you are to them, so, I have never had any reason to even think about the title, that doesn’t matter to me, all that matters is what exactly He wants me to do; whether they call me prophet Abraham or not, it doesn’t matter, because that’s not what I need to fulfill the ministry He’s given me; therefore, I encourage the prophets of God to look beyond the title, and focus on the Lord, and His perfect plan.

The calling of a prophet comes with many great responsibilities; we must know these responsibilities and yield ourselves fully to the Spirit of God to help us perform our duties well and accurately, and excellently do our duties as prophets of God. As you yield yourself fully to the Holy Spirit and open your heart to do His perfect will, the time will come when you would realize that the gifts are never enough, and that there are other things you need so much different fron the gifts.


By Matex

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