Dr. Paul Enenche on “Our Portion in Zion” at Early Will I Seek Thee (The Dunamis Glory Dome)

Give the Lord a big clap this morning.

Obadiah 1: 17
Whenever we come before God and come before His presence, what portion do we have?
What do we expect?

1. Zion is the place of our liberation: Upon Mount Zion, there must be deliverance. You can’t come here bound and return bound. 2 Corinthians 3: 17.

2. Zion is the place of our transformation: There shall be holiness. You are hooked on drugs or on pornography, you are chained by lying and cheating, whatever it is that has made your life to look like the opposite of what God wants it to be, the yoke and chain can be broken in Zion.

The place of our transformation is the place where Saul can become Paul, it is the place where Moses the murderer can become Moses the deliverer.

3. Zion is the place of possessing our possession: What is yours is handed to you in Zion. What belongs to you under God is handed over to you and no devil has the power to keep them back.

1. Father, thank you for your goodness and mercies. Thank you for a most explosive and impactful midweek service yesterday. To you be all the glory, Lord in Jesus name – Psalm 111: 1-3.

2. Father, thank you for the diverse manifestations of your presence, power and principles in our midst. Thank you for diverse encounters and judgemental miracles. Thank you for being so real among your people. To you alone be all the praise, Lord in Jesus name – Psalm 111: 6-8.

3. Father, thank you for the forthcoming Ministers Flaming Fire Conference. We ask for the full restoration of ancient mantles, the restoration of due rewards for every participant, Lord in Jesus name – Joel 2: 25.

4. Father, thank you for the Seven Weeks of Harvest Glory. We ask that your prophetic agenda for your people would be fulfilled with your people and the Church, Dunamis in this season without fail, Lord in Jesus name. Let the agenda of he enemy perish, Lord in Jesus name – Isaiah 14: 26-27.

5. Father, we pray for our Nation, Nigeria. We ask for the frustration of the forces of destruction, retrogression and the antichrist agenda, Lord in the name of Jesus Christ. Father, build your Church in Nigeria and let the gates of hell fail to prevail over the Church in Nigeria, Lord in Jesus name – Mathew 16: 18.


1. Father, I am before you today for total liberation. Every area of bondage, of oppression, of captivity, in my life, in my family, in my destiny, today, I receive complete freedom, I receive complete liberation. I receive all-round liberty now.

2. Father, I receive total transformation in the name of Jesus. I ask for change in every area of my life where change is needed. I receive total transformation this morning in the name of Jesus.

3. Father, I take delivery of my possession. Everything belonging to my life and my destiny in this season that is yet to enter my hand, I demand for them right now and I possess my possession now in the name of Jesus.

– Anyone who took your name anywhere, today judgement would answer on them.
– For anyone toying with your destiny, today, their end has come.
– Today, you are going to possess your possession.
– Total transformation and change are your portion.
– Before the sun sets tonight, more testimonies shall come your way.


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