Pastor Paul Enenche came to commission this building, but it was in the spirit. There’s a spiritual revival going on in the body of Christ.
Bishop Dr Ola Ajayi

We’ve never meet except at the Surelere Stadium Ministers conference where he spoke about how five women helped Moses to fulfill destiny, ( Mariam, Siphora, Hebrew nurses, Moses’ mother, and pharaohs daughter) It was a very interesting ministration.


Everyone was blessed .
That’s was my closest contact with him.
It never even crossed my imagination to invite him for auditorium commission.
But to my surprise, he came.
How? He came in the spirit, wearing the golden colored suit that looked like his picture below. It was a trance that lasted for a while.

After we closed the commissioning service, as I was resting then he entered in the spirit and began to decorate the house with golden stuffs. He also began to prophesy. Then I knew that God has sent his angel to commission his physical building. Later, I said, put his picture on the altar. Hallelujah.

Several people do share testimony of how they saw me praying for them, doing deliverance for them, seeing me appearing in their dreams to set them free.
There’s a spiritual revival going on in the building of Christ.

Whatever you are looking for, whatever you desire but you can’t even imagine it becoming yours. I decree that you receive it now in Jesus’ name. Receive it, receive it, receive it now in Jesus name.


By Matex

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