– Pastor E. A. Adeboye on “DOUBLE PORTION” || Redeemed Christian Church of God HOLY GHOST CONGRESS 2022 || December 9th 2022
Day 5, Evening Session. 

When Elisha received the double portion, the Bible repeated it again and again, “he picked up the mantle that fell from Elijah.”

It was repeated about 3 times. I want to prepare you for what is about to happen.

Several years ago in the first auditorium, God told me to wear 7 agbadas. He knows I don’t like agbada; he asked me to wear 7. If I don’t know his voice I will say, “what kind of joke is this?” But I obeyed Him. He asked me to dance for 5 minutes.

I did. Then he asked me to spread the agbadas across the altar. He asked me to tell those who were present then that they were to come and touch; that the anointing of God will go into them and solve their problems.

He told them to touch not to hold. One man thought, “if touching is going to solve problems …” He said he had many problems, “… he wasn’t going to touch; he was going to hold.” As he grabbed one of the agbadas, the power of God grabbed him and began to shake him like a dog shaking a rat.

At that time, I left the place by 8am, went to my prayer room. By 5pm, they came to knock at my door because the power of God was still shaking this man and he was about to die. I had to go and pray because he was released.

What I’m about to do tonight is what I heard God say. If it is childish to you please don’t participate. Whatever piece of cloth that you want anointed, you out it at your feet. The Lord had asked me to remove my jacket.

To lift it up to him while you’re watching and I am to pray for certain minutes and then drop it.

He asked me to tell you that as I drop it, you will cry, “Jesus” 7 times.

Then you pick whatever you have dropped on the ground and please for God’s sake don’t joke with what you are about to pick from the ground. It will be saturated with anointing. Don’t give it out. You can use it on people but don’t give it out. Don’t let it leave your hand.

Now please whatever you want anointed, put it on your feet now. If it’s an handkerchief, put it at your feet.

If it’s your head gear, it must be a piece of cloth.

As this piece of cloth goes down, you are to pick what you put between your feet and cry, “Jesus” 7 times.


Father I have done what you asked me to do. I hereby decree, all those who believe, receive the double portion of the Spirit!

Lay that piece of cloth on your head and begin to decree that every Jordan will open. That everything that could want to stand between you and your destiny will be broken in pieces.

That all your mockers will be silenced
That you will become yoke destroyer. Destroying yokes of curses, poverty, barrenness, reproach.
From now on, you will be a blessing (that will be) destroying yokes.


By Matex

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