-Pastor Paul Enenche at Early Will I Seek You at the Glory Dome.


Father, thank You Lord for Your faithfulness and goodness. Thank You for bringing us into today’s meeting.

Joel 2:21
Father, thank You for the possibilities. Thank You for the manifestations and the revelations of today, to You be all the Glory LORD in Jesus Name.

Acts 10:38
Father, we ask for the fullness of Your manifestation at the Healing and Deliverance Service today. Father, save the lost, heal the sick and deliver the oppressed like never before O LORD in Jesus Name.

Father, deliver the oppressed, let aged long affliction be handled by the Your fire.

Zechariah 10:1, Joel 2:23-24
Father, we look forward to the rain of revival at the forthcoming International Ministers Flaming Fire Conference LORD in Jesus’Name. Father, let no life, let no ministry claim ignorance of Your rain of fire and power O LORD in Jesus’ Name.

Matthew 16:18
Father, we ask for the frustration of the gates of hell against the advancement of Your Church in this season O LORD in Jesus’Name. We establish the all round triumph and explosive growth of the Church, Dunamis in this season O LORD in Jesus’ Name.

Lift up your voice and say Father, thank You for answered prayers so far, we give You the praise LORD in Jesus’Name.

Father, as I direct my prayers to You early this morning, I ask that You will cause me to look up in hope, in expectation in the Name of Jesus. I reject every trace of hopelessness and depression around my life. I reject it, I reject them NOW in the Name of Jesus.

Father, as I direct my prayers to You this morning, I make demands on the judgement of altars of deception and falsehood, the judgement of agents of deception and falsehood around my life, around my destiny, around my assignment, around my family, around Dunamis, around the Church, around our nation. Father, judge them by Your power O LORD in Jesus’ Name.

Father, I connect Divine direction today, this week I connect Divine guidance, Divine direction for my life, for my family, for the Church, for Dunamis, for our nation. Divine guidance, Divine direction, I connect O LORD in Jesus’Name.


Anybody looking for your life, their life shall go for you.

Anybody who wants you dead, this week shall not expire until they expire in the Name of Jesus.

Every arrow of disaster, arrow of destruction, arrow of premature death, arrow of evil wish, arrow of bad will, arrow of witchcraft is refired back to Sender.


By Matex

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