-Pastor Paul Enenche at Dunamis International Gospel Centre on ‘PRESERVATION BY THE FEAR OF THE LORD” at Power Communion Midweek Service, Glory Dome.

Father we give You the praise. We give You the honor and the adoration. Thank You for the privilege of knowing You, the privilege of relationship. Be Thou glorified, be Thou honored, be Thou praised.

On this preservation service, let Your love further make that difference in our lives. Let the devil know that You love us. Let the witches and the wizards know You love us. Let Your love become a strong defense in our lives. Let not one person leave here the same way.

Heal that person that came here with arthritis. Heal that ulcer condition in the chest of that person. Heal that mental condition. Remove that pressure and that burden.
Take away that spirit of accusation, false witness, conspiracy in the Name of Jesus.

Thank You because tonight is the night that this Your daughter has been waiting for and this Your son. Be glorified Lord in Jesus’ Name.

Give the Lord the praise and be seated.

🎼But when You placed Your loving Hands upon my life. You lifted me above the words and will of men 🎼.

Welcome to the presentation service. This is one of the most important preservation services of the year because it is the preservation service of the group of months called ‘ The Ember Months’.

The season when the enemy tries to do his own overtime on his people and not on you.

Provers 19:23.

our objective tonight is to understand the preservation power of the fear of the Lord.
The fear of the Lord is a major preservative of lives and destinies.
People who walked in the fear of the Lord lived life that were protected, defended and preserved by the Lord.


Abraham: When God called Abraham in Genesis 12:1-5. Because of qualify lively reverence for God, they departed.

The end of the day was Abraham lived an hundred and seventy five years old before he died. Genesis 22:1-2.

When God called Abraham to give him the praise. Abraham immediately departed.. Later God told him ‘ now, I know you fear Me’.

Isaac. Genesis 31:42.
Jacob referred to the God of Isaac his father as the ‘fear of Abraham’. The person Isaac reverenced above everybody. The dread of Isaac.

The question is, Who is God? And what is God in your skill of things. Again Isaac lived to be one hundred and eighty years ago before he died.

Joseph: Gene 42:18.

Despite the evil plans and program against your life, none Shall affect you and your family.

Despite plans and plots from his brother, they could not kill him.

Job : Job 1:1. When God was through with Job. Affliction couldn’t stop him. At the end of all the temptation even when they saw him, he lived one hundred and fourty years. Job 14:16.

Those who fear God don’t have any evil to fear under heaven. Those who fear God, don’t have any devil to fear.

What the fear of God does?


2 Kings 17:19
The Lord your God you shall fear and He shall deliver you from witches and wizards, the occultic and the marine kingdom, serpentine world, from the hands of wicked people, bittered people. I

Isaiah 8:13. When God is your dread and your fear, He becomes your Sanctuary. They can be bittered against you .

It doesn’t matter anymore
Every trap dung for you, those demon shall fall inside. If I stop, I have already preached . If you fear the Lord, you are not permitted to end anyhow.

Psalm 22:22-24. If you fear the lord, you are not permitted to cry an unheard cry. You are not permitted to give a call and not be answered.

Psalm 25:14-15
When you fear Him, no net can keep You.

Psalm 103:17

Anywhere the fear of God is found, the mercy of God is established.
Mercy is what delivers you from the anger of your enemy.

When the devil is angry and his agents are angry, it’s mercy that says you can’t touch this one.

The mercy of God for one person is the disaster for the enemy of that person.

Psalm 115:11
God is your bomb shelter.

Psalm 33:18-19
You can’t fear God and die carelessly. You can’t fear God and die like chicken.

Psalm 34:7

One of my Children told me many years ago, ‘ sir, as you were ministering I saw a giant standing by you. He will whisper something into your ear, you will say it, he will whisper again, you will say it’. I said, I am aware.

One day I was ministering and preaching then all of a sudden I bumped into somebody, and I looked that is body physical.

Okay, I am sure he just decided and said let me show you that you are not alone.

You could hit me and not be aware but let me just materialize, so that you can touch material and just know that someone is standing close to you.

Proverbs 10:27. The fear of the Lord prolongs and elongates days.

Proverbs 14:26. When you fear God,what you have is confidence and not cowardice. The fear of the Lord is connection to the flow of life.

Many of us if Jesus tarries to come, you won’t die in the afternoon. You won’t be cut short in the midday of life.
30,40,45, no!

You won’t be cut short in the midday of life.
70 years and that’ minute. If you can go up at four score, that’s 80years is allowed.
So, as a Believer, you have been 70 and 120 Years. It’s left to choice to decide .

70 years is 7pm in the evening
120 is 12am and that’s midnight.
When Believers die, it is called sleep.

And those who sleep early can sleep by 7pm.

You shall not ‘sleep’ at midday,

The afternoon sleep that will capture returns to the head of the devil in Jesus Mighty Name.

May it return to those who which you dead.

Lift up your hands and say this after me, I cannot be cut short before my time in the Name of Jesus. My sun cannot set in the afternoon. I cannot sleep in the evening, I will sleep when it is night.

As the fear of the Lord brings life, the lack of the fear of Lord brings destruction:


1. Açhan – by greed did not just kill himself but executed his generation. Joshua 7:24-26.

2. The Servant of Saul came to David and lied that he killed Saul whereas Saul killed himself. 2 Samuel 1:13-16

3. 2 Kings 5:20-27, Gehazi turned into a leper with generational leprosy because of greed and lying.

If you want to steal, why don’t you steal in your own name.
The iniquity was plenty. He was lying, he was stealing, he was impersonating.

He was stealing and using the name of another like some demons on the Facebook. ‘There’s a child in one orphanage, there is somebody there. I will send you an account number, pay money into that account.

Somebody is about to die. When you have paid it, then you let me know.

Then I will give you the next prophetic word’. And he calls himself, Bishop David Oyedepo talking or Pastor EA Adeboye talking or this ‘small pastor’, Pastor Paul Enenche talking like that.
Those are Gehazis’, they will never escape from it.

I have seen people who ran mad because they were stealing from Church.

4. Judas Iscariot (Matthew 27:3-8)
The fear of the Lord increases life span but absence of the fear of the Lord promotes the risk of disaster.
The fear of the Lord prolongs life and destiny.


1. The fear of the Lord is the exercise of the conscience to be free of offence towards God and man. Acts 24:16.

2. The fear of the Lord the maintenance of clean hands. Psalm 24:3-6

3. The fear of the Lord is the maintenance of a pure heart. Psalm 24:4

A pure heart is a heart that is free from wickedness.

A pure heart is a heart that is free from bitterness.

4. The fear of the Lord is freedom from haughtiness and vanity. Psalm 24:4

5. The fear of the Lord is freedom from falsehood and deceit.


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