Sister Goodness
I had a swelling on my neck and it had lasted for 3 years. People gave me several suggestions, I had to go to a hospital in Benue State and was told I would undergo surgery costing 80,000 Naira.
My Mum was afraid that she had never seen somebody that had an operation on the neck.
I said, “I am serving God, let God do something.” Whenever the man of God was praying about swelling, he would say that the swelling should disappear. To the glory of God, you can look at my neck, there is no swelling again.
Brother David
A week ago, I suffered something I couldn’t comprehend. When I want to urinate, before I zip down, my trousers, everything would be wet. The wrapper I was using was smelling, my wife would be washing the cloth. Yesterday, she asked me, “are you still wearing this trouser?”
I said: Yes, this is the one that people will not detect the urine. Because of this I had lost my appetite, but yesterday I ate sumptuously, I drank water, was here till the programme closed. I went home, I went to urinate at my own convenience, nothing like that again.
I give God the glory in the name of Jesus.
Brother Itang
The sickness started in 2020. I came to this programme on Thursday and I have been able to move little by little but I didn’t testify. As at yesterday, I said, “today by God’s grace I will give God the glory.”
Brother Jerome Agbo
I was diagnosed of diabetes on the 29th of September 2015. It has been a series of chaos, moving from one hospital to another. I have gone to several places in this country but it has not worked for me.
My consolation however started 22nd February, 2017, I met my father in the Lord in a dream. He came to testify for his son who was suffering from diabetes and God healed his son in that dream. Right there, he pronounced, “you, that fellow suffering from this same condition, you are healed in Jesus name.”
Something like an electric shock touched my body and I woke up from the bed.
Since then, the manifestation had not come, I said, “what is happening?” I had been praying. To cut the long story, it’s been 7 years, right here in this programme, yesterday the power of God started touching me.
That uncontrolled urination was one of the challenges I used to face. When I eat, I can’t hold back, I have to go to the toilet immediately.
I said: I wasn’t going to testify yet, let me put it under experiment and see what is going to happen.
You can see my stomach is kind of protruded, I had to eat very well today, let me see what will happen.
I have not been rushing to toilet like that. Today, while I was there in Hall 3, wonder of all wonders, the Lord touched me again.
I feel relieved, all the congestion in the chest from bronchitis and… vomiting blood. It is done. Our God is a miracle working God.
I am healed in Jesus name.
Sister Anita
I am here to testify the goodness of God in the life of my little friend standing beside me. Her name is Anita. Anita has been suffering from deafness since February 2021, she couldn’t hear with her right ear. But right here, this evening, after the prayers of the man of God, Anita can hear freely.
Sister Juliet
I had ulcer for 5 years but yesterday Dr Jesus did it for me.
Praise Master Jesus.
(Testimony from Mushin, Lagos)
That little girl had been deaf and dumb. But tonight, as the man of God prayed, that young lady, Awelewa got her healing.
She has been tested and confirmed that she has received her healing.
Sister Ruth Oluchukwu
She had been having manifestation of unusual anger that she said once it comes on her, anything around her she can use it on anybody.
She later discovered by a revelation that there was a dedication that was done in a shrine when she was born, to an idol.
When she came for the programme, she was moved to attend this programme but on the way she wanted to tell the driver, “look, I want to go back, stop me” but her spirit told her, ‘Go’ and she came to this programme.
When she slept yesterday, while sleeping, a personality came out of her and she is free.
Sister Cecilia
I am here to testify the goodness of God in the life of my son. It was when this child was a year and 4 months, I observed something in him whenever he passed out faeces. Since then he had been taking drugs, all kinds of herbs. There are some herbs that I give him that I can’t even taste it because they look so dirty but this child was taking it. Anytime the herbs people are advertising their herbs, he would call me, “Mummy, look at it, go and buy.”
That is how I would buy all the medicines, I have been giving him, but there was no solution.
On Thursday, we came here, when the man of God was praying, he said we should lay our hands on where we had problems. I told him to place his hand on his anus and lift the other one up. I never knew the miracle had taken place.
Yesterday morning, he said it didn’t come out when he went to poo. I said I would watch it again. Today, this morning when I took him to the toilet, I confirmed that he has received his healing.

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